You might have heard about the Amazon vine program in which the reviewers are selected to review the product in return for a free product. Similarly, the Walmart Spark reviewer works on the same concept.

Walmart is the third largest marketplace in the USA, with 388.8M monthly visits. Approximately 10,500 stores and clubs under different names like Walmart discount store, Walmart neighborhood market, etc., in 24 countries. Today Walmart offers everything ranging from electronics to home decorations and groceries.

In this huge marketplace, there might be a chance that there will be many counterfeit sellers. Therefore, to keep the platform transparent, Walmart introduces a program under the name “Walmart Spark Reviewer” by offering free items like who can refuse anything, especially when it’s free. 

So, let’s see how this program works, 

What is Walmart Spark Review Program?

Walmart’s spark review program is designed to gather honest reviews from buyers in exchange for free items. 

Although it was an old program put on hold in 2016, it’s back with its Spark. The program aims to collect 100% authentic feedback, and it can be both negative and positive

How Does The Walmart Spark Program Work?

The spark review program is a strategy used by Walmart to boost the customer experience and trust. So, they can confidently buy anything they want. 

It’s human nature that the first thing they will see in a product while purchasing is its reviews. People don’t trust and rely on product descriptions because many third-party sellers sell cheap, low-quality copy products.

This is where the spark reviewer program came into play. Walmart has a reputation of sellers and brands for selling high-quality products.

Loyal customers will receive free mail reviewers; they don’t have to buy the product or pay any postage or shipping fee; instead, they only have to invest their little time, and in exchange for that, they will get a free product. 

The selected candidate will receive an official invitation via email from Walmart to join the program. Once you register, you have to signup for the sample alerts.

After the sample alert, the selected reviewer has to select the item they want to review, and once they receive it from Walmart, the spark reviewer has to review the item with around 200 words in a given time frame. This is how the reviewer program functions. 

How to Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer?

Walmart spark team recognizes their most honest reviewers and sends them an official email to become spark reviewers. It’s an invitation-only program which means that no one can directly apply to the program themselves.

Walmart customer spark community will only select those candidates who leave decent reviews on

Now, what does mean by decent review mean?

A review that clearly explains the product’s usefulness, quality, and comfort because that review will be collected as a part of a promotion and will help other buyers while purchasing that product.

How will Spark Reviews be Shown on Walmart?

Spark reviews will be marked as “Spark Reviewer” under the product. Walmart will not modify the reviews; they will display in their raw form, whether they are positive or negative. 

This means that buyers can purchase anything knowing that some users have tested the product.

Walmart Spark Review Program

Walmart Spark Login

Source: Walmart

Is the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program Real?

Yes, it’s a completely real program; many reviewers receive numerous items like dishes, clothes, appliances, etc. 

Every reviewer will get 4 products per month which they have to review within a given time frame. So, this is an authentic way to get quality products for free.

Many other websites use the same ideas as Spark and vine-like, PINCHme, Cashbackbase, and that send you free products in exchange for a review.

Best Practices to Follow

If you want to increase your selection chances, then the best practice you can follow is consistency.

Try to give a detailed honest review about the products you have purchased earlier. This is the only you can increase your visibility as a reviewer on Walmart.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Spark Reviewer Program


  • Helps in improving the sales of certain products.
  • Improves the ranking.
  • Help in making better relationships with the customers.
  • Best for new and seasonal products.
  • Helps in building trust among the customers.


  • Negative reviews can affect the brand’s reputation.



It’s a good opportunity for both sellers and buyers. Buyers can receive free items simply by reviewing the item, and sellers can earn a good reputation through this program.

If you want to become a spark reviewer, we can help to increase your chances of being selected.

If you still need any help, feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you. Thank you. 

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