Amazon Prime has become one of the go-to shopping outlets of this millennial. From buying random household products like detergents, floor cleaners, sanitizers (particularly because of COVID-19’s outbreak) to stocking up kitchen and bathroom products to adding impulsively bought clothes to your wardrobe. Even when you have nothing to buy, the snacks section just gawks at you, becomes irresistible and does damage to your wallet. That’s exactly what Amazon is – in a nutshell – completely irresistible, making our lives convenient because delivery on the doorstep while equally denting our wallets because of the last-minute check out, impulsive buys.

We all are well acquainted with Amazon from a buyer’s perspective. Let’s turn the tables and analyse the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes work from a retailer’s perspective. If you are a retailer who’s selling unique products at affordable prices and still cannot see a boost in revenue, then this comprehensive guide is a one-stop shop for you. We have compiled a complete guide on Amazon advertising services where we explore and walk you through Amazon ads, so you get know-how of how they work and the benefits waiting to be unlocked if avail the advertising services, and how it can be a pivotal move for small retailers. Advertising campaigns can either make or break your business – you want to market your products just the right amount, not over market, not under market, bang in the middle!

Advertisers act as though they’re the middle man, taking out the time to understand your business, your business ethic, your products. After careful analysis and aligning their vision for your brand with yours, they then develop Amazon advertising campaigns that will help your business to grow.

There are mainly three types of advertisements that advertisers create for your brand to get more eyes on your products – the first of them being headline search advertisements. Ads appear as headline banner ads, predominantly above the search listing on search result pages. They walk the customer through seeking similar products to a specified Amazon page. Appearing at the very top of the search results page, headline search ads become an integral tool for boosting sales and brand recognition. These advertisements are more efficient than their other siblings because they are targeted and oriented by keywords, supporting three or more items at the same time.

Sponsored product advertisements work in a very similar, almost identical, manner to Google Shopping Network ads. They are inarguably the most popular type AND the most effective. Produced automatically from the advertised product listing, these advertisements can only be modified indirectly. When the target audience is attracted and prospective customers click on any sponsored product advertisement, they will see the details of the product on a new page which will in turn, yet again be an advertisement, boosting traffic and engagement with your brand page and products.

Amazon’s product display advertisements are relatively new to the market with Amazon having launched them in just the year 2019. This type of advertisement aims to target the interests of a plethora of customers with complementary products. Product Display Ads are also charged by cost-per-click and equally efficient but less accurate.

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