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CONTENT WRITING needs to be well thought out. The trick to writing them is an odd art. You need to carefully thread your words and find that very fine line of balance between appeasing a ranking algorithm and solving a potential customer’s queries.

Your sales are highly dependent and reflective of how well you’ve mastered the art of Content Writing. This is why content writing services are such popular choices in the e-commerce circle. From a consumer’s standpoint, it pretty much goes without saying that shoppers consider product content as a crucial factor when shopping online. In fact, one of the most common causes of return and driving your customer away is that your product description did not match what was delivered to your customer. As a stat and basic common sense, 98% of buyers abort the idea of buying a product due to its inaccurate/incomplete description.

Evidently, content is critical. Looking to boost sales and conversions? Write original content that highlights your product’s features. You have to keep SEO in mind for this. Not only promising to boost sales, but accurate Content Writing can also lead to an increase in your eStore’s visibility and reputation. 

What is Content Writing?

In a nutshell, CONTENT is a marketing copy written to attract a user’s attention and persuade them to visit and purchase from your e-Store. The primary idea behind writing Content is to identify a product, its functionality, usage, it’s features and then of course reasons to buy it.  

So, ideally, a description should highlight an item’s features, benefits, and details. Typically, there are five elements that you need to keep in mind and ideally, all these points should be checked when making a Content. 

* Title 

* Images

* Bullets [Feature Section]

* Description 

* Reviews & Ratings 


Search for relevant and popular keywords in your product’s niche and category. By picking out and identifying the most popular keyword, use it in the title for optimization. Avoid stuffing but make sure your required keywords are placed evenly throughout your product description. If a backend section is applicable to you that are where you put your long tail key words.

Brand voice

Don’t hop and switch between your messages – recognize your brand’s voice and unique tone in order to stay consistent and not confuse your reason. Make sure you avoid bait and switch language. Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and communicate solutions that make sense to your consumer. Make use of call-to-actions that resonate with your brand’s core belief.

Target audience

Thorough research is key! This’ll help you understand the typical buyer persona that is involved in your niche and write according to your target audience demographics. Make sure you don’t overcomplicate the description with hard-to-understand words. Instead, opt for language and tone that resonates with your core audience. While doing this, you need to keep factors like location, age, language, gender and income levels in mind before writing your descriptions.

Interactive elements

Ensure you use high-quality, top-notch product images. Incorporate shots from all angles, exhibit different colors, shades, models, if available. Make 360° videos of your product. For increasing user-friendly experience, use tutorial-like videos to demonstrate your products’ usage.

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