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Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world, with millions of products listed on its platform. Item names are long and convoluted, and some names might be similar to other sellers’ products, making it hard for the consumer to figure out which name belongs to whom, resulting is missed it is not practical for Amazon to identify each product with its name and description To simplify things, Amazon allocates a unique identification code to each product that gets listed on its platform. This code is known as the Amazon ASIN. To learn how to create a new ASIN in Amazon, let’s deep in with basic overview about the ASIN

ASIN in Amazon Definition

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a unique code provided to each product upon the listing creation. It is a 10-character alphanumeric code (for example CP8TSQN3UL), which means that it consists of a combination of words and numbers, and is found on the product information page. This code helps in identifying each product uniquely, without any misunderstands and mishaps.

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Why Is Amazon ASIN Important?


All products listed on Amazon have an ASIN identifier (except the books, which are identified by their International Standard Book Number or ISBN). Product data on Amazon’s database is stored exclusively through ASIN codes, and Amazon refers to these codes to index catalog pages and track inventories of sellers. This is of great help to buyers, who just have to search for an ASIN number instead of a potentially lengthy product name, to find the exact product they are looking for.

ASINs also differ from one marketplace to the other, even when products remain the same. A similar product in two different Amazon marketplaces will have two different ASINs, one for each marketplace.

Overview about ASIN Regulations and Restrictions

Amazon introduced ASINs to streamline its product database, and to maintain a standardized product catalog. So predictably, the eCommerce giant is not too keen to have too many ASINs flying around. Amazon actively discourages creating new ASINs for products that already have an ASIN, and has strict rules regarding the creation of new ASINs, or fraud listings.

Amazon also limits sellers with the number of ASINs they can create, based on their sales records. In short, the more sales you generate on Amazon, the more ASINs you are allowed to create on the platform. Amazon does that to encourage sellers to increase sales on their existing product listings, instead of jumping to new product ASINs every other day.

Amazon deletes any ASINs that it thinks are duplicates of products that already exist on the platform, and punishes retailers responsible for duplicated ASINs with varying degrees of account suspensions. Sellers who want to avoid temporary (or sometimes even permanent) bans of their seller central accounts are advised to follow Amazon’s regulations regarding ASIN creation.

New ASIN Vs. Existing ASIN


Amazon wants all sellers to be well-acquainted with its ASIN policy, and search the platform thoroughly to find an ASIN that already exists for a similar product, and make use of that existing ASIN.

For this reason, sellers are advised to carefully read Amazon ASIN creation policy, to make sure they’re following Amazon’s directions while creating a new ASIN.

Guide to Create A New ASIN in Amazon

If you have searched hard on Amazon without finding an ASIN that matches the product you want to list, then it is time that you know how to create a new ASIN. Simply follow these steps to find out exactly how to do that.

Step 1: Open your Amazon Seller Central Account, and move over to the ‘Add Product’ option on your account.


Step 2: Keep in mind that the process of ASIN creation is not the same for all products, and varies for each product category.


Simply browse through these dialogue boxes (such as appliances, automotive, body products, etc.) to find the product category you want to list. When that screen appears, fill out the required fields and select ‘Save and Finish’ to create your product listing and receive a new ASIN number.

Frequently Asked Questions


Amazon uses ASINs to keep track of each product listed on its platform and is very serious about enforcing the rules it has for the creation of new ASINs. Sellers should be mindful of those rules whenever they’re listing new products on Amazon because even the smallest of infringements can result in them getting banned from selling on the platform.

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