How do Amazon Hub Lockers Work? | Amazon Hub Locker Guide

Nowadays, package pirates are everywhere; therefore, it is important to secure your packages from them. Most people work far from their residences, and their packages lie outside their homes for the whole day. This greatly increases the chances that your package might get stolen. Amazon launched a convenient way of shipping or delivering your package to you to minimize this problem, which is known as Amazon Hub locker.

What is an Amazon Hub locker?

Amazon hub locker is a “Self-service kiosk” that allows a buyer to collect and return their package from their nearest locker when convenient for them. This means that you need to

The first hub locker of Amazon was launched in 2011 in Seattle, New York City, and London. After that, the company expanded their hub locker system widely lockers to almost every city.

These lockers are located in more than 900 cities and towns across the U.S. These lockers are now almost everywhere. You can probably find these Amazon hub lockers near whole food stores, gas stations, malls, Sav-Mor pharmacies, banks, or other locations.

How to Use Amazon Lockers?

Anyone can use the Amazon hub locker, which has an Amazon account. The only difference is Amazon prime customers will get their orders faster than other customers.

Now, suppose you want to use the Amazon hub locker system. In that case, you will find an option pickup from the Amazon locker near my location at the page where you add your shipping address. Still, you will only find this option if you have any hub locker nearby; you will not find it.

 If you have an option, Amazon will give your near Amazon hub locker the address and postcode. Now your shipping address will be the address of the locker. Amazon will leave your package inside that locker.

how to use amazon hub locker

You can also search for any other hub locker by zip code, store name, address, or landmark; Amazon also gives an option of the lower locker, so if you are short heighted or in a wheelchair, you can easily receive your package.

How does Amazon Hub Work?

This is the most asked question; many people don’t use the hub locker system because they don’t know how they work.

Amazon hub lockers have a digital screen with a bar code scanner and a code reader. 

Now, what’s the purpose of this digital screen?

After you choose the collect or pickup option from the Amazon hub locker, you will receive an email from Amazon confirming that your package has been delivered to the Amazon hub locker. The email will contain a barcode and a six-digit pickup code known as Amazon hub code that you can use to retrieve your order.

If you want to use the bar code scanner, take the screenshot of that email and scam that code near the scanner or enter the code. The screen will tell you how many packages you have received with a button open lock 1 or lock 2. As you click that button, the desired locker will automatically be opened.

This is a very convenient method; you can collect your package at any time, whether it’s evening or morning; these lockers are open 24/7. Still, there are some restrictions you have to collect the package within 3 days from the delivery date or else it will be returned. You will be refunded the cost of the package.

Now, you might be thinking what if we want to return any package?

You don’t need to worry; Amazon hub lockers do provide a facility for returns.

The procedure is the same as you usually follow for any returns, go to returns and orders > Choose the product you want to return > Choose the option why you want to return that product > Select the return method >Amazon Hub locker near me >Choose the locker and confirm your return.

Amazon Hub locker Package Refund

You can also search for any other hub locker by zip code, store name, address, or locker name. Every locker has a different name, like Tara, Berlin, Eddie, Chuck, Robert, Brett, Andrea, etc.

Suppose you return any item through an Amazon hub locker instead of printing a return label. In that case, you will select the option “email copy of the label” and print your label.

On your return label, you will find a bar code, a six-digit pickup code, locker basic info like whether it’s inside the store or outside and locker reserved info. Amazon only gives you one business day to leave your package inside that locker after that they can’t guarantee that the locker will be available or not.

In that situation, you have checked the locker availability for 30 days, or in some cases if your reservation expires you have to cancel your return request and have to make a new one So, make sure you leave the package on time.

What are the Amazon hub requirements?

For using hub locker, there are some size and weight restrictions which are,

  • Should not contain any hazardous material
  • Should weigh less than 10 pounds
  • Dimensions should be smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches
  • The product should be valued at less than $5,000

What are the benefits of using Amazon Hub locker?

  • Self-service
  • More secure
  • Convenient method of delivery
  • Open 24/7
  • Free of cost
  • Saves shipping cost
  • Quick and easy method



At the end of this article, I will say that Amazon has taken a great initiative that helped buyers save the shipping costs and helped them stay stress-free at their workplace, thinking about their package getting stolen.

Amazon hub locker offers a variety of convenient pickup and collection options to the buyer. So, I will suggest that everyone use this self-service option if you want to save your money.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section, we will be happy to help you Thanks.

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