How to Fix Suppressed Listing on Amazon? - Detailed Guide

Amazon’s huge audience and reach make it a great place for businesses to get their products in front of a huge in-built customer-base. Selling on Amazon, however, presents its own unique set of hurdles that must be overcome. Suppressing listings is one such difficulty.
A seller’s visibility and ability to make sales on Amazon might be negatively affected by suppressed listings. If you’re just starting out in the selling business, you need to know what suppressed listings are and how to get rid of them so that your products are seen by potential clients.

What is a Suppressed Listing on Amazon?

A suppressed listing is a product listing that has been removed from Amazon’s search results and made inactive because it does not fulfill Amazon’s requirements or violates Amazon’s policies. Suppressed listings are not made apparent to buyers, unlike active listings, which are. This has a negative effect on a seller’s exposure and ultimately results in fewer sales.

Incomplete or incorrect product information, policy violations, quality and safety concerns, intellectual property infringement, and bad customer metrics are just some of the many potential causes of a listing removal. Amazon has stringent restrictions and procedures in place to ensure that their consumers always have a positive and reliable buying experience on the site. Listings that don’t fulfill these criteria may be hidden to protect the honesty of the marketplace.

It is impossible to emphasize the negative effect a suppressed listing has on a seller’s exposure and revenue. Since suppressed listings are concealed from search results, potential buyers are unlikely to stumble to find the goods, significantly reducing the odds of earning sales. Without a strong presence on Amazon, businesses risk missing out on a plethora of promotional and sales opportunities.

For sellers, especially newcomers, it is critical to grasp the significance of suppressed listings because they underline the significance of keeping compliant and high-quality product listings. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the various reasons for suppressed listings and offer practical advice for dealing with and avoiding them in the future. If you take care of these problems, Amazon will show your listings again, buyers will trust you again, and your sales will go up.

Reasons for Suppressed Listings

There are a number of possible causes for Amazon listings to be removed. In order to fix the difficulties that are causing their ads to be hidden, sellers must first understand why this is happening. Here are some of the most frequent explanations for hidden ads:

Inadequate Product Information: Sellers who fail to provide accurate, detailed, and complete product information will have their listings removed from Amazon. Your listing may be removed if it is incomplete or does not accurately represent the product in question. It is essential to provide all relevant details in your product listings so that customers can make educated purchases.

Policy Violations: Amazon has rigorous standards in place to keep the marketplace secure and reliable. Suppressed listings may occur if sellers violate our policies by selling restricted items, participating in deceptive business activities, or providing false information. To ensure compliance and avoid potential infractions, sellers should review Amazon’s policies and guidelines.

Quality and Safety Concerns: Amazon places a premium on ensuring that their customers are happy and that their products are safe for use. Amazon may temporarily remove your product listing if it has been reported for quality or safety concerns, such as multiple bad customer reviews or complaints about defective items. Suppressing listings can be avoided by consistently providing high-quality products and responding quickly to consumer complaints.

Intellectual Property Infringement: Unauthorized use of Intellectual Property is not Permitted on Amazon. Your listing may be removed if it is determined to be in violation of another party’s intellectual property rights. In order to sell their products legally and avoid any claims of infringement, vendors must secure all essential licenses and approvals.

Poor Customer Metrics: Amazon places a high emphasis on customer satisfaction, thus factors like your order defect rate, cancellation rate, and late shipment rate all play a role in how visible your listings are. Amazon has the right to remove your listing if it does not meet their minimum requirements for these criteria. It is essential to keep positive client metrics by providing rapid order fulfillment, problem resolution, and general customer service.

When vendors are aware of the underlying causes of suppressed listings, they can take measures to rectify the situation. In the following part, we’ll provide you some real-world advice on how to deal with suppressed listings and get your items back on track, even if you’re just starting out.

How to Make Your Amazon Listing Active Again – Fixing Suppressed Listing on Amazon

Don’t freak out if you find out that Amazon has hidden your product listing. You can take action to fix the problems and revive your listing. To assist you, we have prepared the following detailed instructions:

●Login to your Amazon Seller Central account.
●Under the ‘Inventory’ tab, click on ‘Manage Inventory’ option.
●Select the ‘Search Suppressed and Inactive Listings’ option.
●That will lead you to your suppressed listings windows. Each suppressed listing is displayed here alongside the reason why Amazon suppressed it. To see the details, copy the SKU and click on the ‘Manage Inventory’ tab once again.
●Paste the copied SKU code into the search bar in the middle of the screen, and hit ‘Search’.
●Click on ‘Edit’ button to make changes to your listing that Amazon requires.
●As this listing has been suppressed due to missing the Main Image. Just click on the ‘Image’ tab at the top, select ‘Upload’ option, upload the main image from your device storage and click ‘Save and finish’ to finish this task, and have Amazon un-suppress your listing once again.

By following these steps and addressing the specific issues causing the suppression, you can increase the chances of making your Amazon listing active again. Remember to monitor your listings regularly to ensure compliance and maintain high-quality standards to avoid future suppressions.

Tips to Avoid Suppressed Listings in the Future

Suppressing listings on Amazon can be avoided if precautions are taken. You may increase your chances of success on the platform by following the advice below and keeping compliant and high-quality product listings at all times:

  1. Maintaining Accurate and Complete Product Information:
    Be sure to include all relevant details in your product listings. Help your clients make educated purchases by providing crucial details like product measurements, materials, variants, and more. Maintaining correct and up-to-date listings requires regular maintenance.
  2. Adhering to Amazon’s Policies and Guidelines:
    Learn as much as you can about Amazon’s rules and regulations. In the event of a change in policy, be sure to update your listings or methods as soon as possible. Avoiding banned items, following advertising and pricing guidelines, and maintaining products in pristine shape are all part of this.
  3. Providing Excellent Customer Service:
    Maintain high customer satisfaction levels by consistently excellent service. Quickly and competently address consumer enquiries and fix any problems that may arise. To avoid having your listing removed because of low ratings from customers, it’s important to keep them happy throughout the buying process.
  4. Regularly Monitoring and Optimizing Product Listings:
    Keep an eye on your product listings constantly to catch any errors or updates. In order to prevent problems from escalating out of control, it’s important to regularly examine customer ratings and comments. Optimize your listings by employing relevant keywords, compelling product descriptions, and high-quality photos. Maintain price competitiveness by evaluating your prices frequently.
    By adhering to these guidelines, you may keep your Amazon selling presence strong while reducing the likelihood of having listings removed. Keep an eye out, read up on Amazon’s rules and regulations, and always aim to improve your customer service and the quality of your goods.

Suppressed listings are product listings that have been removed from Amazon because they do not comply with Amazon’s rules or policies. A seller’s exposure and potential earnings are greatly enhanced by these listings.
If you’re a seller on Amazon, it is important to keep your listings up-to-date, listen to comments from buyers, and constantly push toward improving your selling experience. Long-term success as an Amazon seller is possible if you are well-informed, proactive, and devoted to offering a pleasant customer experience despite the presence of suppressed listings.
Suppressed listings should not be seen as the end of the road. You can get out of this quagmire if you take the appropriate strategy and are willing to put in the effort required.

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