Product Sourcing Services


Supplier Research

✓ Best Manufacturer for Your Product

✓ Contact Manufacturers, Drop Shippers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

✓ Custom Manufacturers

✓ Contact List

✓ Provide 5 Suppliers Per Product, Each With their Quotes

✓ Meeting Arrangements

✓ Price Negotiation

✓ Source Verified and Trade Insurance Suppliers

✓ FOB/DDP Management

✓ Target Countries

Product Manufacturing

✓ Manufactures 3D Concepts Into Reality

✓ Price Negotiation

✓ Communication with the Best Supplier

✓ Ship Cost Information

✓ Market and Niche Trend Analysis

✓ Contact Information of an Inspection Company


Sample Management

✓ Ensure the Companies are Verify Trade Assurance at least 3 Gems

✓ Negotiate Lead Times and MOQ

✓ Sample Arranging

✓ Factory Video Inspection During and After Production

✓ Arrange Shipment

✓ Price Negotiation of Samples

✓ Assist Shipping (Air & Sea & Land)

✓ Physical Team in China





Freight Handling

✓ Air freight

✓ Sea freight

✓ Road freight

✓ Rail freight

✓ Inspection Services

✓ Quality control solution

✓ From Source to destination

✓ Warehousing

✓ Tracking Transportation

✓ Booking of cargo space

✓ Preparing of shipment

✓ Exporting of documents

✓ Negotiating freight charges

E-Commerce is changing, and Bizistech knows exactly how

Bizistech’s culture revolves around providing the best E-Commerce consultancy to our clients because we value our clients above all else. We believe in taking care of the most difficult and complex matters ourselves while engaging our clients at every step of the way to ensure that the client is aware and knowledgeable about every facet of the operation.

Thanks to a robust presence in China, we particularly excel in sourcing breakout products from China for our clients through Alibaba, which can be resold in worldwide markets for a premium. We have a well-established reputation for providing the best and most suitable methods to succeed in the world of E-Commerce to our clients, based on the client’s preferences and working style.


Not being content with human expertise, Bizistech has now incorporated cutting-edge machine learning and AI capabilities to work in tandem with our Amazon experts, to generate some of the most accurate and up-to-date analytics in the world of E-Commerce. By choosing Bizistech as your eCommerce sourcing consultant, you will be provided with our Amazon experts to guide you through everything related to Amazon product sourcing.


Let us guide you through all the services you will access if you choose Bizistech as your product-sourcing service.


Optimum Product Sourcing Services

We are a global sourcing firm providing the best-in-business product sourcing solutions to all our clients. We take care of everything from finding the right products, the best suppliers, and the ideal mode of transportation.


Supplier Research

A well-reputed supplier is key to sourcing high-quality products that consumers can trust. We will use our years of expertise in the industry and personal acquaintance with well-known suppliers to find the one that is ideally suited for your business needs. Our services include:


  • Determine which kind of supplier best suits your needs. Manufacturers, drop shippers, wholesalers and distributors will all be considered and the best supplier will be identified.
  • Reach out to that supplier on your behalf and conduct necessary negotiations to get the best deal.
  • We’ll provide 5 potential suppliers for each product and make sure they come equipped with their quotes.
  • We’ll create a contact list to make it easy for you to communicate whenever you want.
  • To discuss important matters, we’ll make necessary meeting arrangements for all stakeholders.
  • We will leverage our industry position and knowledge of the market to negotiate the best possible price.
  • Only source-verified suppliers will be chosen to work with, ensuring quality and trustworthiness.
  • Will narrow down the countries where the product will be most in demand.
  • Manage any issues related to product shipping, regardless of the chosen shipping method (FOB or DDP).

Product Manufacturing

Product manufacturing is the part where quality assurance is essential. The competition is high and customers are only interested in the best products. Bizistech is a leading eCommerce product sourcing agency and our experts will routinely monitor the manufacturing process to make sure that the finished product is in line with industry standards and can compete in the market against any brand. Our services include:


  • Obtaining 3D concepts for products, and making sure that they are turned into the best products at the best possible cost.
  • Providing information about the shipping costs.
  • Analyzing the market for the product and the product niche (category). What are the prevalent trends, and how to exploit them?

The expertise of Chinese Market

Bizistech has a full-fledged office in China containing experts who know the Chinese E-Commerce market like the palm of their hands. We will use our mastery of the workings of the Chinese market to source the most in-demand products from Alibaba, from independent Chinese suppliers, working independently, or maybe from direct product manufacturers. Most eCommerce Consultants will not guarantee a sample of each product being sourced out of China, but we will so that you can see the product and its quality for yourself even before committing resources to mass-produce it. Our services include:


  • Choosing only the high-quality and verified companies to work with.
  • Negotiate with the manufacturers to attain the best-possible lead times and MOQ most suitable for the client.
  • We will guarantee a sample of the product from the manufacturer and will negotiate to acquire it at the best price.
  • The dedicated E-Commerce experts in our China office will conduct a thorough inspection of the product sample themselves during and after manufacturing, and make sure that the product is perfect. All of the product inspections will be filmed so you can check them out yourselves whenever you desire.
  • Procure the sample from the manufacturer.
  • Creating a shipment of the samples and delivering it by the most suitable means (Land, Air, or Sea).
  • We also have a dedicated team in China that specializes in dealing with these matters for our valuable clients.

Shipping & Freight Handling

A product could be great, but mishandling during the freight and shipping process can easily turn it into a piece of scrap. Proper packaging of the product, choosing the best-suited mode of shipping, and being well-versed in all matters related to customs and transportation go a long way in ensuring that the product remains spotless, and the customer gets exactly what they ordered. Our services include:


  • Proper packaging of the products, so that it remains in prime condition even during the turbulent shipping process.
  • Storing the product in a warehouse to keep it safe until the order arrives.
  • Preparing product shipment when it needs to be shipped.
  • Preparing documents needed for exports: Remember that dreaded paperwork associated with imports & exports which is nothing short of a nightmare for businesses? Well, we’ll take care of it for you so that you don’t have to worry about the complex customs rules and procedures of each country and region involved.
  • We’ll use our personal connections with shipping companies to negotiate the best- possible freight charges.
  • Determining the most suited mode of shipping (Land, Air, or Sea) and booking cargo space for the shipment to be exported.
  • Proper tracking of the shipment will be ensured from source to destination so that you can check the product status whenever you want at each stage of transit.

Looking to sell products on Amazon? You’ve come to the right place

If you are interested in sourcing products from other manufacturers and selling them on Amazon to make big profits, but lack proper knowledge of the E-Commerce business, then you will need the help of an international sourcing company like Bizistech to manage it all for you.


We will use our knowledge and expertise built-up over many years in the E-Commerce sector to give you the perfect market niche and product categories that allow you to work to your strengths. As soon as you enlist our services, our Amazon gurus specialized in the fields of research, sourcing, testing, and shipping will take care of all your sourcing issues. From the sourcing of the sample to mass-production of the product to the final shipping of the products to an Amazon warehouse; our Amazon experts will coordinate with you all the way to make sure everything works to perfection and is done exactly the way you like it.


Leading Amazon Sourcing Agent USA

Bizistech is a global brand in the world of E-Commerce consultancy and has well-established business relations in the USA which allows us to provide the finest Amazon product-sourcing services in USA and the world over.

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