Amazon is finally rolling out tools that allow sellers to extract every dollar from their Amazon marketing efforts.

Every brand is concerned to skyrocket their sales by stuffing efforts into making the best copy ever in terms of the product image, description, and Title to use in A+ content. But how do you know exactly that you can’t drive more sales than this without comparing data? Amazon has launched this new feature of “Manage your experiments” that allows you to do split testing for 1 to 8 weeks. This tool allows Amazon Sellers to test their content by comparing two copies of content to see which copy did great and drive more sales. A/B testing with Amazon’s “Manage your experiments” fine-tune A+ content and helps you analyze the results so that you can make your future content strategy similar to the copy that did well in the test.

Manage Your Experiments (MYE) is available in Seller Central in the US for those enrolled in the Brand Registry and is accessible for all vendors in Vendor Central.

Recent 2024 Update: Sellers can now run A/B tests on product images continuing with the product description and product titles. You will be able to do split testing based on product images to see which one is great for your future content strategy.

It’s good to trust your gut and are 100% sure about your first copy, but you don’t know that you can open a whole new stream of customers by making a second copy and split test both.

It helps you learn what your customers want to see and what type of content they expect from your Amazon Store.

In this post, I will walk through what Amazon’s “Manage Your Experiments” is, who has access to it, and how to get the most out of it.

Firsthand, let’s get started from scratch,

What is Amazon A/B or Split Testing?

Split testing and A/B testing are two different words for a similar purpose. When you test two different variables against each other and then use their results to analyze which one was more effective.

For example, there is a product about cleaning floors. For running a split test, you have to select two different pictures as a product image, two product descriptions, and two product titles. And, you let the software run a test using both contents.

The driven results will then tell you which content copy got the most conversion rates and was the most effective.

What is Amazon “Manage Your Experiments”?

“You no longer have to spend months testing different product marketing strategies when creating A+ content on your brand’s listings. The Manage Your Experiments tool helps you test two versions of A+ content simultaneously and shows you the results in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Through the use of A/B tests, you can compare the two versions of content and see which version resonates with Amazon customers.” Amazon.

Amazon launched a new tool back in 2019 that allows Amazon Sellers to run an A/B test on their best content, including A+ content, product titles, and now after the update, their product images. Meaning that sellers will evaluate different aspects of your A+ content to increase conversion rate and produce more sales.

Who Can Use Amazon to “Manage Your Experiments”?

Manage your Experiments is only available for brand registered sellers and vendors based in the US marketplace. To use this amazing feature on Amazon, you must meet the eligibility criteria (that I’m going to discuss in detail below) to run Amazon’s Manage your experiment. There are two levels of eligibility:

  • Brand eligibility
  • ASIN eligibility


What are the ASIN Eligibility Criteria for Amazon “Manage Your Experiments”?

About the Eligibility criteria Here’s what Amazon says:

“ASIN Eligibility: An ASIN is eligible if it belongs to your brand and has received enough traffic in recent weeks to be eligible for experimentation. We only let you experiment with high-traffic ASINs to increase the likelihood that you can confidently determine a winner at the end of the experiment. Depending on the category, high-traffic ASINS may get several dozen orders per week or more. When selecting an ASIN to experiment on, MYE will show the eligibility status of most candidate ASINS, but note that ASINs with very low traffic may not appear at all.

If an ASIN isn’t eligible because it isn’t high-traffic, consider driving more traffic to it using advertising or other means. A+ experiments must have published A+ content to be eligible. Only one experiment can be run on any particular ASIN at a time.”

If you do have eligible ASINs, you’ll be taken to the Manage Your Experiments dashboard, where you can create and run your A/B tests.

If you have no eligible ASINs, you’ll get a message like this one:

Ineligible Selling Partner

Manage Experiments is currently only available for selling partners who:

(1) Own a brand, and

(2) Have very high-traffic ASINs, and

(3) Have published A+ content on those ASINs.

If you are receiving this message, you have not been identified as a user who meets all these criteria. Check back next week; newly eligible selling partners are automatically added.

To become eligible for this tool, make sure you’re registered with Brand Registry and have published A+ content on your brand’s ASINs. And, consider driving more traffic to your ASINS.

If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please contact us.”

How To Check ASIN Eligibility for Amazon “Manage Your Experiments”?

