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You are selling on Amazon but

  • Your products suffer from low visibility
  • The organic traffic is painfully low, if not completely non-existent
  • Your products are placed in the wrong category
  • Product listings lack compelling descriptions
  • Product titles are not catchy
  • You can’t seem to target the right keywords
  • Product listing contain inconsistent or poor-quality images

If your product listing has even one (let alone all) of these problems, you need someone to fix them before the A9 algorithm permanently relegates your listing to Amazon’s no-man’s-land. And Bizistech can fix it for you.

Why Hire Bizistech?

Bizistech is your one-stop solution for Amazon account management concerning the optimization of product listings. If you are unaware of the importance of listing optimization, consider this: listing creation puts your product up for sale on the Amazon marketplace. But what about the actual chances it has of being noticed on the world’s biggest marketplace?

After all, there are more than 6 million total sellers on Amazon, and more than 1 million of them are active sellers. All of them have their unique products, innovative ideas, and plans to bring their products to the attention of more and more potential customers. New sellers need to standout from this crowd, but how?

This is where listing optimization comes in.

Amazon product listing optimization is Amazon’s version of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because Amazon works pretty much like a search engine. Amazon’s A9 algorithm consider all elements contained within a product listing, checks whether the listing is properly optimized for targeted audience, and then ranks the better optimized listings to the top of the search pages, and relegates the poorly optimized listing to the lower ranks: which is basically Amazon’s virtual dustbin where only the failed products reside.

If that scenario seems scary, it is because it is. Luckily, we at Bizistech have been optimizing Amazon listings for ages, and our listings experts know all the tricks to rank products higher on Amazon. These Amazon veterans will utilize all the best optimization strategies such as frontend/backend optimization, data-driven keywords, keywords ranking check, top-notch content, and AB testing of content to quickly distinguish your product listing from the rest of the competition, and drive more traffic and potential customers towards the product.

The Amazon warriors at Bizistech are geared towards succeeding at all costs, and therefore do not rely on their skills and experience alone. They will utilize some of the most powerful business management tools in the market to identify key trends and data-points to insert in the product listing, which will lead to explosive interest among potential customers, and rapid acceleration of your eCommerce startup.

Bizistech experts are your guides to the top of Amazon product searches Our strategies are designed to make your listings shine We will protect your listings from being hijacked

Frontend / Backend Optimization of Product Listing

Bizistech employs some of the best Virtual Assistants in the eCommerce business. Possessing high levels of relevant skills, and with many years of experience working in the field, optimizing frontend/backend of listings is like second nature to them.

For the uninitiated, frontend optimization refers to making your webpage more browser-friendly, whereas the backend optimization is the technical optimization of a webpage, which cannot be seen by users, but search engine algorithms (such as Amazon’s A9) detect those aspects, and will mark them up as positives in their final impression of a product listing’s crawling and indexing process.

With experienced SEO experts to guide them through, these listing specialists will give no quarters when it comes to a listing’s backend as well. Proper meta-tags will be implemented at the listing’s backend, and flowcharts and sitemaps will be created to make it easier for crawler bots to navigate through the product listing and see everything that it entails. These backend optimization steps will make it easier for Amazon’s A9 algorithm to sift through the relevant details of the product, and rank it higher in the search rankings.   

Bizistech’s expert Virtual Assistants optimize frontends for blazing-fast browsing and backends for top search rankings. Overall optimization improves user experience and boost your product’s visibility on the marketplace
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Identifying the Data-Driven Keywords

Bizistech utilizes the most advanced business management applications and data analytics tools currently available in the market, in order to search for prevalent market trends and relevant keywords in the product niche. A data-driven approach is necessary for making decisions based on the analysis of relevant data. Data driven keywords are those keywords which are selected through a careful study of the product listing’s market niche, and choosing only the keywords which are being searched by a majority of relevant users, i.e., the Amazon shoppers. Our listing specialists carefully analyze the search volume of those keywords, and select the ones most relevant to our product listing. They follow that up with conducting a careful Keywords ranking check to see where the short-listed keywords rank in Amazon search rankings. The search ranking will then be compared with overall search volume for that keyword, before making a final decision on which keywords to target in the subsequent promotion campaigns, and which ones to discard. Bizistech helps you make informed decisions with relevant insights and analysis We ensure your success on Amazon by targeting highest-ranked keywords, chosen through careful market research Discarding irrelevant ones allows the listing to be laser-focused on target audience

A+ Content

This is an area where Bizistech shines bright. We boast the services of top-notch content writers, who are masters of choosing catchiest titles for a product that are easy to read and remember for the users.

