Shopify Account Management


Store Creation

✓ Domain Name Research

✓ Theme Selection

✓ Store Design

✓ Products Categories Creation

✓ Add pages

✓ Business Email Creation

✓ Payment Gateway integration

Niche Selection

✓ Identify interests and Passion

✓ Analyze hot market trends

✓ Keyword research according to Niche

✓ Observe Seasonal Demands

✓ Research Competition

✓ Determine the profitability of your niche

Product Research

✓ High Quality

✓ High Profit

✓ Product Sale

✓ Product Revenue

✓ Product Competition

✓ product keyword research

✓ Product targeting Audience

Listing Creation

✓ Upload Products

✓ SEO Optimized Title

✓ Meta Title

✓ Unique product description free from any grammatical errors

✓ HD images

✓ Provide rich keywords.





Shopify SEO (On-page & Off-page)

✓ Store Audit and Report

✓ Keyword Research

✓ Product Optimization (Meta Title, Meta Tags)

✓ Sitemap Submission

✓ Apps Installation and Integration

✓ Blogs Uploading


Advanced Marketing

✓ Social Media Marketing

✓ Email Marketing

✓ Create Offers and Promotion

✓ Video Promotions

✓ Guest Posting

✓ Hashtag Research

✓ Use Advance Tool for Tracking

✓ Market current strategies

Shopify Has Revolutionized Online Selling And Bizistech Is In On The Revolution

Bizistech is a world-renowned E-Commerce consultant and SEO Agency, and it has succeeded in this sector due to keeping a laser focus on our clients. Simply put, nothing is more important to us than the comfort and success of our clients, and we will do whatever is necessary to help you achieve those goals.

While the term ‘commerce’ might be common between real-world and online business activities, selling products online is an entirely different beast that needs proper knowledge and skills to be tamed appropriately. Bizistech has been navigating the treacherous paths of online commerce long enough to know everything there is to know, and we will share our knowledge with our clients to turn them into future eCommerce powerhouses.

While Bizistech has always enlisted promising professionals, we have now combined their intellect with advanced AI technology and our robust Analytics platform to make our eCommerce enterprise second to none. We at Bizistech are fully aware that search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to success on Shopify, and have a veteran team of SEO analyzers who will create the winning strategy for our clients. By choosing Bizistech as your E-Commerce partner, you will be enlisting all the professional expertise and market know-how that you will need to succeed in the world of online shopping.

Here is an overview of everything that Bizistech will do for you once you enlist our help to establish an online store on the groundbreaking Shopify platform.

Expert Shopify Store Management

Bizistech has been providing top-notch shopify services to its clients ever since its inception, and we will share our insights with you to turn your startup into a global success.

How it Works?

Here is the workflow of Bizistech’s Shopify Expert team that they will follow to create a unique, SEO friendly, and catchy designed store that would meet requirements of the end user (Customer).

Niche Selection

Bizistech has been fishing in the E-Commerce waters for a long time, and we know all the hottest trends that people are interested in, and also the downtrends that are past their prime and should be avoided. We will leverage our knowledge of the market to identify the ideal product niches and categories that you can feel passionate about on a personal level. Our services include:

  • Having exhaustive discussions with our clients to know what they’re passionate about, and use that knowledge to identify the perfect product niche for them.
  • Analyzing the current market conditions to detect the prevalent trends.
  • Compile a comprehensive database or keywords relevant to the chosen niche.
  • Prepare a strategy to properly manage the seasonal demands related to the product niche.
  • Conduct a thorough competitor analysis to determine who our client will be dealing with.
  • Use our state-of-the-art analytics capabilities to determine the profitability of chosen product niche.

Product Research

The most important rule of any business is to know every possible detail about the product that is being sold to the consumers, because in today’s crowded market there is no room for errors. Bizistech employs some of the brightest minds in eCommerce who will look into a product from all angles to provide you with in-depth information about a particular product. Our services include:

  • Ensuring that only the highest quality products with the best ROI are chosen.
  • Determining the current and possible competitors in the market against that product.
  • Researching into the most-searched keywords related to the product, including exhaustive research into competitor keyword analysis who have been leading the market in that particular niche, and figure out what has been the reason for their success.
  • Conducting a thorough competitor website analysis to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and figuring out the ideal strategy to minimize their competitive adavantages.
  • Exploring all the possible demographics that could be targeted to market that product.