To check your eligible ASINs, visit the “Manage Your Experiments” page and click on “Create a New Experiment.” If you have any, there you will see all your eligible ASINs.Once you have eligible ASINs, you’ll decide which variable you want to run the test first. Next, select a Reference ASIN you want to run the test on. The approval can take up to 7 business days, but usually, you will see the status of your application within 48 hours.

Once you are approved, create and schedule your products’ A/B test to make the most out of your marketing effort.

What Variables Can you Test with Amazon “Manage Your Experiments”?

You can test Product Title, Product Image, and A+ Content.

If you want to squeeze every dollar of effectiveness from making a second test copy, consider these variables as they play a very important role in the marketing strategy.


Product Title:

  • Call Out Target Audience – example “Medicated Mattress for your Health Care.” This approach will help you attract relevant audiences.
  • Call Out Use Cases – example “Non-stick pan for your Kitchen.” This approach will help your product lie in a specific niche.
  • Add Target Keywords – Make sure to use relevant keywords and optimize your content with good SEO.


Product Image:

  • Must be relevant
  • Every angle should be covered.
  • Specify layout and size


A+ Content

  • Consider adding Graphical content
  • Test using lifestyle images and product images simultaneously.
  • Highlight product features

How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

Does Amazon charge for A+ content? Absolutely not! A+ content is completely free, so you can add A+ Pages on all eligible product listings. However, it is important to remember that creating the layout, editing the images, and writing the copy takes time and money, so utilize it wisely.

Why Do We Need Amazon A/B testing?

Amazon A/B testing can help you avoid unnecessary risks. This allows you to focus your resources to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. This will increase your ROI regardless of whether you focus on long-term customer loyalty or long-term customer conversions.

How Do I Create Amazon A/B Tests?

  • Simply click the button to create a new experiment in the dashboard.
  • Amazon will allow you to choose from the A+ Content or Product Title you would like to experiment with.
  • After choosing the item you want to test, a workflow is created that will walk you through each step of setting up your experiment. After you are done, you will have two versions ready to be compared.
  • You will need to fill in the infobox with an Experiment Name and Hypothesis for each item (this is your personal reference. If you’re running multiple experiments simultaneously, make sure it is clear and easy for you to recognize)
  • Last, you should decide how long your experiment will run. The ideal time frame is 8-10 weeks.

How To Run an Experiment With Your Product Title?

If you wish to do an experiment using your Product Title, the option is to copy the Title currently used into your Version B. It’s easy to just make some minor adjustments to your new Title. Make specific, isolated changes for meaningful results.

Useful Tip:  Look at alternate images. They are often easier to understand and offer more information than your current image.

Now your experiment is up for review by Amazon.

How To Check The Status Of Your Active Experiments in “Manage Your Experiment”?

To check the status of your active experiments, in “Manage Your Experiment,” open your dashboard there. Then, you can check the status of your Active Experiments, and you can also create a new one from here.

Best Practices For A/B Testing In Amazon “Manage Your Experiments”

“Test One Element At a Time.”

REASON: If you have Version A with just one Title, one image set, and one type of text, but Version B with completely new Title, images, and text, you won’t know what factor this copy more effective than the other.

Is it the new Title? Perhaps it was the different Title or the different images and text. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know everything unless you test it one at a time.

The best practice is to test the Title. Then, you can run two identical copies and change only the Title.

Useful Tip: Test only one element at a given time to determine which ones have the most impact.

How Long Should I Run Amazon A+ Content Experiments?

According to Amazon experts,The best practice is to run your Amazon A+ Content Experiments for 8 weeks. However, the available time is between 4 to 10 weeks. 8 weeks are enough to analyze the data and start planning your new content strategy. Make sure to utilize it fully!

One Of The Big Flaws Of Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments

Amazon is a little unclear about the criteria that are required to be eligible for experiments. Amazon sellers have posted on Amazon’s seller forums that they have heard of some people qualifying for ASINs with between 1000 and 2000 sessions/month. Others have ASINs with more sessions/month but still aren’t eligible! So that is the only and one of the big flaws of Amazon “Manage Your Experiments” so far!

Get the Best Out of Your Experiments

It all depends on your current position with your brand. If you are just beginning, there might be more low-hanging fruit that will provide you a higher return on your investment. But, if your brand is already established, this tool can help you determine which elements are most important. So make sure to analyze your business first before starting to proceed with this tool.

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