In order to increase your company’s visibility to your targeted audience, VAs will come up with a unified Amazon PPC strategy, which includes (but is not limited to): keyword research, competitor analysis, bid management, automatic and manual campaign management, and a custom data-driven strategy. If you have existing ad campaigns, VAs will strategically tweak them to maximize possible return on your ad spend, reducing overall costs. After digging into your data, they’ll optimize your product, its listings and pinpoint key moments that can be optimized to increase sales and ensure your ads are reaching the right people. In a nutshell, VAs are trained to oversee the entire PPC process and help you create high-converting sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads, product display ads, and video ads. Moreover, it is the VA’s duty to hunt for highly profitable keywords and manually use them in an effective way for the backend listing process i.e. content, etc. VAs also monitor the advertising reports and analyze the keywords with bad recognition and manage them by removing or altering them to minimize the loss.

VAs work on various strategies e.g. Up & Down, Down and Fixed Strategy and they use each strategy for different products individually. The focal point for a VA during a PPC campaign is conversions. The VA would also manage ads by getting into communities and groups with the higher protentional and relevant audiences for a better social standing and more profound position in the respective platforms.

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