Jungle Scout for Amazon: Features, Extension, Cost, Accuracy

Being an Amazon seller, you might have heard about Jungle scout but not yet used it, or maybe you are not sure about investing in it. This blog will cover everything that will help you understand whether you should go for jungle scout or not. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the guide:

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle scout is an American company founded in 2015 by Grey Mercer. The company designed an e-commerce software that offers the best market analytics tools to help you sell on various online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Taobao.

Moreover, the software helps you do product research and keyword research, and help you find the best supplier for your products, so jungle scout is a game changer. 

Jungle Scout Features

Features of jungle scout software which is used for Amazon

Here are some of the features that Jungle scout offers 

1. Product Database

The jungle scout for Amazon has a database of 70 million products directly from Amazon. Therefore, with the help of this product database feature, you can search for the best winning products that fulfill your criteria. Here are some of the filters that you can use to search for your product:

Product Tier

This filter has the option to sort by standard or plus-size products. New sellers typically look for standard-sized products because they are easy to procure and ship and cheap to fulfill and store. 

Seller Type

Which competition do you want to face with your new product? Click “Amazon” to see the products that Amazon itself sells. Select Fulfilled by Amazon or FBM to see third-party products. We encourage you to stay away from the products that Amazon sells and look for opportunities elsewhere because the products that Amazon sells by itself have strong competition.

Min & Max Sell Price

Set the price range you want to sell. If you don’t use this filter, your search results will include products in all price ranges. Beginners are advised to sell their products for $ 20 to $ 50. When you sell a product at a low price, Amazon’s commissions deprive you of a lot of profit.

Minimum and Maximum Net Prices

Products within the net price range are displayed here. “Net” means what the seller pays Amazon after Amazon’s fees. Before investing in a product, consider all costs (unit price, Amazon rates, shipping, advertising, etc.) and fully understand the net price.

Minimum and Maximum Rank

Set the products’ minimum and maximum sales rank to be displayed. The lower the number, the higher the rank of the bestseller and the higher the sales on Amazon. If you want to exclude slow-moving products, add the maximum sales rank. Use our free sales quote tool to determine what a particular category’s sales rank means for your sale. 

Minimum and Maximum Monthly Sales

This filter shows the monthly sales of a particular product. Example: Enter 50 or more to display products sold 50 times a month. Without this filter, you’ll see sales from 0 to thousands of times a day.

Minimum and Maximum Revenue

Set the minimum and maximum estimated monthly revenue in dollars. For example, to view items from $ 2000 to $ 4,000 per month, set the minimum sales to 2000 and the maximum sales to 4000. In this example, there may be less competition as other sellers are usually looking for products that are likely to sell monthly.

Minimum and Maximum Ratings or Reviews

Set the minimum and maximum number of product ratings. Example: If you want to see only products with a maximum of 100 reviews, enter 100 for Maximum Reviews. This will help you find uncompetitive products. If you don’t set a maximum, you may see products with thousands of reviews. These are difficult to catch up with. 

Minimum and Maximum Star Ratings

Set the product’s minimum and maximum star ratings. Example: If you want to display only products with a maximum of 3 stars, enter “3” in [Maximum rating]. This will help you find products that sell well but have the potential to improve all the information available.

Minimum and Maximum Weight

Set the minimum and maximum weight of the product you sell. This filter helps eliminate heavy products that are expensive to ship. Understand how Amazon’s FBA pricing works for different weight classes to help determine your product ideas’ cost and potential benefits. For example, if you sell a very heavy product, your profits can be compromised if you do not understand the associated charges.

Minimum and Maximum Sellers

Set the minimum and a maximum number of vendors on the list. This filter works well if you want to sell arbitrage or wholesale and see how many other sellers compete in that list. For example, if you set the top seller to 1, you will only see your own branded products that no one else sells.

