Mastering the art of Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management has become an essential skill for sellers looking to gain traction in the digital marketplace. As competition heats up, the necessity for intelligent and effective advertising on the world’s largest online shopping platform has never been more pressing. Effective Amazon PPC management not only assures product exposure, but it also plays an important role in boosting sales and optimizing return on investment.

However, navigating the nuances of Amazon PPC is no easy task. One of the challenges actually involves choosing the correct PPC management program that best suits your purposes.

To help sellers make educated selections and stay ahead in the competitive Amazon environment, we are providing a thorough examination of the top 5 Amazon PPC management software solutions. Let’s get started:

1. AiHello

AiHello differentiates itself as a complete A-Z advertising solution for Amazon sellers. Its extensive capabilities for bid modifications, campaign creation, and keyword research set it apart as a prominent player in Amazon PPC administration. The distinguishing feature is AiHello’s ability to automate existing campaigns while simultaneously creating hundreds of new ads in minutes. AiHello is also noted for its affordable prices when compared to other Amazon PPC software solutions, as well as for offering human support and managed services to sellers who want further assistance.

Features of AiHello Software

Here are the main features AiHello has on offer:

  • Efficient Campaign Creator: AiHello has a campaign development tool that can produce hundreds of campaigns with various match kinds and targeting parameters in minutes.
  • Real AI Bid Automation: AiHello’s AI bidding is unique in that it allows customers to follow each bid modification, giving them more transparency and control over the automation process.
  • Customizable Day Parting: The platform uses AI to automatically detect peak and off-peak hours and alter bids appropriately to obtain the best ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales).
  • Keyword Management: AiHello automates keyword-related chores including harvesting, removal, negation, and research.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Users benefit from having a dedicated PPC specialist, which allows for faster growth.

Prices of AiHello Software

This tool has very flexible pricing options, catering to a wide variety of sellers:

  • $0-$7k ad spend per month: $175 per month
  • $7k-$20k ad spend per month: $400 per month
  • $20k+ ad spend per month: $450 + 1% of ad spend
  • An agency plan of $800 per month for the first 10 accounts, $70/account on accounts after that.

AiHello Software Reviews

This tool boasts glowing reviews from users with an average overall review score of 4.6/5. Reviewers praise its main strengths, which, among others, include the AutoPilot’s remarkable ability to micro-manage bids down to the intraday level, allowing it to increase bids during peak hours and drop them during off-peak hours.

AiHello’s distinct qualities make it an appealing choice, especially for merchants looking for accurate and scalable campaign design to improve market share and sales. The platform’s inclusion of Amazon PPC professionals increases its appeal to businesses who demand substantial support.

Final Verdict

AiHello is a terrific PPC management tool, whose strengths lie in its strong AI bidding and build campaign creation features. However, the program is not without its downsides, and not having custom rules has been cited as a big turn-down by the users. 

This is an AI-based program with Managed Service feature, but which does not provide rule-based functionality. With a pricing range of around $175-$450, it is best suited for medium to large sellers looking for business growth. Sellers with very small budgets who are just looking to break-even will find it hard to warm up to this tool. However, those without budget constraints and boundless ambition will get to experience the best Amazon PPC software available in the market.  

2. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a renowned brand best-known for the development of the highly regarded Flywheel 2.0 platform. It has assisted Amazon and Walmart sellers by automating bids and marketing using sophisticated AI. Teikametrics stands out not just for its Amazon PPC automation software capabilities, but also for the market intelligence tools it provides. Here are its main features:

Features of Teikametrics

The major Teikametrics features include:

  • Simple Campaign Creator: Teikametrics can automatically create new campaigns to promote sales growth based on existing search phrase data.
  • Auto Keyword Harvesting and Negation: Automation of the negation and harvesting of search terms based on their performance.
  • ACoS Targets and Campaign Budgets: Automatically establish ACoS objectives and campaign budgets to simplify advertising efforts.
  • Day Parting: The flexibility to bid higher or lower based on hourly results, optimizing campaigns every day.
  • Intelligent Bidding: Adjustment of bids depending on product pricing, inventory levels, and seasonality to ensure efficient bidding tactics.

