Amazon Sellers have been concerned about the reviews about their products on their store, especially the bad ones. Everyone wants to know how they are doing in terms of their professional performance, and reviews and feedback are critical.

Amazon didn’t cater to their vendors’ needs before, but now they have finally decided to contact customers who left bad amazon reviews. Vendors will be provided with a facility to keep their reviews in one place and contact the customers who left bad reviews.

“We’re now offering a brand-only benefit that allows you to reach out to buyers who purchased your branded product directly from you, who left critical (1 – 3 star reviews) via template emails that allow you to communicate with buyers via buyer-seller messaging.”

“We believe this will build brand trust and help establish stronger relationships between you and your customers.”

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That’s right! Amazon is facilitating both its vendors and customers to contact each other via a live chat system. So yes, it’s definitely not a prank.

Let’s get straight into it!

This Amazon Feature is there to help you out!

Earlier, when Amazon launched this feature, if one had asked me if the sellers should reach out to the customer who left a low star rating review, I wouldn’t recommend them as many sellers have gotten their accounts suspended because of the uncommon language they use in their messages, which aren’t really that bad but again would be a threat to quality communication. However, now that Amazon is a well-known quality franchise, it provides its sellers with a template message to communicate to their customers effectively.

As a seller, if you click on the Check Buyer button, it will load the basic information and order ID. Many sellers used to struggle in finding the order ID so they can reach out to their buyers who left a bad amazon review on their product, personally. Now Amazon has provided the sellers with this option to easily get the order ID of their customers and reach out to them to compensate for a bad experience.

How to Reach Customers Who Left You a Bad Review -step by step

Let’s see how one can use this feature.

  • First of all, you are supposed to have Amazon Brand Registry to access this feature to contact the customers who left 1 to 3-star reviews on your Amazon products. If you already have a registry, go to the Brands Menu and select Customer Reviews.
  • You will be directed to a landing page where it prompts that you can send direct messages to the customers who have specifically left you a 1 -3 star critical rating.

You should be aware that this feature is brand-new and may still have a few bugs here and there in some accounts. For example, in both the Project X and Project 5K accounts, there is no button to contact the buyer for some negative reviews. Instead, we get a message saying that “You can contact the buyer only when you are the seller for that order.”

Now how would you check if everything is functioning in routine?

  • Simply go to one of the reviews, there you will be able to spot a Contact Buyer button on the top right corner of your screen.
  • When you click on that button, you will be directed to a new page where it will give choices about the reason for your contact, i.e. Courtesy Refund and Customer Review.

The amazing thing is that, in one of the options, Amazon is straight-up willing to provide a full refund or a product replacement under the option of Courtesy Refund. How cool is that!

  • When you select the Courtesy Refund, a template message pops up on your screen. The message will only appear in English for now.

Who thought that a day would come where the seller could have the option to convince their buyers that their next experience would be better than before?

Why Would an Amazon Seller Want to Use This Feature?

To Ensure Good Ratings of their store.

We all know that good reviews and a 5-star rating is the key to acquire the image of a reliable and credible brand. This is why all sellers are encouraged to use this feature so that they can put effort into turning a negative review into a positive one. No, it’s not that simple. It is indeed a little complex. By reaching out to your customers who leave bad reviews can help create a new buyer-seller relationship.

To Make long-term customers.

Your buyer can be impacted by the efforts you are willing to put into making your experience a tad better with your Amazon store. This move can influence your buyer to be your long-term customer and even spread the word about you amongst their peers. This will help you get exposure, and your brand image will certainly improve.

To Build Brand Credibility

You, as a seller, should always try to reach out to your customers and ask them what they think you can do to make the bad situation correct. This will make your customer have an improved perception of you and your brand. When a customer is convinced that even if you mess up with their orders somehow, you will always figure out a way to correct the error. Also, communicating with your customers will help you improve your business, in terms of, you will be aware of what your customers want and what they do not want. You can mould your brand according to your target users, which will certainly help your amazon store to thrive. One day or another, you will start getting good reviews, and you will be at the top of your game!

After knowing all these facts, will you be moved enough to use this feature? Get your Amazon brand registry ASAP if you don’t have it already. This feature will turn things around for you.

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