Minimum and Maximum List Quality Scores

LQS is a grade determined by an internal algorithm that considers the quality of list titles, bullets, photos, and descriptions. It is rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest score. This filter helps you find products that need improvement. This is a great insight into what your competitors are doing wrong and how to improve your product.

First Availability

Set the offer date based on when it was introduced on Amazon. For example, a product established five years ago is more difficult to compete with than a product launched last year.


If you are looking for a particular product or niche, enter those keywords here. Example: Suppose you want to sell pool toys. Enter the keywords “pool” and “toys” to see the relevant results. 

Exclude Keywords

If you want to exclude certain products from your search, enter those keywords here. Example: I want to sell pool toys but can’t find swimming goggles. Enter “glasses” in the field.

Exclude Top Brands

You can enable or disable this filter. This will remove major brands such as Nike and Disney from the search results. 

Exclude Unavailable Products

You can enable or disable this filter. This will remove items currently out of stock from the search results.

2. Opportunity Finder

This feature helps you find the rising trends and profitable niches. You can find any product in any niche. Opportunity explorer will help you find the high-demand low competitive product.

3. Keyword Scout

This feature helps you find high-quality keywords for your product with their volume. This feature is also known as jungle scout niche hunter. With the help of this feature, you can bid on keywords with less competition and high demand. This will not only save your time but will also save your PPC spent.

4. Supplier Database

This is a new feature in the jungle scout that help allows the seller to find global suppliers. With the help of this feature, you can search for any specific supplier you want.

How Much is Jungle Scout?

Cost of the jungle scout software which is used for Amazon

The Jungle scout for Amazon gives you a risk-free trial for seven days with a money-back guarantee so that you can check whether the tool works for your business or not. Here is the list of jungle scout pricing plans:

Standard Plans of Jungle Scout

Pay monthly:

Basic: $49 

Suite: $69

Professional: $129

Pay yearly:

Basic:  $349 billed annually, which means you have to pay $29/mo. 

Suite: $589 billed annually, which means you have to pay $49/mo.

Professional: $999 billed annually means you have to pay $84/mo.


Start-up Suite: $189 USD for 3-months

Entrepreneur Suite: $349 USD for 6-month

Professional Plan: $999 USB for 12-months

Jungle Scout Calculator

Before selling any product, it’s important to calculate its profit margin. According to research, 37.6 % of the sellers lose their money because they never calculate how much true profit they can make from their products. Therefore, it’s very important to calculate the profitability of products during the product research phase before you launch them.  The jungle scout calculator allows you to calculate the initial investment cost, FBA cost, and estimated sales to run your business smoothly without losing money.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle scout extension is the easiest way to see the product’s insights, such as product demand, sales history, profit margin, best seller rank, and much more. With the help of an extension, the seller can determine the product’s historical sales, historical pricing, monthly sales, monthly revenue, and profit potential.

The extension will work on the product detail page. If you use the Amazon extension, it will display a historical graph above the product image. 

It will also show other data about the product on the detail page. 

 Now, how to install the Junglescout chrome extension. Follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your Jungle scout account 
  • Click on the “extension” option on the left-hand navigation panel.
  • Choose your preferred browser on which you want to install the extension. 


  • Simply search the Jungle scout extension on your preferred browser. 
  • Click on the “Add to chrome” or “Add to Firefox” option. 
  • After that, click on “Add extension” from the pop-up dialog box.
  • After installation, you need to pin the extension to your browser. For that, click on the puzzle piece located at your Google avatar’s left. 

Click on the push pin. Once it turns blue, the extension will pin to your Brower.

Jungle Scout Pro Extension Price

The jungle scout pro extension price is $39 if you pay monthly, and if you take its year subscription, you have to pay $19 monthly.



Jungle Scout is one of the best product research tools that Amazon sellers widely use. Although it’s a bit pricy overall, it has some of the best features to help you grow your business. Bizistech tried to explain the jungle scout in detail. Now it’s up to you whether you will buy this software. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you. Thanks. 

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