Professional Amazon Account Management Services


Product Hunting

✓ Not oversaturated

✓ High Demand

✓ Low Competition

✓ Good Profit and Revenue

✓ No Brand Dominance


Product Sourcing

✓ Bargaining on behalf of you

✓ Importing Products at low prices

✓ Evaluating product samples

✓ Assembly and packaging

✓ Avoiding costly sourcing



Product Launching

✓ Product Listing

✓ Photography and Designing

✓ Powerful Advertising Strategies

✓ Worldwide Marketing

✓ Keywords Research & Ranking

✓ List Optimization

✓ Rank on 1st page

✓ Increase Overall Sales

Listing Creation

✓ Market Trend Analysis

✓ Create enrich content

✓ Product Variation creation

✓ Branding a Product

✓ Storefront setup





Listing Optimization

✓ Listing frontend/backend optimization

✓ Identifying the data-driven keywords.

✓ Keyword Ranking check

✓ A+ Content/ AB testing

✓ Title AB testing

Account Management

✓ Daily Evaluate and Monitor

✓ Reimbursement and Case

✓ Checking for hijackers

✓ Overview of daily listings

✓ Refunds and Returns

✓ Pricing Protection

✓ Review Request to Buyers

✓ Registrar of Brands Set-Up

Brand Management

✓ Build your own Brand

✓ A+ creation

✓ Brand Story

✓ Storefront Setup

✓ Listing Video Management

✓ A / B Testing

✓ Brand Analytic Dashboard

✓ Customer Engagement

✓ Prevent from Counterfeit

✓ Protect from Hijackers

✓ Offer Greater Transparency

✓ Contact to Negative Reviewer

✓ Opportunity Explorer

PPC Managemnt

✓ Promotions

✓ Coupons

✓ Sponsored Products

✓ Lightning Deals

✓ 7-Day Deal

✓ Outlet Deal

✓ Outlet Sale

✓ Prime Exclusive Discounts

Brand Advertisement

✓ Sponsored Brands

✓ Sponsored Brands Video

✓ Sponsored Display

✓ A+ Content Manager

✓ Vine Program

✓ Post on Amazon

✓ Virtual Bundle

✓ Attribution

Brand Registry

✓ Register Your Brand

✓ Access to Brand Exclusive Tab

✓ Better Customer recognition

✓ Higher customer loyalty

✓ Higher Advertising effectiveness

✓ Protect from Hijackers & counterfeit

✓ Brand Equity Maximizes New Product Launches

✓ Increase Credibility

Appeal on Amazon


✓ Account health issues

✓ Avoid tricky suspensions

✓ Recovery from damages

✓ Writing an appeal letter and plan of action

✓ Reinstate accounts with the best possible solutions

Find an Expert Amazon Account Manager Service for Your Amazon Seller Account

Whatever stage of Amazon journey you are at, we are always there to help you. We have a dedicated team of Amazon account managers and experts to ensure that your Brand stands out in this competitive marketplace as a leading Amazon account management services agency. We customize our Amazon account management services to provide you the best solution.


Why to Choose Bizistech Amoung Others?

We are the only one who cares about you and your business.

We know that transparency is very important in every business. That’s why we ensure that our reports will be completely transparent for you.

After decades of experience, we are a trusted partner of Amazon Advertising Network, AMC program, and Amazon Seller Central partner network. Bizistech has now become a leading industry with quite a good reputation for delivering the best Amazon business account management services and strategies based on the latest market trends.

Now, what makes us different from others is that we have combined our expert minds with artificial intelligence and machine learning power to deliver you the best data-driven insights. Moreover, by a partnership with us, you will have an Amazon account manager that will act as a consistent point of contact for helping you with your Amazon account. Still, that are just a few reasons why we are the most trusted partner to some of the world’s biggest brands.


Professional Amazon Business Account Management Solutions

We provide full Amazon account management services for all brands of all sizes. Whether you are a global entity or a start-up looking to break through, we are to support you with your Amazon journey.


We offer a full range of Amazon services:


1. Seller Central Creation

This is the first and the most important step in becoming a seller on Amazon, from where your journey begins. Selecting the products is not enough; there are many ways you can sell. Our expert team is well aware of the criteria and will set up your account, whether FBA or FBM. To help you with account creation Bizistech provides the following services:

  • Create accounts in the USA, UK, Indonesia, Morocco, and Russia markets.
    Complete all essential documents that are required.
  • Choose the best business model.
  • Set account for both FBA and FBM.
  • Create a name and logo for your brand.
  • Application.
  • Verification.
  • Register your brand.
  • Set a suitable shipment method.
  • Solving account creation errors.

2. Brand registry

Registering your Brand on Amazon is a lengthy process that requires focused effort and a lot of time. In partnering with our management team, we take care of everything as:

  • We’ll manage each process assiduously and take charge of submitting your documents.
  • We protect your brand from hijackers such as counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers.
  • Save your time from a lengthy process.
  • We will help you with a budget.
  • Brand approval.
  • We help defend your brand on amazon.
  • We provide solutions to protect your brand.

3. Product Hunting

If you want profitable products with maximum margins or are interested in some specific niche. In that case, Bizistech will help you search for products that are high in demand but low in competition. In this regard, You’ll get:

  • Budget calculation.
  • Verified supplier.
  • Trending and untapped products.
  • No AMZ or brand dominance.
  • No patent or trademark issues.
  • List of top 10 high-volume keywords.
  • Low-weight products that are easy to ship.
  • Profit margin 30%- 40% with max ROI.
  • Detailed, in-depth product report.