Pricing of Teikametrics

Here are the pricing options Teikametrics offers:

  • $0-$5k ad spend per month: $199 per month
  • $5k-$10k ad spend per month: $499 per month
  • $10k+ ad spend per month: $499 + 3% of ad spend

 Teikametrics Reviews

Teikametrics has strong reviews averaging 4.5/5. Reviewers usually display their pleasure using this PPC tool and getting the outcomes which fall in line with their expectations. A lot of the reviewers shared plans to have all their advertising partners gradually into the system, which is evidence of their trust in this program. 

Teikametrics appears to be a fantastic solution for salespeople that choose AI-driven automation over rule-based strategies. The availability of a free trial without long-term commitments makes it especially tempting for individuals who want to test the software before making a significant investment. It’s an excellent choice for merchants looking to effectively use AI into their Amazon advertising software solutions.

Final Verdict

Teikametrics is a very attractive Amazon PPC management software package, whose strengths include the Walmart-Amazon optimization, flexible pricing based on ad spend, and intelligent bidding strategies. It does get let down because of its lack of custom rules, however. 

This software package is best for sellers who are also on Walmart, looking for AI-powered automation, or who want to try it out before committing.

This is an AI-based program which offers Managed Service facility, but no Rule-Based management. It’s pricing range of $199-$499 puts it squarely in the ball-park of small to medium sellers, who can utilize its terrific Amazon-Walmart integration to grow their business on two of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world. 

3. Perpetua

Perpetua, a well-known PPC software provider, recently merged with Sellics, expanding its capabilities and making it a key participant in the Amazon advertising market. Perpetua is known for its clear user experience, rules-free automation, and great customer care, making it ideal for merchants seeking for a hands-off approach to advertising.

Features of Perpetua

Here are the primary features offered by Perpetua:

  • Campaign Creator: Perpetua’s Campaign Creator is the first step in generating new campaigns, making it one of the best software for Amazon sellers who want to start from scratch rather than automate current ones. The campaign creator is the first step in building new campaigns, making it a vital tool for sellers who prefer to create new campaigns rather than automate old ones. Perpetua takes automation to the next level by delivering a truly hands-on approach.
  • Hands-Off Automation: Perpetua takes the idea of automation to a whole new level by providing a totally hands-free experience. This level of automation greatly reduces user effort, but it also means that the user will be giving up some control as a consequence.
  • Rank Tracking: For an extra $50 per month, Perpetua allows you to track organic rank on up to 25 key search phrases, providing significant insights into product exposure.
  • Video and Image Builder: Sellers may boost their sponsored brand and display campaigns by generating unique creatives with Perpetua’s Video and Image Builder, which costs an additional $25.

Pricing of Perpetua

Perpetua offers a tiered pricing system depending on monthly advertising spend:

  • $0-$5k ad spend per month: $250 per month
  • $5k-$10k ad spend per month: $550 per month
  • $10k-$200k ad spend per month: $550 + 3% of ad spend

Perpetua Reviews

With an aggregate review score of 4.5/5, Perpetua has received favorable feedback from users. Featured reviews underline the user-friendly design, functionality for both novices and experts, and quick onboarding for new team members.

This software is praised for having an intuitive user interface with all of the capabilities needed to simplify and speed up everyday chores as well as large-scale campaign build-outs. Sales history and visibility across a wide range of KPIs, including TACOS and Organic sales. Overall, it is a terrific tool for both beginners and professionals, with outstanding customer service when difficulties arise.

Final Verdict

With a user-friendly interface, rule-free automation, and great customer service. It is an excellent solution for sellers that prefer a hands-off approach to advertising, avoiding the complexities of campaign administration. However, this may not be appropriate for individuals who want precise control over their advertising campaigns.

Perpetua is designed for sellers who prioritize simplicity and want to reduce their participation in PPC management. It is an appealing solution for individuals who value simplicity of use above considerable customization and control. The tool is perfect for sellers with limited time for PPC maintenance, but it may not be appropriate for those who want a more hands-on approach to their campaigns.