Store Creation

Bizistech boasts a team of dedicated Shopify experts to create the most robust store on the Shopify website that best suits your needs. We will utilize all the exhaustive options that Shopify makes available to its clients to market the products to the biggest possible group of people and find the best buyers among them. Our services include:

  • Finding a suitable domain name slug and securing it on Shopify.
  • Select a Theme that is catchy and easy on the eyes.
  • Design a store on the Shopify website for your products. We will take inspiration by looking into some of the best shopify website designs to see what works best for the client and the intended audience.
  • Set up your Shopify Account and select a subscription plan that is best suited for your business goals.
  • Our shopify product management experts will categorize the products in such a way that searching for them is easy for everyone.
  • Create additional pages on the store website to make it look polished and professional.
  • Create a professional business email for your enterprise.
  • Set up a specialized payment gateway for your business through which all transactions could take place smoothly.

Listing Creation

A customer does not know what a product is or why should they buy it. Creating the perfect listing on Shopify is the key to reach more people and grow your business. Over the course of its history, Bizistech professionals have created so many listings on Shopify they can now do it with their eyes close, and we will help our clients to list their products in the best way possible. Our services include:

  • Create a suitable product listing and uploading it with all the relevant details.
  • Finding out a product title that will be optimized for SEO, to rank higher in the product search rankings.
  • Setting a price for the product after taking into consideration the market sentiment, competition, and Shopify pricing
  • Providing meta titles to further strengthen the product’s backend.
  • Writing a product description that will be easy to read and understand for the average person, and will convey all the essential features of the product.
  • Providing high resolution, professional HD images that capture the product from suitable angles.
  • Adding high-ranking and relevant keywords in the title and description to strengthen the SEO visibility with regards to google search engine optimization.

Shopify SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website tells us how good that website is and how many people can see it in top-tier search engine rankings. SEO has effectively replaced conventional marketing techniques for most businesses, and every business requires robust SEO to make itself visible to more and more people around the world.

Providing quality SEO services to the clients is some of sort of a specialty for Bizistech. Our SEO specialists have successfully provided top-class white label SEO, Shopify SEO optimization, SEO keyword research, SEO management services, Off Page and On Page SEO and various other forms of professional SEO services to countless clients, who have seen their business performance skyrocket within no time. Our services include:

  • Auditing your Shopify store regularly to determine various performance metrics, and submitting detailed reports to clients to serve as an overview of their business’ performance.
  • Conducting extensive SEO keywords analysis & research through some of the best business optimization tools, in order to find keywords that are hot in demand.
  • Optimizing the product to strengthen its appeal for search engines by adding meta titles and meta tags wherever necessary.
  • Creating a comprehensive sitemap to aid with the crawling and indexing aspect of the online store and strengthen the on page optimization.
  • Installation and integration of various professional E-Commerce apps, tools and plug-ins with the Shopify store which are essential to succeed in the market.
  • Regularly uploading blogs and articles relevant to the product to inform audiences and to further solidify the E-A-T aspect of SEO.
  • Conduct extensive SEO linkbuilding to boost the SERP rank of all products in the Shopify store. Our proud backlink service is multi-layered, and does not rely of link-spamming techniques like many other SEO consulting services

Advanced Marketing

There are a truckloads of means and methods of marketing that online business use to promote their enterprise, and anyone looking to just rely on a select few of them has no hope of success in this cut-throat market. Bizistech is a veteran of this sector and knows all the ways that competitors are, can and will promote their products to reach more and more people, and we will help our clients reach the top of the marketing summit in no time. Our services include:

  • Marketing through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkdIn.
  • Sending marketing email to targeted audiences who we consider to be potential customers in the future.
  • Creating lucrative promotions and offers that will be propagated on the social space, and which will lure in more and more potential customers.
  • Developing promotional videos illustrating various facets of the product.
  • Posting guest columns, blogs and articles on various platforms to increase outreach.
  • Researching into the most popular hashtags currently prevalent in the social media space, and figuring out ways to promote our product through those wildly popular online movements.
  • Utilizing professional enterprise-level tools and softwares to track various aspects related to the product, such as current sales, sales figures of the most successful competitors and the like to further optimize our own store.

Want to establish your footprint on Shopify? Let us do it for you

Shopify has changed the way people think of online business. However, there is already a glut of people selling on Shopify and inhabiting each and every product niche on this platform. New startups might find themselves lost in that place quickly, and every new Shopify business needs proper guidance and knowledge to beat the formidable competition that awaits them.

Bizistech has years of experience in Shopify development. Our experts have been building and managing stores on this platform for a long, long time and know all the ins-and-outs of this Canadian marketplace. We are acquainted will all aspects of store creation, all the relevant tools and plugins that a store needs to sell their product to the maximum number of people, and we will help our clients navigate through this online marketplace such that they will soon come out as a sure-fire champion.

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