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Shopify is the best e-commerce selling platform because it’s very simple and convenient. It offers you a 14-day free trial so that you can see whether the platform will work according to your needs or not.

After the trial, if you think the platform has all the features you need, you can buy any subscriptions. But what if you have already bought their selling plan and now want to delete your Shopify account.

The one question that we repeatedly ask is, “how to cancel a Shopify subscription?” 

Although Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, many sellers still want to delete or deactivate their account after taking the subscription. There could be many reasons like they might not get enough sales or want to switch to another account. The reasons can be different, but the question is, “how-to deactivate Shopify account?” 

Most of the sellers even don’t know how to cancel a Shopify membership, and then what do they do? They stop using it and think that Shopify will automatically delete their account. But it’s not true.

Shopify will charge a monthly fee according to the package they have subscribed to. There is also a misconception that you cannot delete your account or store from Shopify once you create it, which is also not true.

You can delete or cancel your account from Shopify whenever you want. This is what want we will guide you in this blog, “How to cancel Shopify store?”

So, let’s get started,

How to delete a Shopify Account Permanently?

  • Go to the login page.
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 1
  • Choose “your store”
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 2
  • Enter the e-mail and password and log in to your store.
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 3
  • Now, after logging into your account go to the “Settings” that you will find in the left bottom corner.
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 4
  • Click on “Account”
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 5
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find the “Sell or close store” option” click on it.
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 6
  • As soon as you click on that option, Shopify will ask you to enter your store password for confirmation. Sometimes your computer is accessible by so many people like your friend or colleagues, who may try to delete your account intentionally with a bad purpose. Therefore, Shopify adds this additional feature to secure your account
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 7
  • After that you will be asked to choose the option why are closing your Shopify store.
How to Delete Shopify Account Step 8
  • Click continue and select “deactivate now.”

How to stop Shopify Subscription Temporarily?

There is also another method if you don’t want to delete your store or account permanently, you can pause your store. Now, what does that pause mean?

Shopify gives you an option, “Pause and Build,” in which the seller can access the store admin and edit the products but cannot sell them. This means that the customers can view the products, but your checkout page will be paused. As soon as you move your store to pause and build mode, your store will run at a reduced cost of $9 per month.

This option is great for those sellers who have a seasonal store; they can pause their store and improve their product listings. In the meantime, their store will run at a reduced cost. They don’t have to pay a full subscription fee in this mode. Especially, those sellers who are not getting enough sales can use the option to save money from their subscription fee. But Shopify only all.

How to end Shopify Subscription Temporarily?

Follow these steps to cancel Shopify store:

  • Go to the login page.
  • Choose “your store”.
  • Enter the e-mail and password and log in to your store.
  • Go to “Settings” and then choose “Account”.
  • Scroll down to the page and you will find an option “Pause store”.
How to end Shopify Subscription Temporarily
  • After clicking that option, you will be asked to confirm your billing cycle.
  • After you confirm your billing information, click on “Confirm changes.” 
  • In the above screenshot, you might have noticed that $14 will be charged per month in pause and build mode. This is because the screen that is attached is from 2019. According to the new Shopify policies, $9 will be charged.

Will Shopify Refund you on Deleting or Canceling Shopify Account?

This is a very important question: Does Shopify refund on canceling or deleting the subscription. As per Shopify’s terms of service, there are no refunds whether you deactivate, delete, pause or cancel your Shopify account.

Shopify has already made it clear in its policies that all the fees are non-refundable. However, you can only earn back your money by selling the remaining products in your store before the subscription renewal. 

But if you have an annual subscription, there might be a chance that Shopify will refund you. Here is a screenshot below for reference. 

Shopify Refund Policy


In the end, I will say that are many options; instead of deleting and cancelling your Shopify account, you can sell your account. In this way, you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Moreover, if your store is getting low sales and you are looking for some expert who can manage your Shopify store effectively, you can contact us. We offer a-z Shopify account management services to grow your business on larger scale. 

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