4. Quartile

Quartile is one of the best Amazon advertising software solution offering top-quality PPC management. Quartile is a brand known for its expertise in AI, machine and bid optimization, and has used this knowledge to build a very solid Amazon PPC management program. 

Features of Quartile

These are the main features being offered by Quartile:

  • AI and Rules: Quartile is unusual in that it blends rule-based automation with powerful AI capabilities. This hybrid method enables users to handle campaigns more effectively by combining established rules with advanced AI algorithms.
  • Semi-managed Service: Offering a semi-managed service, Quartile provides direct 1 on 1 support from an account manager. This personalized touch ensures that users can navigate the platform seamlessly and receive assistance tailored to their specific needs.
  • Full Funnel Advertising: Quartile goes beyond Amazon by enabling customers to automate advertising across several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and others. This full-funnel method tries to increase traffic to Amazon listings, promoting a holistic advertising plan.
  • Automatic Campaign Creation: Quartile automates campaign generation by launching new single-keyword ads based on developing search phrases inside the account. This feature promises to reduce time while increasing campaign efficiency.
  • Goal-Related Settings: Quartile has predefined options like ‘product launch’ and ‘conservative.’ These preconfigured options allow users to quickly improve their advertising by matching campaigns with certain goals.

Pricing of Quartile

Quartile uses a pricing mechanism based on ad expenditure, with the following contract details:

  • $895 per month to $10,000 per month (Price Details Unavailable)
  • A one-year commitment is required for subscription.

Quartile Reviews

Quartile boasts impressive reviews, with an overall review score of 4.3/5. Reviewers have cited their positive and productive experiences working with Quartile for extended periods of time. They also note the high levels of professionalism, attention to customer service, and receptiveness to positive feedback from Quartile as huge plus points. Working with Quartile has mostly led sellers to grow their online business over time. 

Final Verdict

Quartile specializes in providing a combination of rule-based automation, powerful AI algorithms, and a team of Amazon professionals. However, there are also possible negatives, such as questions regarding campaign organization and rather costly expenses. Quartile is best suited for large sellers who require frequent bid adjustments, while smaller enterprises may struggle owing to its expensive costs and long-term contract obligations.

Advanced features including hourly AI bidding, and a hybrid approach regarding AI and rules are the biggest selling point of Quartile, but the high fees and complex campaign structure tend to dull the fun for clients looking for a more accessible and hands-on system. 

With all that in perspective, Quartile comes across as an excellent choice for sellers looking for a comprehensive advertising solution with extensive automation capabilities and expert support.

5. BidX

BidX is a rule-based PPC automation firm headquartered in Germany that provides a powerful solution for Amazon retailers. BidX is particularly popular among European vendors, thanks to its huge customizable dashboard, user-friendly features, and comprehensive rule sets.

Features of Bidx

Here are the features being offered by BidX:

  • Suggested Keywords: BidX makes campaign creation easier by allowing customers to integrate keyword recommendations straight from Amazon. This function simplifies the process of picking appropriate keywords for campaigns.
  • Multi-Campaign Creator: BidX’s Multi-Campaign Creator makes it easy to create numerous campaigns at the same time. This time-saving function improves efficiency in administering and extending advertising campaigns.
  • Customizable Analytics: One of BidX’s benefits is its fully configurable statistics dashboard. Sellers can customize the dashboard to show the graphs and information that are most relevant to their advertising goals.
  • Harvesting and Negation: BidX automates the negation and harvesting of search phrases using performance data. This guarantees that your ads are always targeted to target the most relevant keywords for your items.
  • Rule-Based Automation: BidX uses rule-based automation, which allows users to specify conditional rules such “If X, then Y.” This functionality allows sellers to automate numerous activities inside their ad accounts using precise criteria.

Pricing of Bidx

BidX provides a tiered pricing system depending on monthly ad expenditure.

  • $0-$5k ad spend per month: $199 per month
  • $5k-$10k ad spend per month: $399 per month
  • $10k-$15k ad spend per month: $599 per month
  • $15k+ ad spend per month: 4% of ad spend

Bidx Reviews

BidX has received favorable reviews from users, earning an aggregate rating of 4.3/5. Reviewers have praised the software’s features, which enable users to swiftly create campaign structures across numerous markets, as well as its bid management features, which allow for great flexibility in the bidding process.

