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Every online marketplace has its own algorithm. Walmart also has its search algorithm that helps shows the top relevant search results for a particular term. Therefore, the coffee maker does not appear when searching for a dog carrier. 

There are thousands of sellers that sell the same products. Then as a seller, how will you differentiate your brand from your competitor?

The answer is that you need to optimize your product listings. Investing in Walmart SEO is a great way to reach more interesting leads and generate more sales. Below are a few tips that will help you optimize the product listing on Wal-Mart Marketplace. 

Walmart Listing Optimization Steps

1. Use a Specific Product Name

Keep the product name concise and unique. Must be between 50 and 75 characters. Write the product name using the following formula:

Brand + Item Size (if applicable) + Definition of Characteristics + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Number of Packs

Here are some tips for creating product titles:

  • Other than product brand Do not include information about your business
  • Do not use special characters such as +, @, or #
  • Integrate product attributes
  • Avoid adding retailer-specific information  like special offers
  • Avoid using marketing phrases like “bestseller,” “best,” or “affordable.”
  • Avoid links to other marketplaces (e.g., sold on Amazon)

2. Use High-Quality Images

Use professional and bright product photos. Ideally, you should provide a zoomable, high-resolution product image. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use the front view of the product as the main product image
  • Make sure the background is white (255/255/255 RGB)
  • Remove extra background space
  • Add product images that are taken from different angles
  • Add rich content like product reviews
  • Avoid using placeholder images
  • Do not use any unpleasant or indecent pictures

3. Emphasize the Most Important Product Features

Emphasize specific product details to attract customers. Pay close attention to product shelf descriptions, and short and long descriptions to improve discoverability and product relevance.

A. Shelf Description

Use this section to highlight important product benefits. To optimize your list of Walmart Marketplace, remember the following tips when creating product shelf descriptions.

  • Lists the three to five main benefits of a product in a bulleted list
  • Avoid syntax errors
  • Never use duplicate product description
  • Include keywords in the content
  • Provide useful information about the product
  • Avoid abuse of keywords

B. Brief Description

This section is just below the shelf description. For Walmart listing optimization, you need to maximize the allowed 500-1,000 characters.  Here are some tips to follow when creating a brief description of your product.

  • Write interesting, keyword-rich explanations
  • Maximize the number of characters allowed – longer paragraphs are better
  • Write a clear and concise product description
  • Avoid duplicate general content
  • Add key phrases such as product names, brands, and styles that customers may search for.

C. Detailed Description

This is the largest section of the Walmart Marketplace page. Follow these tips to drive your Wal-Mart Marketplace optimization tactics.

  • Make sure the long description is 1,000 to 4,000 characters or 250 to 300 words
  • Listing 10-30 product features and benefits
  • Write a clear product description
  • Do not copy descriptions from other websites or marketplaces
  • Prove your expertise by adding facts and tips to your content
  • Use speech tones to make the text easier to understand

4. Select the Relevant Product Attribute

The product attributes are displayed on the left side of the list in the Wal-Mart Marketplace. These are the product details used to categorize the product and allow customers to view limited or filtered results.

There are 24 product categories that you can select to define product attributes. Here are some tips for choosing the correct classification:

  • Enter the attributes related to the product
  • Do not select any other categories to improve product visibility
  • Provides accurate product details to improve ranking on the results page

5. Offering Competitive Prices

Pricing plays an important role in achieving a purchase box. Wal-Mart displays a list of all sellers on one page. These lists include all products at different prices from different retailers.

As of now, customers are even more attracted to competitively priced products. The seller whose product is in the customer’s shopping cart is considered the winner of the purchase box. To increase your chances of buying a box, you need to do the following:

  • Offers competitive prices
  • Maintain inventory
  • Keep an eye out for your competition and its price range
  • Offer or minimize shipping at Walmart 
  • Deliver products to customers on time
  • Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on your site

6. Improve customer service

Consumers want quick and secure service. To get customer attention and build brand loyalty, make sure your product list includes the Walmart Fast Shipping badge. Also, keep the customer support hotline open at all times.

7. Maintain Positive Customer Reviews

The list of Walmart Marketplace requires reviews. To optimize your Walmart SEO strategy, focus on providing an unmatched customer experience.

Follow these tips to increase your chances of getting a positive review at Walmart.

  • Reply to customer’s email within 1 day
  • Maintaining good relationships with customers
  • Use a trusted fulfillment provider
  • Provides accurate tracking information
  • Deliver the product on time or faster than stated Optimize
  • Walmart SEO and product listings

With the right Wal-Mart Marketplace optimization tactics, you can increase your chances of being ranked high in the relevant product search. Work with a digital marketing agency that can handle all of Walmart SEO’s marketing needs and requirements.



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