About Us

Faizan Farzand

CEO & Co-Founder Meet the Man Who Started It All. Faizan Farzand is an entrepreneur and business magnate. I am the founder and CEO of Bizistech. With nearly 9 years of experience building brands and working on marketing campaigns. I worked with many entrepreneurs and startups to learn their way of doing business. I started my career in 2012 as a designer/developer and Brand manager. Later I start freelancing for agencies working with many different brands. I learned many things behind the scenes when it came to crushing high-level projects and producing quality results. In 2014, once I gained enough knowledge I started my own small office of two desks providing eCommerce services. At there, I realized there is no firm in Pakistan that could work on an international level providing that quality standard work. Then, I moved to China to learn their innovative strategies and techniques. At there, I learn how to analyze different market needs and their way of doing work. After 2 years of great profit and experience, I came back to Pakistan. In 2016, back from China, I laid the first foundation of my organization named “Bizistech”. I always had the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for building brands online, so I decided to take my creative mind, experience, and skills and started to train more people. Slow and steady, we expanded locally and internationally and won many achievements in regard. My goal is to deliver compelling economic value to our clients and people while staying true to our core values. The main vision behind Bizistech is to help entrepreneurs and business owners to transform their brands and grow their businesses. Bizistech is not only a blessing for Clients but the main reason was to excel youth by providing them opportunities in Pakistan so they don’t have to move out in a need for the job. Today we are offering jobs to more than 100+ people on an equal gender ratio, so they can learn and work on an international level. Character, service, excellence, personal growth, accountability, and teamwork are the essence of who we are.

Asad Rehman

BDD & Co-Founder
The man who brought an Ideas & Opportunities!

Asad Rehman is a BDD (Business Development Director) and Co-founder of Bizistech. With nearly 10 years of experience in managing e-commerce sales on different platforms.
He started his career in 2011 for Scaling and Enhancing Brands on Amazon, where he found new and emerging cross-border Ecommerce market trends, manufacturing and sourcing resources in China. After that, He moved to China in 2015, Where He worked with so many companies and had learned a client-relation strategies. He was always focused on understanding the business structure to become my own owner.
For many years, He worked as Team Lead for the E-commerce department, improving products, sales, solutions, and services for customers by meeting daily challenges and queries. After so many years of learning and studying.

After discussion with Faizan, They both have decide to do something for our own country to bring more opportunities; with this initiative, they can be the first e-commerce service provider from Pakistan, giving services worldwide. In 2016, They laid the foundation of Bizistech, where they train and build our Operational team for Amazon.
He is not limited to the same techniques and strategies; He always explore and analyze the new market trends internationally, focusing on outgoing sales and marketing, finding new business opportunities for our clients.
His primary goal is to help companies grow and improve their performance through our business strategies and planning and from our expert staff.

As a Co-Founder his Motto is “The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is really very simple. Make your customers happy.

Why We Started


To make commerce better for everyone, our vision is to excel youth by creating new opportunities, and training’s so they can work on an international level.


From the beginning, our mission is to become the leading e-commerce organization in the world that understands clients’ evolving needs and comes up with unique solution every time.AS technology continues to evolve, our commitment will always be the same, to bring innovation to your business. 

Core Values:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Collegiality
  • Responsiveness.
  • Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Recognition
  • Innovation
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Corporate social responsibility.

Why we started?

To enhance the lives of entrepreneurs, we started our journey with Amazon in 2014 by launching our own store on it. At that time, there were no experts present in the market that could help us. Analyzing this situation, we went to China for training.

At china, we spent more than 1 year learning market techniques and strategies and got training from many paid courses.

After returning from China to Pakistan, we thought out of the box and laid the foundation of Bizistech in 2016 and started to train people. Slow and steady, the chain begins to create, and so the team builds.

After 5 years of hardworking Bizistech has become the leading and globally well-known Consulting agency providing solutions to all of your e-commerce problems. After so many years of struggling now, we assure you that we have a team of experts and qualified staff with great communication skills that will manage your business in all changing circumstances. Bizistech aims to provide solutions and layouts for your business.

We can say that now “We went from surviving to thriving.”