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Some buyers on Amazon simply buy from the first seller that they come across while searching without checking the feedback and review. On the other hand, most of the regular buyers give considerable importance to the feedbacks. These types of buyers pleasantly provide comments and feedback too.

Need of feedback rating:

To gain the trust of customers, high amazon feedback is a must-have thing. The feedback is an indication to customers that you are selling high-quality and top-notch products on Amazon

Luckily, Amazon enables the seller to request feedback from buyers. However, before requesting make sure that you are using the approved method. All you have to do is to follow these below mentioned simple steps

  • Using an Amazon system send an email to the buyer. Provide the “Feedback request” title as a subject.
  • On the packaging slip mention to a buyer that you are requesting their feedback.

Along with-it Amazon also provides the template to request feedback from the buyer. However, writing your own feedback request is highly recommended. This is because it is better to use your own convincing words instead of the same repetitive words. One important thing is that you should wait at least 5 days after sending a feedback request email to customers.

Feedback request templates for Amazon

Template 1:

When to send this email: It is right to

send it when the order is confirmed for delivery. We can say it is 2

days before when the buyer receives the order. 

Hi {{Buyer First Name}},

I am {{Seller Name}} from {{Seller Brand}}. Thank you for choosing {{Product name}}. We have tried our best to ensure that our product meets your expectations. 

We want to let you know. There are different ways through which you can utilize our product. I have attached the file {{File name}} that contains creative ideas about using the product. 

This file will help you in getting the most out of the product. Meanwhile, you can track your order using this link {{Order link}}.

We will follow up with you shortly to ensure that everything is going smoothly with our product; if you have any concerns and queries, please contact us.

 {{Contact Link}}


{{Brand Name}}

Template 2:

When to send this email: If the buyer has a problem with your product, it is better first to contact them directly and try to fix it. By doing so, you can avoid the negative feedback the buyer leaves when they receive the product. 

Hi {{Buyer First Name}},

This is {{Seller Name}}, Thank you for choosing {{Brand Name}}. We want to check if everything is OK with your order.

We want to clarify that you are 100% satisfied with our product. If you have any issue or problem-related to it, you can directly contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible. We highly recommend doing this before leaving Amazon feedback as it can immediately solve most of its issues. 

If you are happy with our product, please leave a review for us. We will be grateful. 


{{Brand Name}}

Template 3: 

When to send this email: Customizing your template can cause a positive impact on the buyer, which ultimately leads to positive feedback. Ask this feedback from buyers after they have received the product.

Hi {{Brand Name}},

Thank you for purchasing our brand {{Brand Name}}. I hope everything is according to your exact requirements. We will be thankful if you can spare some time and provide us feedback about your buying experience. Did the product arrive on time? Is it how what you have expected? 

This feedback will aid in my growth and improvement. It will also help another buyer to get information about the product that I am selling. 

Thank you for your order. We hope you will shop again.

Warm regards,

{{Brand name}}


We hope these templates provide you enough idea that you can easily create your template and save the templates featured here.

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