Update: Amazon Launched FBA Liquidation Program | Bizistech

Amazon welcomes FBA Liquidations – a brand new program designed for their sellers’ benefit. FBA Liquidations allows you to recover revenue from not only excess inventory but customer-returned inventory too. All this while avoiding the dreaded storage fee.

How does FBA’s Liquidation program work?

Amazon is responsible for sending your inventory to wholesale liquidators. This allows you to recover an estimated, but varying amount, typically between the 5% to 10% mark of your item’s average selling price. Serving true to its purpose, Amazon’s FBA Liquidations program is designed to offer you, the seller, an alternative to having your inventory disposed off or returned back to you, sitting idle.

In order to liquidate your inventory, you are required to select “Liquidations” when you create a removal order from any of Amazon’s inventory planning package.

Amazon will incur an FBA Liquidation fee, initiating on June the 1st, 2021, and it will be incurred when sellers’ shipments exit fulfillment centers. If a liquidation order is submitted from your end before June the 1st, the liquidation fee will apply if your inventory is shipped to a liquidator on or after that date.

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