The most important part of a listing – other than the product itself – is the content. Users might look at the pictures and videos of the product to get an idea of how the product looks like, but they will only understand the true value of the product through the written content featured in the product listing. The better the content, the more convinced a potential customer will be that it is a quality product.

Our experienced writers will also write product descriptions that will be brief, but will be able to describe the whole product to potential customers and A9 algorithm alike within some sentences. There will still be people who are not even interested in reading a paragraph of product descriptions, and just want the product’s main features to be described within some words. And we will do that just that in the form of our bullet points, so that everyone is able to understand the product whichever way they want, and still come out impressed with it.

Bizistech’s A+ content turns potential customers into convinced buyers with top-notch product descriptions and catchy titles. Our veteran writers strike the perfect balance between human connection and algorithm optimization This two-fold approach ensure your product captures consumer imaginations, and also stands out in the Amazon search results.

Expert Listing Optimizers

With extensive experience providing eCommerce Consultancy Services to a large number of clients, Bizistech understands that a product listing on its own merits is worthless, and does not guarantee any conversion rates and sales necessary for the business’ success. It is the optimization on the product listing that determines the success (or failure) of the whole endeavor. To that end, we are proud to announce that we have some of the best minds in the field of listing optimization. These are thorough professionals who will not tolerate a failed product listing on their rap sheet, and will do anything it takes to make that listing a success. These professionals are well-versed in all modules of listing optimization, and will use their skillset, experience and industry know-how to ensure that the optimization succeeds with potential customers and Amazon’s algorithm alike. Our experts know all the tricks necessary to achieve that objective, and will make sure that the product listing garners the maximum amount of interest from potential customers and leads to high number of conversion rates, which will ensure that the time and money spent by our clients into their eCommerce endeavor is a rollicking success. Bizistech understands the value of success, and has all the capabilities necessary to turn that dream into a reality.
Bizistech’s expert optimization fully unlocks the sales potential of a product We believe in turning product listings into powerful conversion tools, not just placeholders High-level skills in listing optimization and industry know-how allow us to achieve those goals

With Bizistech optimizing you Product Listings, your business will receive first-rate service and a steady stream of customers

Bizistech is expert at optimizing your product listings for increased traffic and higher conversion rates. We know how to make your Amazon listings more appealing to potential customers, which means more sales for your business. You can rely on Bizistech to optimizing your product listings in the way it is supposed to done.

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Services We Provide

Optimizing product listings requires a multi-pronged approach that takes into account all modules comprising those listings. Our services include:

Quality Frontend/Backend Optimization

The experts at Bizistech know how to make your product listings shine on both the front and back ends. We optimize everything from the product titles and bullet points to the underlying keywords and metadata for optimal search engine rankings.


Finding Highly-Searched Keywords

We conduct thorough research to pinpoint keywords that are most appropriate and relevant for the product listing. We improve your listings’ discoverability and the likelihood that your products will be seen by the right audience by strategically incorporating these keywords.

Writing A+ Content

Our veteran content writers will craft A+ content that sells your products and highlights their advantages. We help you stand out from the crowd and increase conversions by writing interesting product descriptions and incorporating visually appealing multimedia elements into them.


Conducting AB Testing

Different listing components, including images, titles, and bullet points, are tested with AB testing methodologies. By measuring the impact of each variation on conversion rates, we optimize your listings to maximize sales and improve overall performance.

Protection from Hijacking

We will keep a hawk’s eye on your product listing to protect your company’s name and product from hijackers. We will implement comprehensive strategies to safeguard your listings, and take prompt action if we see any anything suspicious happening.

Thorough All-Round Listing Optimization

From the frontend/backend, to quality content, to AB testing, our comprehensive listing optimization service covers all aspects. We will not stop until we have maximized your Amazon listings’ exposure, interaction, and sales potential.

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