Policy Update: Amazon Launched New Budget Rule | Bizistech

Amazon has recently launched a new feature called as “budget rule” that is going to save advertisers from all the hassle of manually tunning the budgets. With this rule, you can set the budget for every campaign in advance. By doing so, you will have more control over your budget. Your budget rule can either be scheduled based or performance-based.

How to get started with budget rule

Getting started with Amazon’s budget rule is super easy. You can create and also update your previous budget rules by simply tapping on campaign name in the budget rule tab present within the campaign manager. After that, your active rules will be evaluated on daily basis.

Schedule based budget rule:

It enables user to set budget rule for any specific date or events. Like if you are planning to make a super hit with your valuable product on black Friday, Christmas, or cyber-Monday then set budget rule for it right now. You can also set budget rule for customize date. However, your budget rule will be implemented on specified date. Another attractive thing is that you will receive budget recommendations from Amazon on special occasions. For instance, you will be provided with previous best shopping budgets on black Friday sale. You can also increase budget for some limited time in a day according to the specified percentage. Four parameters that you need to provide while setting the schedule budget rule are rule type, Date range, recurrence, and increase budget by.

Performance based budget rule:

By considering the performance metrics of the campaign you can increase or decrease the budget. We know that no one of us wants to get out of budget during peak days and hours. Well, you can apart yourself from this situation by taking advantage of the performance budget rule. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the performance metrics of your product and you are good to go.

Budget rules are evaluated on daily basis in order to calculate the campaign budget for day. Your rules must satisfy the conditions to increase the budget according to specified percentage. Otherwise, daily budget rule will be implemented on specific campaigns. Whenever you will create a new budget rule or make an update it will be evaluated immediately. If you have specified more than one rule and it also satisfy all the condition then after evaluation the rule having highest budget will be applied. Your budget rule can either be active, pause, on-hold, pending start, expired, or budget threshold not met. You can also check the historical values of budget rule for almost up to 90 days. Along with it, you can also view changings in daily budget.

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