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Selling on Amazon might seem like an attractive option for these new investors, the finer details do not appear to be as enticing to them. In order to benefit from Amazon, one needs to have a strong brand in place to take advantage of the exposure provided by Amazon’s platform and its in-built customer base of 300+ million. However, people entering the field of eCommerce do not know the lengthy and complicated process of Brand Registry on Amazon, and as a result get fazed by the process and struggle to succeed. Luckily, Bizistech is here to take care of all of their troubles.

Protect Your Brand’s Identity with Registration

Registering a brand on Amazon has many prerequisites that every brand-owner needs to provide to Amazon for registry.

Since those requirements can be a handful for any startup, they will require an experienced eCommerce Consultancy like Bizistech to do it for them. We are very comfortable in the brand registry process, because we have many experts who have registered many brands over the course of their careers, and are very familiar with the whole process.

Bizistech will file an application for brand registry to Amazon, alongside active registered trademarks of each country where our clients want to operate. If our clients have not acquired those trademarks themselves, then Bizistech will apply for those trademarks in corresponding countries on behalf of our clients, and will apply for brand registry on Amazon with those pending applications as proof.

eCommerce has grown exponentially over the last decade, and early adopters of this business have been rewarded handsomely. This has caused many others to take notice, and try to replicate that level of success. Being the biggest eCommerce platform in the world, Amazon is the center of attention for these new startups.

eCommerce has grown exponentially in the last decade, and Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

Selling on Amazon can be attractive, but success requires a strong brand and knowledge of the lengthy and complicated process of Brand Registry.

Many new eCommerce investors struggle with Brand Registry, which is where Bizistech comes in to take care of their troubles.

We offer the services of branding experts who are knowledgeable about the entire Brand Registry process and will ensure compliance with Amazon’s guidelines.

Our company provides tools to clients to monitor the listings process and keeps them informed about the latest changes and updates regarding Amazon policies to avoid legal issues.

Bizistech has launched and propelled many a brand to great success throughout its history. We boast the services of branding gurus who know the whole process of Brand Registry like the palms of their hands. They will ensure that all the brand registry modules are done accurately according to Amazon’s guidelines, so that no compliance issues every arise. These experts will also streamline the whole listings process, and will provide tools to the clients so that they can monitor the whole process from the comfort of their offices.

Bizistech will also make sure that the clients are always kept informed about the latest changes and updates regarding policies on Amazon, so that so legal issues occur regarding the brands that they have worked so hard to establish.

Registering a brand on Amazon involves fulfilling various prerequisites that may be overwhelming for startups, making an experienced eCommerce Consultancy like Bizistech essential for success.

Bizistech has branding experts who are highly experienced and familiar with the brand registry process, having registered numerous brands over their careers.

We will file a brand registry application to Amazon along with active registered trademarks in each country where the clients want to operate.

If the clients do not have the required trademarks, our firm will apply for them on their behalf and use pending applications as proof for brand registry on Amazon.

Brand registry requirements differ across Amazon marketplaces, but our company employs Amazon experts who know all regulations in each marketplace and can ensure a smooth brand registry process.

We provide clients access to the Brand Exclusive tab, which allows them to monitor various activities and statistics regarding their brands’ operations on Amazon.

Discover the Power of Better Customer Recognition for Your Business

Due to the cut-throat competition on Amazon, there are multiple brands offering similar, if not better, products and services to the customers of every market niche. This means that a brand has to do something special to stand out from the rest of the competition if it hopes to succeed in such a competitive market.

All the methods and tricks needed to garner maximum brand recognition from customers is also something that fazes new startups, who usually only want to focus on the management aspects. Luckily for such clients, Bizistech is there to take care of that branding aspect as well.

Competition on Amazon is fierce, and brands must do something special to stand out in their respective market niches.

Garnering maximum brand recognition from customers is a challenge for new startups, who may prefer to focus on management aspects.

Bizistech offers branding services to help clients stand out in a competitive market, drawing on the vast experience and market know-how of their branding experts.

By leveraging their knowledge of market trends and customer moods, our branding experts can perfect branding practices, leading to enhanced recognition by existing and potential customers.