Final Verdict

BidX’s key features are its fully configurable analytics, time-saving multi-campaign design, and rule-based automation capabilities. However, it may have lower bidding capabilities than certain competitors. It is ideal for European sellers who appreciate local service, as well as those who prefer rule-based automation but are on a tight budget.

European sellers that need local assistance and bespoke solutions. Sellers looking for rule-based automation with a user-friendly UI. Businesses with mid-range advertising budgets need customizable data and rapid campaign creation.

BidX is a tempting choice for sellers wishing to streamline their Amazon PPC management, with an emphasis on rule-based automation and configurable statistics.

Comparison Section

Now that we’ve seen the five best tools for Amazon PPC management in detail, let’s take a quick look at their main features, noting what sets each one apart.

  1. AiHello

These are the main strengths of AiHello:

  • Strong AI Bidding and Bulk Campaign Creation
  • Effective Campaign Creation for Rapid Scaling
  • Customizable Day Parting for Optimal Bid Adjustments
  • Real AI Bid Automation offers an unequaled level of bid management.
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Personalized Assistance

AiHello’s emphasis on accuracy and scalability makes it an excellent choice for medium-to-large sellers looking to grow their online business. The inclusion of a professional account manager distinguishes it for individuals who require hands-on assistance.

  1. Teikametrics

Teikametrics shines in these areas:

  • Walmart-Amazon Optimization is a god-send for sellers on both platforms
  • Intelligent Bidding Based on Product Price, Inventory Levels, and Seasonality
  • ACoS Targets and Campaign Budgets for Automatic Budget Control
  • Market intelligence tools provide complete information.
  • Create a simple campaign utilizing current search phrase data.

Teikametrics appeals to people that want AI-powered solutions, providing a free trial and flexibility with no long-term commitment. It’s a great option for sellers looking for a blend of automation and control.

  1. Perpetua

Perpetua caters to an audience which prefers simplicity and ease of use. It ensures that with:

  • Excellent User Interface for a smooth user experience.
  • Rule-free automation which requires minimum human work and includes a video and image builder for customized creatives.
  • Hands-Off Automation appeals which appeals to individuals who prefer minimum involvement.
  • Rank tracking for monitoring organic rank on key search phrases.

Perpetua’s clean and easily navigable user interface and rule-free automation make it an appealing choice for sellers who want a hands-off approach. The video and picture builder provide a creative edge, making it ideal for individuals who value simplicity.

  1. Quartile

Quartile stand out with:

  • Hourly AI Bidding allows for frequent bid modifications.
  • AI and Rules combine for adaptable automation.
  • Full Funnel Advertising goes beyond Amazon and includes goal-related settings for predetermined optimization tactics.
  • Semi-managed service provides direct one-on-one assistance from an account manager.

Quartile’s robust approach to advertising automation, which includes full-funnel features, makes it ideal for larger merchants. However, longer-term contracts and large costs may provide difficulties for smaller enterprises.

  1. BidX

BidX’s strengths include:

  • Fully customizable dashboard for individual analytics.
  • Multi-Campaign Creator enables simultaneous campaign setup.
  • Managed Service Plans provide additional assistance.
  • Keywords suggested by Amazon to improve campaign relevancy
  • Rules-Based Automation for Customizable Ad Account Management

BidX appeals to European sellers with its local support reps and customizable dashboard. The rule-based automation is a plus for those who want specific control over their campaigns.


Success in ecommerce is dependent on smart advertising. Therefore, selecting the correct Amazon PPC management software is critical for sellers looking to improve their online presence. As we’ve looked at the functions and strengths of the top five solutions – AiHello, Teikametrics, Perpetua, Quartile, and BidX – it’s clear that each product offers a distinct set of features catering to dynamic needs of the sellers. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for Amazon PPC management. Each program examined here offers a distinct combination of features, price structures, and strengths. Your pick should be tailored to your company’s unique needs and goals, providing a mutually beneficial partnership that promotes development and success.

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