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Stop doing work you don?t need to do! This is no way to run a successful business

Hiring an eBay Virtual Assistant
Bizistech is a way of buying time for you and your business, which means you will be free to move things forward like never before, and achieve those goals in less time. Who could argue with that?

Your VA can make your projects more efficient by taking on those tasks that take time out of your day. You can instead be focussing on increasing your productivity and raising the potential of your business.


Your eBay Listings Created to an Optimized Level

To be successful on eBay, your product listings need to be presented just right. What does this mean? For one thing, you need your titles and descriptions to be packed with keywords, so they can be easily found by search engines.

In this day and age, SEO makes a big difference. That?s why at VATask we use the latest keyword software to find the most effective keywords for each and every product. We also make titles and descriptions with that extra appeal.

Listing optimization is important for the eBay seller, and we complete this task reliably and efficiently. So you don?t have to!

Quality Skills

Some eBay sellers have high sell-through rates as well as positive feedback. How can they do this? Well, it could be down to their competitor analysis and market research! We need to know which products are the most popular, and exactly how the specific market works.

When we know the market well we can make the best moves. Using e-commerce tools and technology, VATask can make a full analysis of your market. Then we can provide you with sales statistics and data that is clear and user-friendly.

This means you can make informed decisions about your market, and how to plan your campaigns. This can increase your sales in one easy step!

eBay Product Listing 100%
eBay Description Writing for Your Products 100%
Image Editing and Cropping 100%
eBay Competitor Analysis and Market Research 100%
eBay Product Uploads Using Listing Software 100%
eBay Price Research 100%
eBay Order Processing 100%

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