How to Sell on eBay for Beginners Step by Step Guide?

eBay is the second-largest marketplace with 185 million active buyers and 19 million sellers worldwide. eBay was founded in 1995 by San Jose. Initially, eBay was known as a place where you could sell old, used, unwanted items in auction sales. 

Now eBay is a place where you can sell or buy anything in almost every category at a fixed price or buy it now. The beauty of this marketplace is that it’s less competitive and simple compared to Amazon. The rules, standards, and requirements of eBay are more flexible than Amazon. So, if you are a new seller and confused between both platforms, which one is better, Amazon vs. eBay, we have already written a detailed article that you can check out. 

Moving back to eBay, the most searched question on google these days is how to sell on eBay in 2022? 

Understanding your need, we have developed a short eBay selling guide that will help every new and existing seller. The guide will cover every step from beginning to end, so you can skip the starting steps if you are already a seller on eBay. 

Step 1: How to become a seller on eBay?

The first step is to become a seller on eBay, and how this is possible! By creating an account on it. Creating or signing up for an account is a simple process. 

  • Simply go to the web page and type
first step in becoming and ebay seller
  • Click on the website.
  • As soon as you click, the interface will open, and you will find two options in the left corner sign in or register. Click on register to create an account.
  • After clicking on register, you will be asked to create an account. You will have two options while creating an account.    
  1. Personal account
  2. Business account

The difference between a personal account and a business account is that the personal account works best if have a small number of items to sell.

Whereas if you want to start a proper business on eBay where you sell bulk quantities or want to resell items under your brand name, a business account is the most suitable option. However, you can switch your account type any time you want. 

Fill out the remaining details and click on “Create an account.”

  • After creating an account, you will be asked to provide your contact info.
  • Now, after account creation, you will automatically land on the home page of your account. You can create or change the user’s name from “My eBay” under the “Account” section.

Step 2: Setup your store and profile

After creating an account, the next step is to create and profile and set up your store. 

To create your profile, go to my eBay >Account > personal information. 

Enter your user’s name carefully because this will be your seller name or brand name visible to shoppers. Therefore, set a unique creative name that will highlight your products because this creates a good impression for buyers. 

You can set your store policies from the same tab, like payment options, shipping policies, and returns.  

Step 3: Understand the policies and limitations

Before starting selling, you need to understand the selling policies of eBay. Most of the sellers skip that part that directly starts listing the product, and in return, their account gets suspended. 

Therefore, it is important that before using any platform, you should know its rules.  

Here are some of the major selling policies every beginner, as well as the existing seller, needs to follow

  • Do not sell any banned item like drugs, alcohol, or counterfeit product.
  • Do not use any product images from any other website on the listing. 
  • Avoid canceling customer orders. (If you want to know how to cancel order then read our blog on the criteria of order cancellation)
  • Avoid late shipments.
  • Don’t list any contact information or external link.


There are some limitations for new sellers

  • A new seller can only list ten items per month.
  • You won’t be able to use eBay bulk listing tool for 90 days after your first sale.
  • You need at least 10 positive reviews, so eBay can tryst you to sell more.

Step 4: What to sell and where to sell on eBay?

Product and market research is an important step before starting any business in any marketplace. The success of your business depends on your research. The strong your research and analysis are, the fewer chances of failure will be. 

While finding profitable products to sell on eBay, there are some factors you need to consider first 


Right now, there are 9 major categories and serval subcategories available on eBay

1. Home & Garden

  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Power tool & air tool accessories
  • Light bulbs
  • Small appliances
  • Lawn mowers & seeds

 2.  Health & Beauty

  • Clippers & trimmers
  • Nail art & accessories
  • Gel varnishes

3.  Garden & Patio

  • Garden & backyard furniture sets
  • Garden lighting
  • Awnings & canopies
  • Panel fences & windshields
  • Barbecue tools & accessories

4. Toys & Hobbies

  • C model vehicles & kits
  • Contemporary puzzles
  • Board & traditional games
  • Building toys

5. Sporting Goods

  • Fitness equipment & gear
  • Bicycle components & parts
  • Strength training
  • Camping & tourism equipment

6. Crafts

  • Embellishments & finishes
  • Embroidery & cross stitch supplies
  • Jewelryry making
  • Cords & wire
  • Painting supplies
  • Fabrics

7. Video Games & Consoles

  • Controllers & attachments
  • Video games
  • Prepaid gaming cards

8. Computers / Tablets & Networking

  • Webcams
  • Readers
  • 3D Printers
  • Printer Ink
  • Toner & Paper
  • Accessories for Gadgets – cases and covers

9. Pet Supplies

  • Grooming
  • Training & obedience
  • Beds and poultry products

Final Value Fee

It’s a fee that will be charged when you sell an item. The fee will be charged according to the product category and the price you are selling. So, while selecting the product, choose the category that charges less fee.

