What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is one of the best ways of building client trust and lifting your session percentage rates. You can use this feature differently to highlight your product features by text on HD images and by including your own unique brand story. It can even assist you with procuring a higher positioning on Amazon Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Amazon A+ Content works like a poster for your product.  

It combines mixed-media Content to make your item page appealing to customers, including high-quality images, comparison charts, brand content, and bullet points. 

What Does Amazon A+ Content Consist Of?

This is a more modest picture region to put an organization/individual logo. Unlike other picture choices on this rundown, this picture space is more modest and will be displayed in Amazon’s elements of 600×180 pixels. 

Comparison Chart

This is an intriguing choice, where you can make tables that contrast your item with different items. In any case, realize that you can remember your items for this examination, not contender items. 

Multiple Image Module

This is an excellent choice for having a few pictures that your perusers can navigate, incredible for flaunting various perspectives or characters.

Standard Specifications

This table permits you to add different specialized specs to your A+ content. For fiction writers, this probably won’t be significant (I couldn’t imagine anything better than to see somebody get imaginative and discredit me, however). Yet, this could be an incredible spot to incorporate extra specialized data identified with your book for true to life. 

Standard Text

A straightforward heading and text field, focused.

Example of Amazon A+ Content

Who Can Create Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a unique feature inside Seller Central that allows brand owners to create beautifully designed Amazon product descriptions for their Amazon listings. Formally known as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ content is available for brand-registered sellers and all vendors.

Benefits Of A+ Content

  • Amazon A+ catches customers’ eyes since it includes massive HD pictures bullets points that clarify the item, its utilization, and advantages. 
  • A+ content is usually simpler to skim because of the blend of large, splendid pictures and text. 
  • It carries your item to the spotlight by permitting you to show significant, attractive pictures and feature each advantage and element of your item. 
  • A+ content helps bring more traffic visitors, which means more sales.
  • The use of A+ content results in a higher conversion rate and less return rate.

How to Create A+ Content for Amazon?

Step 1: Use the appropriate credentials to log into your Seller Central account.

Before going any further, make sure your brand is registered.

Step 2: Go to Advertising and select A+ Content Manager from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click Start creating A+ content and choose the type you want to create.

Step 4: Name your Content and select the module to create your desired style.

Step 5: Add text and image. You can add pictures by uploading, dragging, or dropping them into the image block. You can even choose photos from your Creative assets library that contains previously uploaded images.

Step 6: Apply ASINs to the content from the content detail page.

Step 7: Create a language variation draft as many customers shop in different languages.

Step 8: Click Review and submit to send your content for approval.

Amazon will review your A+ page and make it live in 7 business days if you accurately fill out all details.

However, if you did not follow any instructions or made any mistake, it will be rejected, but you can view the reason and edit the specific part.

How Much Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

As for now, A+ Content has no cost. It’s a free feature for registered brand owners or brand sellers in a professional seller account to showcase their product in a better way.

While there is no fee for A+ content, creating its visuals and content does take some time.

Guidelines for Amazon A+ Content

There are some factors you must consider regards to Amazon A+ Content: 

1. The images should be in jpg, BMP, or png format in RGB colors, as Amazon does not support CYMK color space.

2. The individual file should be under 2 MB with at least 72 dpi resolution.

3. Use of any animated image or GIF is not allowed.

4. Use of any blurry or low-quality image is not allowed.

5. Image with any watermark included in prohibited.

6. Using keywords that do not relate to the image will result in content rejection.

7. Always use unique images and text. Don’t reuse the same things.

8. Use only brand logo.

9. Use only those icons that relate to the text.

10. Logos and symbols from partner companies are not allowed unless it’s logical or beneficial

11. Always use numbers instead of words.

12. Capitalize every significant word in a header.

13. Always use Consistent punctuation and commas.

14. Bold and italic format can be used to highlight a few words.

15. Any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistake can result in content rejection.

16. Use of HTML tags is not allowed.

Best Practices for Amazon A+ Content

The best practice is essential: observe the Amazon A+ rules and requirements before creating it. Keeping those points in mind will make your content attractive to customers.

You can do this by: 

1. Emphasize your USP

Remember that “advantages” and “features” aren’t the same. Though “features” are crucial, “advantages” are something to force feelings. And while feelings evoke, they force purchases. 

2. Keep the Content short and accurate

Even a non-skimmer doesn’t want to struggle by reading much text to understand whether the product is good or not. So, keep your content short and accurate to let customers quickly decide to shop or not.

3. Combine pictures and texts

Of course, awesome pictures are beneficial in conversions; however, you could genuinely do plenty extra by including a few thrilling texts that spotlight your product’s advantages or features. 

4. Leverage your product critiques Reviews

Written reviews from customers are of great value. Before developing A+ content material, study through your client critiques or even those published to your competitors’ listings, imparting a far comparable product like yours. Doing this may provide you with a clean photograph of the content material your customers need the most. 

5. Avoid errors in content

Use of a few unique characters and emblems are forbidden while developing A+ content material – this consists of the copyright, registered trademark, and registered logo symbols. In addition, you cannot use another link of some other website (however, you can only use a hyperlink of an ASIN inside the module type). 

6. Pay attention to the pictures size and resolution

To avoid “rejection” from Amazon, ensure that your pictures are uploaded in the correct size and resolution. Note that the pictures requirements are different in each module, so study thoroughly before uploading images. 

7. Use banners wisely

Banners are one of the exceptional methods to break up your product’s element web page. In fact, it suggests it as a brand-new section to the purchaser, draws the purchaser with HD pictures, and offers more information about the brand & product.

8. Proofread your Content before submitting

As stated above, Amazon takes as much as seven days to approve your content material. However, usually, they do it a great deal faster than that. So, make sure that you proofread your content material earlier than filing it. For a few reasons, in case your A+ web page is posted and later, you locate that there’s a grammar mistake, you’ll post the web page again. Now, because of your mistakes stays and runs for a week. 

9. Keep it extra visual than textual

A+ content material must be extra appealing, and this means you must upload a number of visuals and much less textual. The textual content must be in easy phrases and carry the message without delay to a shopper. Also, hold proper stability of a way of life product image vs. an actual product image, a characteristic that highlights the ASIN.

10. Keep your designs uniform

Now, here’s something crucial so that you can word it down. The most significant takeaway is that you no longer need to layout the most effective for one touchdown web page. Instead, it’s far from the complete product catalog, and that is something you must in no way fail to overlook. Your A+ content material needs to be regular all through the layout. It must signify your logo’s extension in addition to your website. Think of it as a massive photograph and the manner you need to photograph your logo as a whole.

What Not to Do When Creating A+ Content?

Use of any special characters or symbols is prohibited during creating A+ content – this includes the registered trademark, copyright, and registered brand symbols. In addition, you can never include a hyperlink to any other website (however, you can have a link to any ASIN within the module type)

What Is Amazon A+ Premium Content?

If we look past A+ Content, we can see A+ Premium. Otherwise called A++ Content, it extends a page’s useable land. Premium posting pages can include: 

  • Integrated 720p recordings 
  • HD images
  • 16 intelligent substance modules 
  • Strong, interactive FAQs 
  • Intelligent Content 
  • Voice-accommodating and versatile item pages 
  • Associations with Alexa System 



In case you’re searching for a powerful manner to sell your items on Amazon, A+ Content could, in all likelihood, be an ideal choice for you. It permits you to separate, support your change rates, and feature your items in the perfect light. We will manage your brand click here to see full details.

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