4. Product Sourcing

Product sourcing is finding reputable suppliers for your business. With years of experience, skill, and knowledge, we provide you with the best solutions to save your time and improve your business efficiency. We can source anything for you from various suppliers at once, even the rarest product from China. Our services include:

  • Increasing your income through profitable sourcing products.
  • Importing products at low prices.
  • Bargaining on behalf of you.
  • Providing you with the best lowest price possible.
  • Evaluating product samples (we have a physical team in china).
  • Detailed report after testing products.
  • 5 best quotations from the most trusted suppliers.
  • Assembly and packaging with cost-effective delivery solutions.

5. Product Launching

Launching a new product with your private label is often challenging, especially when you are a new seller; it’s like making or breaking your sales. But with our professional experience, we will relieve you from the pitfalls and struggles of getting a failed product launch. Bizistech has knowledge, tools, and expertise in Amazon product launch services. As professionals, we are familiar with the process. Our team can confidently say that launching your product is our top-notch service. Our services include:

  • Keyword research for the PPC campaigns.
  • Organic keywords research.
  • Gathering good reviews.
  • Products photography.
  • Save time and investments so you can focus on your other business operations.
  • Use of powerful advertising strategies.
  • Brand-shielding measures to keep your content material secure from hijackers and counterfeiters within the amazon marketplace.

6. Listing creation and Optimization

Amazon’s ever-changing set of rules makes it hard to hold up. Yesterday’s great practices on pictures and key phrases might not always work today. Bizistech is aware of what’s being evaluated on your Amazon list, making it a precious seek result for capable customers. Our team specializes in assessing your list and scanning it for any strategic gaps. We monitor, update, and supply top-notch listings for buyers that can feed the Amazon algorithm as well. In this regard, Bizistech will help you in:

  • Create a strong title.
  • Choose the best graphics.
  • Identifying the data-driven keywords.
  • Enhance your product description / Create an A+ template that will enhance the product visibility.
  • Collecting good customer reviews.
  • Improving CTR (Click-through rate) and CR (conversion rate) to drive more sales.

7. Inventory Management

Inventory management is a complicated task, so many companies take help from inventory management apps or software to manage their inventory, but it’s not that efficient. Bizistech will help you have the right stock at the right levels, at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. Our team of experts will help you in:

  • Reducing cost.
  • Save time.
  • Identifying, storing, and selling inventory.
  • Prevent any losses and returns.
  • When to reorder, how much to order and
  • Where to keep stock.
  • Managing and overseeing purchases from both suppliers and consumers.
  • Provide higher purchaser service.

8. StoreFront Creation

A stronger brand identity gives you more visibility to dominate your niche in a competitive market. To use the store creation facility, you should be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program. To help you with this, Bizistech Provides a Store font creation facility in which we help you:

  • To come across as a genuine brand.
  • Select a unique custom design from a wide range of templates to ensure buyers can easily find all your products.
  • To display multiple products on the same page.
  • Designing your storefront the way you want it.
  • Promoting your products to all the pre-existing customers.
  • To uptick your organic ranking on Amazon.
  • Getting your web address on amazon.
  • To market new products.
  • To use rich content.
  • Engaging more shoppers and driving more sales.

9. Branding on Amazon

Nowadays, Amazon focuses on the Brand; therefore, creating your own identity in billions of brands is not easy. The first and most important step for any new business is to occupy space inside a target consumer’s mind, which is called ‘Brand Positionings, and this is the crucial time to build your brands. To help you with that, Bizistech provides the following services:

  • Infographic Design.
  • Banner Design.
  • Amazon photo editing.
  • Graphics and Content Management.
  • Brand Marketing.
  • A+ content.
  • Product promotion/Advertising/Catalogue.

10. Advertising Management on Amazon

As you know that Amazon PPC is one of the important key factors for a successful listing. When carried out efficiently, PPC can grow your visibility and scale your business. Amazon marketing can quickly become overwhelming and hard with outright control. Bizistech will help you in:

  • Top ranking your products on Amazon.
  • Reaching buyers, not viewers.
  • Getting global visibility.
  • Brand recognition.
  • Increasing sales.
  • Keyword targeting.
  • Work on increasing ROAS / decreasing ACOS.
  • Setting a budget for campaigns.
  • Coupons.
  • Promotions.

11. Suspension Appeals on Amazon

Being a popular e-commerce site. Amazon is the largest and the highest revenue sales platform. So, if you are selling on Amazon, you must understand how dreadful a notification can be that your account is suspended. Account suspension is one of the biggest problems for sellers on Amazon. Hiring our consultant is like buying insurance for your account. Bizistech provides services:

  • To avoid tricky suspensions.
  • Reinstate their accounts with the best possible solutions.
  • To protect the account from any financial loss or any negative review.
  • Monitor account health issues.
  • Writing an appeal letter and plan of action.
  • Account Creation failure.
  • IP complaints resolution.
  • Poor Seller Performance.
  • Brand Protection.
  • Violation of Amazon Policies.
  • Recovery from damages.

Want to Create an Amazon Account? We’re Here to Help

If you are completely new to Amazon and are wondering where to start, don’t worry; we’ve got covered. Bizistech is a perfect helping hand that will help you launch your business on Amazon.

We will help you choose the correct route to market your Brand. Other than that, setting up your account, storefront, and catalogue is our responsibility. We’ll manage everything; you need to sit back, relax and see your business taking flights.

Bizistech is your Amazon partner that will give you a hassle-free experience from start to end. From the moment you sign-up with us, you will get a dedicated Amazon specialist from our team that will manage everything for you, from managing shipments to strategic advertising till the execution. Our Amazon account managers will work collaboratively with you and your team to achieve your goals so that you can take the stress off your mind.


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