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Higher Customer Loyalty that Matters

Everyone is loyal to their self-interests. Customers interests are best-served whenever they manage to purchase a high-quality product at a good rate. Customers also do not care about the troubles a business is facing in offering products are lower costs, or the market realities, or any such thing. They think that they have earned their money through hard work, and deserve to have the finest things in life to be affordable to them.

Bizistech will offer the best deals on our clients’ behalf to the consumers, and will engage the targeted audience on a constant basis, to make sure that the customers stay loyal to our clients’ brand no matter the wider changes occurring in the market.

Customers are loyal to their self-interests and expect high-quality products at affordable rates, regardless of a business’s troubles or market realities.

Consumers also expect approachable brands that value their opinions and have customer-friendly practices at the core of their business.

Achieving these objectives requires advanced understanding of market and consumer behavior, as well as social media and outreach experts, which we provide.

Bizistech’s branding experts monitor the market regularly and provide discounts and price decreases to customers when they believe it will result in positive sentiments.

Our experts engage the targeted audience constantly to ensure customer loyalty to clients’ brands, regardless of wider market changes.

Transform Your Brand with Higher Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising is the practice of paying money to reach out to more and more customers for a brand. Unfortunately, many eCommerce consultants entrusted with advertising duties by their startup clients throw way too much money on marketing, for returns which are not proportionate to the investment being made. They do that because it is the clients’ money and not theirs.

Not Bizistech though. Our company has been established by people who have seen the hardships of the market firsthand, and realize how hard it is to finance a new startup. For that reason, Bizistech has gone on to hire some of the best advertising experts in the eCommerce sector, who know how to launch effective marketing strategies, which yield maximum-possible results with minimum-possible investment.

Advertising is the practice of paying money to reach out to more customers, but many eCommerce consultants throw too much money at marketing with disproportionate returns.

Bizistech hires some of the best advertising experts in the eCommerce sector who launch effective marketing strategies that yield maximum results with minimum investment.

Our advertising experts have years of experience and know the specific ways to engage the audience and target specific sectors to promote clients’ brands.

When advertising and social media experts work together, they can propagate clients’ brands to all corners of the world, attracting a flood of potential customers.

Bizistech Will Take Care of All of Your Brand Registration Needs so that You Don’t Have to

Bizistech fully grasps the intricacies of registering a brand on Amazon. Our team of branding experts have years of experience and have registered countless brands with Amazon.  We handle everything from filing the application for brand registry with Amazon to acquiring registered trademarks in the corresponding countries on behalf of our clients. Trust us to help you establish your brand and increase your exposure on the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

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Services We Provide

Brand registry on Amazon is a long, complicated and boring process, so let Bizistech take care of it while you busy yourself with more important things. Our services include:

Brand Registry Paperwork

The paperwork required for brand registration on Amazon can be daunting for startups. Our experienced team will handle everything from active trademark registration to filing the brand registry application with Amazon. Trust us to take care of the paperwork and ensure your brand is properly registered with Amazon, so that you don’t have to.  


Compliance with Amazon’s Policies

We provide advanced tools that allow our clients to easily monitor their listings process and stay informed about any changes or updates to Amazon policies that could affect their brand. Our expert team keeps clients up-to-date with all legal requirements, ensuring their compliance and avoiding any potential legal issues.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Creating a successful brand on Amazon requires more than just quality products and good pricing. Our branding experts will advise our clients on business practices that lead to explosive brand recognition and exposure on Amazon. Trust us to help your brand stand out from the competition and achieve the success it deserves.


Effective Brand Marketing

Our advertising and social media experts are masters of launching effective marketing strategies to yield maximum-possible results with minimum-possible investment. Our marketing campaigns will propagate our clients’ brand all over the world, resulting in a flood of new potential customers eager to know what all the fuss is about.


Monitoring Pricing Movements

Pricing can make or break a brand’s success on Amazon. That’s why our experts constantly monitor the market for price movements and advise our clients on timely discounts and special offers to drive sales and strengthen their brand. By leveraging our expertise in pricing strategy, our clients will see significant growth in their brand’s market share and overall success on Amazon.

Positive Engagement with Audience

Our team of social media and outreach experts work tirelessly to monitor and engage with the target audience on our clients’ behalf, creating a strong impression of their brand. Our clients will see a noticeable increase in their brand’s recognition and loyalty among the target audience. We will help you build a lasting connection with your customers and achieve long-term success on the world’s largest online marketplace.

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