Here is the final value fee table per category eBay charges.

Final Value Fee Table

After reviewing the categories and their final value fee, the next step is to review the demand and the competition of the category you have selected. 

Many eBay research tools are available in the market that will help you determine the shipping cost, suggest the best SEO keywords, monitor competition, compare prices, estimate profit, and offer you real-time stats. 

Here are some of the popular ones

After checking the competition select the marketplace where you want to sell.

Step 5: How to list on eBay step by step?

Before listing any product, the first thing you should know is about the,

Insertion fee

The first one is the insertion fee, and it’s the listing fee that eBay charges. Now eBay gives you 250 free listings each month. After that, your $0.35 will be charged per listing. 

This insertion fee will be charged whether your product sells on not. Even if you list the same item, eBay will still charge a fee for that duplicated listing. It’s a non-refundable fee that cannot be refunded even if you delete the listing. 

Now in order to create a listing,

  • Click on “Sell.”
How to List on Ebay Step 1
  • After that click on “list and item.”
How to List on Ebay Step 2
  • Type the name of the product you want to sell.
How to List on Ebay Step 3
  • If you are selling your unique product that does not match any product, click on “without match.” But if you are selling a product similar to the existing product, you can choose “Sell one like this” and then fill out your product information. 
How to List on Ebay Step 4
  • Select the condition and click “continue to listing”
  • Now fill out the listing page with the required product details.
  • The interface will like that. The fields that are marked with a red star are compulsory to fill whereas the other fields are optional to fill.
  • The character’s length is mentioned with the fields.
  •  Always add keywords in the title and description to attract shoppers’ clicks
  • The picture should be at least 500 pixels from the longest side.
  • The image size should be up to 7MB in size.
  • The background of the image should be white or neutral.
  • Avoid using flash while taking pictures because that can cause shadows, hot spots, reflections, and greyness.
  •  Do not add any text or seller logo in the images.
  • If you are selling used items then you cannot use catalog or stock photos in your listing.
  • Some additional features are not mandatory to fill, but they will add more information to your listing, and customers like a detailed listing, so fill it out if you have the extra information. 
  • Use short sentences and different formatting styles to highlight key features of a product.
  • As soon as you fill out the details eBay will calculate a seller fee at the bottom of the page based on your information.
  • Click “list your item.”

Step 6: How to advertise your products?

Advertisement is really important, especially if you are a new seller. You can directly promote your product from a listing page through the “Sell it faster” option.

How to advertise your products?

Step 7: How to advertise your products?

After creating a listing, the next step is to learn how to ship items when you make a sale.  There are many ways to ship parcels to the buyers. Now 4 types of shipping carriers are integrated with eBay. 

Domestic carriers

Export carriers

Import carriers

Domestic freight carriers

These all companies provide trackable services. So in case of “item not received,” you can file a case. eBay will offer you a money-back guarantee. 

You will need to purchase a shipping label from any of these companies. They will give you a tracking detail you need to enter and ship the item to the customer. 

Some companies like USPS will give you free shipping boxes, and UPS that will mail you free shipping labels. You need to be smart and choose the right shipping service to save the cost of the packaging. 

Selling on eBay tips for beginners

Here are some of the tips for new sellers

  • Find profitable deals
  • Follow reselling groups on different social media accounts
  • Turn on international shipping
  • Offer 30-day returns
  • Expand to other marketplaces
  • Follow eBay policies
  • Download the eBay app


So, it was a short-selling guide for beginners on how to get started selling on eBay. We hope that this article helps you in selling. However, if you still need any help, you can reach out to us. Bizistech have a team of experts that will give you all the services you need for your eBay account management

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