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Bizistech is a pioneer for e-commerce solutions which includes overall eBay account management. We offer all the services that include from setting up & organizing your eBay store to all the teeny tiny and major services to enhance your eBay store and boost your business by using expert marketing strategies and far-fetched approaches.

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of
eBay. To just put things into perspective, eBay is one of the easiest and most
convenient market places where millions of people trade every single day –
whether that means buying or selling or both.

As with anything, the more organized you are, the easier it
is to manage your account on eBay. Ever heard of less is more? This directly
applies to managing your account on eBay. The simpler and more structured your
approach, the better and faster the results.

It’s vital that you categorically address the issue of
product listings. This is what gets your audience to buy your products and
become customers. No matter how vast your audience engagement gets, if they’re
not buying your products, that’s an issue at hand and a big one at that.
Despite it being a laborious and time-consuming task, product listings is one
of the primary factors to sell on eBay – from picking up each custom label as
well as its images to carefully mentioning its specs.

Stock management is something else you need to keep on top
of. Persistent unavailability of products can lead to customers opting for
alternatives, damaging not only your brand’s sales but also hurting its
reputation. You need to keep on top of your sales analytics and synchronize
manufacturing and production, simultaneously.

The brand-consumer relationship needs to be spot on if you
want your customers to keep turning back to your products and relying on your
brand. Therefore, you need to handle all your customer service enquires,
exchanges, refunds and keep on top of them. It’s helpful if you mention your
exchange policy evidently so the customer knows the contract he’s bargaining
for and the lee-way he’s provided by your brand.

Quality Skills

Some eBay sellers have high sell-through rates as well as positive feedback. How can they do this? Well, it could be down to their competitor analysis and market research! We need to know which products are the most popular, and exactly how the specific market works.

When we know the market well we can make the best moves. Using e-commerce tools and technology, VATask can make a full analysis of your market. Then we can provide you with sales statistics and data that is clear and user-friendly.

This means you can make informed decisions about your market, and how to plan your campaigns. This can increase your sales in one easy step!

eBay Product Listing 100%
eBay Description Writing for Your Products 100%
Image Editing and Cropping 100%
eBay Competitor Analysis and Market Research 100%
eBay Product Uploads Using Listing Software 100%
eBay Price Research 100%
eBay Order Processing 100%

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