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If you are selling on Amazon you might have received some of the messages regarding “UPC to GS1 Barcode Change”, the GS1 barcode certification errors or you might be noticed that Amazon has removed some of your listings. You might be wondering why this is happening!

This is because of the Amazon new update. Although, the policy reading the GS1 bar code was updated in 2016 but Amazon was not so strict about it, and therefore neither take any action. But, recently Amazon has updated its policy regarding the UPC or GTIN codes in which they clearly state that the ASINs or listings that contain the GTIN or UPC should only be obtained from the GS1 directly. Other than GS1, if you purchase GTIN or UPCs from any other third-party website your listings will be removed by Amazon.  This time Amazon is taking serious actions.

This update is troubling many brand owners. Because the majority of the sellers use free websites like Barcode mania, Speedybar codes, and Nation wide barcode  etc to get the GTIN or UPCs but now they are facing some really big consequences. Amazon is removing thousands of listings every day which affects the on the large scale. Because once your listings will be removed their ratings and reviews will be gone moreover you’re all the money that you have spent on your PPC campaigns will be wasted.

But don’t get worried we are here to help you. In this guide will explain everything about the UPC to GS1 barcode change update and in the end we will tell you how we can help you with this issue but before that let’s see:

What Is UPC?

UPC to GS1 Barcode Change - universal product code - UPC

UPC stands for Universal Product Code that is printed on the product packaging. They are in a form of black lines with a unique 12-digit number. Before, we discuss the UPC in detail let me clarify the concept that there is no difference between GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and UPC they are the same. Similarly, EAN (European Article Numbers), UPC, ISBN, and GTIN all are the same.

What’s the Purpose of UPC?

With the help of a UPC, you can easily identify the product features, brand name, size, and color. Now, the first six to nine digits of the code are the prefix of the company or you can say that a unique manufacturer code that is stickered onto the products in order to identify the warehouse and store that product belongs to or belong to a certain manufacturer.

How to Get the UPC?

Now, in order to obtain the UPC, you use different websites but the biggest drawback of using that code is that the codes are already referred to different companies so when you use the same UPC  code on your listings. Amazon will consider your product as a duplicate product and therefore will remove your listings. But if you use the GS1 barcode the company will give you unique codes that will never use anywhere.

Why Amazon Only Considering the GS1?

The most asked question by sellers is why Amazon is only giving priority to GS1? This is because GS1 has the published license agreement that states that GS1 forbids every company and brand to use the same company prefix. This means that GS1 is the only source from which you can purchase unique barcodes for your products. Although, you can use the barcode that is obtained from the resellers but not for a long time. Amazon will check all your UPC, EAN, and GTIN numbers in the GS1 database. And, if that bar code does not pass the test your listings will be deleted.

How to Protect Your Listings?

Now, if you want to safeguard your listings go to the GS1 website and then apply for your company prefix. Your listings will get a legitimate Amazon GST barcode. This bar code will trace as your company code. Make sure that you use the right bar code.

How Bizistech Will Help You with UPC to Gs1 Barcode Change?

We will work on your listings in regard of UPC to GS1 barcode change and will update your existing UPC barcodes to registered GS1 codes within a week. But, remember that this time may vary because it depends on many factors such as brand registry, etc.

We have a deep understanding of the Amazon catalog because up till now we have worked on thousands of listings. We will relist all your listings after the complete documentation process as Bizistech provides A-to-Z Account Management Services for Amazon.

If you still need any help to get in touch with Bizistech then contact at info@bizistech.com. We will be happy to help you. Thank you.

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