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The biggest fear for any Amazon seller is when they receive an account suspension email or notification. At that time, it feels like you hit a brick wall. But don’t get crazy at that time; there is still a way to open your Amazon account after suspension. 

Once your account is suspended, the first thing you need to do is to start communication with Amazon. But remember that you need to be patient and professional with your action. The only thing you have left is to write an appeal letter to Amazon.

But before writing an appeal letter, firstly, you need to understand the main reason for suspension, like whether you violated some policy. If so, then understand which policy did you violate. You have to identify your mistake before making your plan of action. In that plan of action, you have to explain the solution, like will you rectify your mistake.

Usually, there are three phases of account suspension.

Three Phases of Account Suspension


If you receive a suspension notification, don’t worry; at this stage, you still have an option to reinstate your account by sending an appeal letter.


If your appeal got rejected by Amazon, in this case, you still have an option to resubmit your appeal letter.


At this point, you will be permanently banned from Amazon for its marketplace, and you don’t have another option to send an appeal letter.

So, remember one thing you only have one chance for appealing your case; therefore, do not mess up with that.

3 Commons Reasons for Suspension

The three most common reasons your account gets suspended are due to,

  • Account performance
  • Amazon Policy Violation
  • Selling Restricted Products

If amazon closed my account, can I open a new one?

Yes, of course, you can make one. This is the only option you have left when your account gets banned. But make sure you do not use any old account data like name, email, bank account details, IP address, or anything related to your old account. But remember that opening a new account means a direct violation of Amazon policy because there are always some chances that you might get caught.

How to get unbanned from amazon?

To get unbanned from Amazon, you need to properly review all the Amazon policies and keep your seller metrics crystal clear before writing an appeal letter to Amazon. After that, attach all the necessary evidence with the plan of action before the deadline.

How to make a new amazon account after being banned?

This is not a good idea because opening another account is too risky. According to Amazon’s terms and conditions, “you can only maintain one seller central account for each region you want to sell it.”

However, others say that you can set up a completely new business with a new legal entity using different brand names, unique bank details, phone numbers, IP address, and tax information where needed.

If you don’t have such information, you can buy an existing Amazon seller account. There are various platforms like flippa and empire flippers from which you can buy an existing seller account.

How to reopen Amazon account?

To reopen your deactivated Amazon seller accounts, you need to log into your account, click on the account setting tab, check the status of your account, and then reactivate your account.

How to create Amazon ghost account?

To create an Amazon ghost account, you need

  • A separate entity that includes (one address, phone number, and one computer)

You cannot re-use any information from an old account. If you use your roommate’s name and details, the address will remain the same. You cannot use that address.

One person can only use one name, address, IP address, and computer. When Amazon blocks your account, they record account details such as mailing address, phone number, billing address, etc.

If you want to create multiple accounts, you need to contact different persons who have different names, addresses, and IP addresses. But make sure one thing the computer you are using to create an account should not be used before creating any Amazon account because in that case, your IP address will be the same.

Amazon ghost account will 100% work for all Amazon marketplaces like the US, UK, Canada, etc.

Can Amazon suspend your account?

Yes, Amazon has a 100 % right to suspend or block your account if they catch you violating any policy or selling any prohibited or restricted products. Therefore, to avoid any suspension, you should regularly audit your account to control the account fully.



Amazon account suspension is one of the worst things that could happen to a seller. But don’t worry; a properly written appeal letter can help you reinstate your account.

So, if you are looking for some expert that could help you write a suspension appeal letter, we at Bizistech are the people who can help you.

We have years of experience in handling suspended accounts; therefore, we understand how to create an effective appeal letter that will help you get your account back. Want to explore more about this?

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