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As most of the sellers on use Fulfillment by Amazon service to deliver orders, Amazon is fully responsible for receiving, packing, shipping, and returning those orders. Amazon mottos are like you sell it; we ship it. In addition, giving a lot of benefits, including marketing tools and product promotions to their FBA merchants.

Despite all the challenges that were going like COVID-19 and the supply chain crisis Amazon delivered more than 3.8 billion products on time. Amazon is investing in people, technology, transportation, and infrastructure on behalf of customers as costs are rising throughout the pandemic.

For 2022 Amazon make some adjustments in fee structure to deliver the same experience to their customers.

What is the Amazon FBA fee?

The fee Amazon charge to their FBA merchants for different services is known as the Amazon fee. It includes a selling plan, referral fee, fulfillment fee, and other costs. Some fees are mandatory to pay as an FBA seller, while some can be avoided if you manage your inventory efficiently.

Which Amazon fees will change in 2022?

The following programs fees will change in 2022

  • FBA fulfillment fee changes
  • FBA monthly storage fee and aged inventory surcharge
  • Amazon referral fee changes
  • FBA removal and disposal order fee changes
  • FBA Small and Light fee changes

US FBA fulfillment fee changes

Amazon has announced the fee changes in fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service from January 18, 2022. However, it’s good news for sellers who fulfill their own orders. For them, only two things changed in referral- fees and both decreased. The fee will remain 30% less expensive on average for sellers who fulfill their orders on their own. But might be shipping cost increased by carriers for those sellers.

Sellers who use the Amazon FBA service are, however, not so lucky as Amazon partially increases the operating cost rates to run the system smoothly in the same way. For that, Amazon increases the FBA fee by about 2-3% on average. From January 18, 2022 unit weight and dimensional weight will be measured to calculate the shipping weight for the fulfillment fees. Here’s the table below comparing the changes after and before January 18, 2022, excluding apparel.

For example:

FBA fulfillment fees change for apparel

There will be also certain changes in Clothing & Accessories category from January 18, 2022

For Example:

It’s not new that Amazon often changes its policies and fees. Bizistech immediately tracks all these changes and ensures that you don’t miss anything. We inform sellers how we can utilize these changes in their businesses, whether it’s for FBA or FBM merchants. However, using the Amazon FBA calculator or Amazon repricer will help you to calculate new shipping charges.
So, let’s know how these new rates will impact your business.

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