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After reading the title, the first question that comes to your mind will be,

Is it legal to buy Amazon unclaimed packages?

Well, the answer is yes.

What does an unclaimed package mean?

When the postal service tries to deliver the order, but for some reason, it cannot be delivered or claimed by the person who ordered, then it will become an unclaimed package.

Unclaimed Amazon Packages

Every year thousands of Amazon packages go unclaimed. Well, there might be various reasons like the address may be incorrect, the buyer forgot to pick up the package from the collection point, the recipient is just moved from that place, or simply lost in transit.

In this case, if the package is not claimed or received within 90 days from the warehouse or the postal service, then it will be auctioned in unclaimed packages for sale.

However, the Amazon unclaimed packages are not sold individually; instead, they will be auctioned in bulk for sale. Many small business owners and vendors buy these unclaimed packages to resell in their stores at great profit. Some got lucky because they ended up with some amazing branded products to earn great profit.

Amazon Unclaimed Packages

Amazon unclaimed packages are like Christmas gifts. You never know what it is. Especially if you are buying from a local postal swap, you are bidding on a mysterious or unknown gift. Sometimes you earn great profit whereas sometimes you pay a lot than the actual product price is.

Although many websites show pallets of boxes in addition to the description, the box consists of various size wall plates, electrical fittings, couplings, junction boxes, conduits, and other electrical items. This will help you make a purchasing decision better instead of buying some unknown item that is useless for you.

Now let’s discuss the key point of this article,

Where to buy unclaimed Amazon packages?

Many websites allow you to directly buy unclaimed Amazon packages. Let’s discuss some of them.

Liquidation is a direct remarketer website that sells products in bulk in a wide variety of categories. This website includes unclaimed packages from Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot. In addition, you can buy thousands of wholesale products from trusted sellers.

You will find various products from different categories in liquidation, mainly in apparel, houseware, industrial, electronics, vehicles, and computer categories. In addition, the website allows you to filter your desired brand to buy its unclaimed package.

Liquidation Amazon Unclaimed Packages

The best thing about liquidation is seeing the item you are bidding on. You will find the product with its relevant description and shipping details that make purchasing easy for you.

For example, you will find the item with its title like “Area Rugs-Andover Mills, Bungalow Rose, Gracie Oaks,” with the current bid going like $2,793.

The site also allows you to buy packages in bulk by showing the pictures of the boxes with a simple description which makes your purchasing risk-free. For example:


GovDeals is the most experienced and trusted company in the liquidity service industry. With 14,000 sellers, GovDeals has completed $2.6 billion of sales. In addition, thousands of packages are sold every week in almost every category, including heavy equipment, transportation, real estate, etc.

GovDeals unclaimed amazon packages | where to buy unclaimed amazon packages

They sell a lot of Amazon unclaimed packages just like liquidation. The website sells individual as well bulk containers with some descriptions. The buyers place their bids on the items, and the one with the highest bid wins the package.


Another Another website through which you can directly buy Amazon unclaimed packages is BoxFox. The buyers can now purchase those packages from the auction.

However, the sellers can also sell unclaimed packages in a live auction. The best thing about BoxFox is that it gives you two options whether you want to buy or sell unclaimed mail.

BoxFox unclaimed amazon packages | where to buy unclaimed amazon packages

In BoxFox, you have to pay the bid price, shipping fee, and 7% commission each time you buy some unclaimed Amazon package.

Barton’s Discounts

Another company that provides liquidation services for unclaimed packages is Barton’s discounts. The company sells the bulk of Amazon unclaimed packages.

Liquidation unclaimed amazon packages | unclaimed amazon packages store

Barton’s discounts do not sell individual unclaimed mail; instead, they sell pallets and truckloads of unclaimed packages.


Quicklotz is one of the great options for buying Amazon unclaimed packages. It’s the largest liquidation company in the USA. The best thing about Quicklotz is that you can purchase unclaimed packages in all sizes, from boxes to pallets to truckloads. This means that you will get the quantity you need that suits your needs.

QuickLotz unclaimed amazon packages | amazon unclaimed undeliverable packages

On Quicklotz, you will find various products from different categories like electronics, toys, apparel, kitchen appliances, and many more.

American Pallet Liquidators

America’s most trusted liquidation company is American pallet liquidators. It’s one of the largest companies in the US that has good selling experience of Amazon unclaimed packages.

American pallet liquidators is a huge network of retailers, wholesalers, and other large liquidators that sells pallets and truckloads of unclaimed Amazon packages from dozens of categories.

American Pallet Liquidator unclaimed amazon packages | amazon unclaimed undeliverable packages


BlueLots is also one of the largest liquidation companies in the US that directly sells Amazon unclaimed packages and ships through FedEx, USPS, and UPS at around $300-$400 per pallet.

Here you can filter your desired price, brand, category, and unit. This means that you can order desired quantity of units.



Now that you know you can buy unclaimed Amazon packages, try your luck to make a profit from them. But before buying an unclaimed package, always do your research and choose a reputed website.

Thus, it’s both a fun and risky business method to earn profits. Just beware of the scams.

I hope you find this article helpful, but feel free to ask if you still have any questions. We will be happy to help you.

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