Product Currently Unavailable: Listing Issue on Amazon | Fix Guide

When Amazon sellers have problems with their product listing, they usually want to find a solution immediately. Unfortunately, when a listing is unavailable on Amazon, potential customers cannot purchase the product, resulting in lost sales. In this article, I’ll try to explain in details about Amazon Seller product currently unavailable issue and how to fix such potential problem.

What Do You Mean by Currently Unavailable?

So, why do things become currently unavailable on Amazon?

A few reasons might explain why your Amazon listing is currently unavailable. If your product is unavailable, here are some things you can check to identify the possible causes:

The Item Is Inactive

This indicates that the listing cannot be purchased from Amazon. A few of the causes of items going inactive include:

  • The product page wasn’t launched till less than 24 hours have elapsed.
  • The start sale date section was filled out by the seller with either a future date or the current day.
  • After taking a vacation, your listings are no longer live.

To see if any of your listings are inactive, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, sign in to your account.
  2. Click Settings in the top right corner and choose Account Info to update your account information.
  3. After clicking Account Info, you’ll be directed to the Seller Account Information. To see if there are any inactive listings, look under the Listing Status column for each market you are actually selling in.

Missing Product Information

Sometimes while creating a listing, sellers forget to include the product’s quantity or price, which results in the listing being inaccessible. This also occurs if you don’t set the shipping preferences to a certain location, which makes the product show up as “temporarily unavailable”.

Violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service

Verify again that your listing complies with Amazon’s terms and conditions to prevent having it removed. Among the repeated infractions are:

  • Never use someone else’s copyrighted images without their permission.
  • Adding products that are either prohibited or restricted on Amazon
  • Having multiple listings for the same product

Inventory Problems

Sometimes a product will show up as “now available” even though it is actually active and has stock available. This may be the result of Amazon temporarily holding your purchase while it is in reserved status. Reserved Customer Order, Reserved FC Transfer, and Reserved FC Processing are a few reserved statuses. In contrast, if your product is out of stock, the listing will often state “currently unavailable.”

How to Fix Amazon Product Currently Unavailable Problem?

steps to fix the Amazon product unavailable problem

Determine the Cause

To find the best solution, figure out exactly why your products are not currently available on Amazon. Are they fake goods, or have you violated any rules? Is this mistake the result of incorrect data entry? Alternatively, perhaps your inventory is going through the fulfillment stage.

Wait and Be Patient

Sometimes your only option is to wait and be patient. This is especially true if your product has only been debuted and you still need to wait a couple of hours for it to be available. Additionally, this occurs when your inventory is in reserved status, in which case you must wait till Amazon releases the stock to your stock levels.

See if the Holiday Setting is Active

Activate the “Active” option in your seller central holiday settings.

The Revision of Your Product Listing

Be sure to accurately build your product listing by completing all required fields on Amazon Seller Central and checking that all information is right.

Look for Any Infractions of Amazon’s Policies

Review your listing carefully if you believe it to have broken any of Amazon’s community or product policies. For more details, you may also visit Amazon’s help forum sites. After making the necessary adjustments, resubmit you’re listing for approval.

Check the Status of Your Stock

You can check the status of your product inventory by following these procedures if you believe that the reason your listing is inaccessible is due to inventory problems:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. To find the inventory page, go to the top left corner of the screen and click on ‘Inventory.’ From there, select the ‘Manage Inventory’ tab.
  3. After arriving at the Manage Inventory section, search for the entry that reads “currently unavailable” and looks at the product stock levels. If your stock is showing 0, it signifies that the item is out of stock.

Speak with the Seller Support

Contact Amazon support if you have previously tried everything to repair the listing but it still displays as unavailable. They’ll be able to look into the problem and assist you in restarting your listing.

How Do You Keep Your Product Listing from Ever Becoming “Unavailable” Again?

procedure to protect Amazon product listing from going out of stock

Being proactive and maintaining an eye on your inventory is the greatest method to stop your listing from going out of stock. Make sure you always have an adequate supply on hand to prevent running out.

Additionally, you must frequently review your product listing to make absolutely sure that all of the details are true and current. Last but not least, make sure you abide by Amazon’s Terms of Service. These pointers will help you keep your listing from going temporarily inaccessible.

Frequently Asked Questions


Merchanting on Amazon has its perks, but one downside is having to deal with the occasional issue concerning your product listings.

When this happens, you’re bound to feel at least a little upset. Although it may be disheartening, solutions to your problems are likely available. In many instances, the solution is easy and can be completed without assistance.

Additionally, I’ve included some advice on how to solve the issue and restore the functionality of your listing. The best course of action is to ask for assistance from seller support if you’re still having issues. They ought to be able to explain to you why your listing is down and will also recommend you the steps to fix this problem.

I hope you are satisfied with the given information. Please let us know if you had any additional query in this regard. We’ll appreciate your kind feedback in the comment section to support Bizistech.

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