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When it comes to advertising and market the products you definitely search for the best platform which can market your products, drag high customer traffic and increase your sales. You never want to compromise the quality of your advertisement camping and you must want to reach a higher customer base. If you are an Amazon seller and in search of the best advertising tool here is what you are looking for.  

What are Microsoft Ads?

Microsoft advertisement is one of the most powerful and workable platforms for searching advertisement campaigns which helps to achieve desired marketing objectives. It helps to target the specific audience in a particular search area and rank the product for high sales and marketing outcomes. It provides full information about a product or service for which a customer is looking for. 

Benefits of Microsoft Ads

Using Microsoft ads can be a great opportunity and progressive initiative for your business. Other than productivity and increase in sales there are several advantages of using Microsoft ads for your marketing procedures.

  • Microsoft ads are less competitive as compared to other marketing and advertising tools.
  • It provides cost-effective marketing and advertising platform.
  • It helps to target the desired and specific audience for advertising which high income which is also called the in-market audience.
  •  Microsoft ads target mobile users and display the related ads on their devices while mobile is in use of every second individual today.

Why You Should Advertise Amazon Product with Microsoft Ads?

Advertising the amazon products with Microsoft ads can be a great source of improving customer bases. Other than this it can also result in grabbing decision-makers and competitive audiences who could more like to buy your products with a great ratio. Here are some potential reasons why advertise amazon products with Microsoft ads.

  • It is a smaller market share but has a great opportunity which results in a drastic growth in your sales in UK and US.
  • It helps to grab higher-value customers to your amazon products which can turn your items into profitable results.
  • Microsoft has a strong control on demographics if you advertise your amazon product with Microsoft ads.
  • It mainly targets a mature and affluent audience for you.

How can Amazon Seller Use Microsoft Ads?

If an Amazon seller wants to use Microsoft ads there is a complete guide in some simple steps which can help in setting Microsoft ads for amazon products.

  • Setting marketing and advertisement goals
  • Creating your advertisement camping
  • Customizing and optimization of your advertisement camping
  • Identify your budget
  • Select your target location
  • Set demographic characteristics of the target audience
  • Selecting the language of your audience
  • Putting effective and compatible keyword list
  • Giving an attractive and competent title to your ad.
  • Adding desirable and appealing descriptions to your ad.

Microsoft Ads Options for Amazon Seller

Amazon sellers can use Microsoft ads by three different options which are mentioned below. It can help in driving the direct and indirect customers to amazon products and can increase the sales incredibly.

  1. Microsoft Product ads
  2. Microsoft Search ads
  3. Microsoft Audience Networking ads

Microsoft Product Ads

Microsoft products ads enable the amazon seller to advertise the products from the Microsoft merchant center. It includes the details of the products along with promotional texts and images of the products.

Microsoft Search Ads

Microsoft search ads are paid marketing and advertising options for increasing sales for amazon sellers and other small business units.

Microsoft Audience Networking Ads

This is also an effective and most demanding Microsoft advertising method used by amazon sellers which target the premium sites which include  Microsoft Outlook, MSN, etc.

Microsoft Ads Are a Good Investment for Amazon Sellers

  • Microsoft ads leverage and boost the sales of the product of amazon sellers.
  • It helps to increase the credibility and acceptance of amazon seller products.
  • Higher traffic can lead to more product demands and an increase in profit margin for amazon sellers.
  • It helps to sustain your existing customers and grab new potential customers.
  • It pays less for a click, it means that when amazon seller advertises the products through Microsoft ads, amazon seller can do it in low budget.
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