You don’t need to stumble through and figure everything out on your own. Listing optimization, itself, is pretty self-explanatory; optimizing your listing to help organic rankings and sales. However, as a process, it can be something tricky to tackle, especially, if you’re trying to juggle everything all at once. A vast majority of the product listings on Amazon aren’t optimized optimally (pun intended). Business owners simply don’t have the time or energy to knack at optimization and keep up with follow-up tabs and updates. This, however, doesn’t make it any less vital to keep your listing optimized to boost sales and sustain growth, which again, is where VAs take the reigns and optimize listings with potential keywords to rank for search terms that buyers frequently use. After their due research, they also optimize with the specific, buyer-oriented sets of images, titles and descriptions to generate greater conversion rates.


The optimization should be updated 1 to 3 times in timespan of a month depending on the ongoing strategy and make sure the keyword usage is optimal. i.e. highly effective keywords regarding the current marketing strategy. As the content is divided into three parts, title, bullet points and description, make sure the content is highly professional and enriched with information and user readability must be prioritized.

When it comes to images, always use HD Quality of images. As the backend allows 7 images so, make sure everything is pin-pointed about the product. And do not forget to fill all the minute details e.g. dimensions, material, usage etc.

Put in Work:

Overall, according to your ground rules (monthly or annually – depending upon the nature of your work and business), virtual assistants and entitled to provide you with business reports, advertisement reports as well as tax report invoices to keep you up to speed with your overhead charges and how much is going into what, where and when, for accountability purposes, per se.

Money is tough to earn and a handful of employers may argue that it’s cost-effective not to hire virtual assistants, in order to maximize profits. However, with a gentle squeeze of budget, you’re able to get yourself a literal assistant who takes care of everything technical and analytical for you. Hiring virtual assistants, especially, from countries like Pakistan where labor force is not only abundant but also cheap are opportunities foreign corporate giants jump at. In the long run, it’s less hassle for you to take and having someone solely focused on these aspects and expenditures allows for your company to blossom. There’s only so much one person can look after and dividing the work-load is a sure-fire way to success.

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