Branding is the most prestigious way or jumping into any market with a great level of security and less liabilities. Brand is an idea that has been installed into the regular user’s brain because of the trust and mindset that has been built; that is, if something is owned by a particular brand, it must be good. So, keeping this in mind, branding is a non-street/by the book “unsung” term of building trust and acquiring more customers.


When it comes to Amazon branding, it comes with great amount of perks and features because once your brand has been registered; (the process is really simple, believe me) you will have more access and control over it.

Eligibility Criteria

As I said earlier, the registration process is really simple and it comes with great convenience. One thing that is a must while brand registering is you to have a registered trademark. The trademark is the main key for getting your brand rolling with the amazon seller central as well.

Jumping into the Brand Registry

Save your time and efforts and take notes about how to get your brand registered at the ease of sitting in your comfort zone while reading this article. They key requirements of brand registry are a few. For e.g. you should have a government registered trademark number, a list of countries where your manufacturing and distribution is done, product categories for the products being listed and the major one; brand name with the active trademark registered.


Once your brand is registered, all you need to do is be easy and relax because it would resolve your product content violation issue by 99% and gives you an authenticity over your content. Amazon will take care of your brand representation so that the customers will make sure that they are buying from the authentic seller and not someone unknown.

Amazon will also give you access over tools like Brand Content, Sponsored Brands, Stores, and the Brand Dashboard and you can boost your sales sky-high by taking advantage of these tools. The new users don’t really have to pay any fee if you already have a trademark registered but for trademark registration you must have to pay around the figure of $225 to $400 which may also vary.

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