Difference: A+ Content and Premium Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Product presentation is more important than ever in the highly-competitive e-commerce marketplace. There are millions of products available online, therefore it’s important to differentiate yourself and convey the value of your products clearly.

This is where things like Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ Content come into play.

Customers often make rapid decisions based on limited information. In order to attract customers, it is not enough to have a superior product; instead, you must successfully highlight its advantages over competitors. Customers’ final decisions to buy a product can be greatly influenced by how that thing is described.

Amazon provides brand owners and sellers with A+ Content and EBC to aid with the improvement of product listings. These resources allow for the presentation of items in a way that is both visually appealing and instructive, allowing companies to more successfully tell their brand’s narrative and engage with customers. Using these methods, businesses may set themselves apart from rivals while also giving clients a better experience.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Amazon’s A+ Content (previously known Enhanced Brand Content or EBC) is a great tool that gives brand owners and sellers more control over their product listings. It’s a chance to expand on the typical product description with interactive modules, multimedia content, and high-definition images. By using A+ Content, retailers can give customers a more exciting and interesting buying experience.

Product descriptions can be taken to a whole new level with the help of A+ Content. It provides a platform for vendors to highlight the benefits, features, and differentiation of their wares through the use of various visual elements. High-resolution photos, comparative tables, videos, extensive product descriptions, and interesting narrative elements are all examples of these.

Amazon provides a premium service to brand owners that have signed up for Amazon’s Brand Registry called EBC Enhanced Brand Content, EBC Plus, or Premium Enhanced Brand Content. It expands upon the concept of A+ Content by giving brand owners more ways to personalize and enhance their product listings.

The goal of EBC is to help businesses provide content that is unique to them and visually appealing to their target audience. Brand owners can give customers a more consistent and all-encompassing experience by exercising more artistic control over the design of product detail pages.

When comparing EBC with A+ Content, it is clear that EBC provides more sophisticated possibilities for personalization and configuration. While A+ Content does offer a variety of modules and multimedia features, EBC goes above and above by providing even more template possibilities, design customizations, and module additions. As a result, business owners may more effectively represent their brands through content that speaks directly to their demographic.

Premium Enhanced Brand Content (Premium EBC)

The Premium Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an advanced version of the standard Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), and is nowadays known as Amazon A++ Content. It provides enhanced features such as having 16 basic modules compared with 12 of basic EBC, and boosting the maximum content width to 1464 pixels from 970 pixels. However, Premium EBC is not free, and it is also Invite Only, meaning it is not available to all sellers.  

Here is how Premium EBC (A++ content) allows business owners to improve the functionality and aesthetics of their product detail pages.

I. Enhanced Features and Customization Options:

When compared to basic EBC, premium EBC provides a broader variety of layouts, themes, and modules. Brand owners may now make really one-of-a-kind product detail pages that reflect their company’s design principles. Increased freedom in showcasing product benefits is made possible by a wider variety of design elements.

Ii. Advanced Multimedia Integration:

Brand owners can use the cutting-edge multimedia integration of premium EBC to further elevate product listings. Incorporating interesting visuals, animations, and other forms of interactivity are all part of this. Premium EBC’s adaptability makes for a more engaging and exciting shopping experience, which in turn boosts customer loyalty and sales.

Eligibility Criteria for Premium EBC

To be eligible for Premium EBC, brand owners must have a trademarked brand. This stipulation ensures that only well-known companies have access to Premium EBC’s sophisticated tools and personalization choices. Brand owners may also need to achieve specific sales requirements set by Amazon to prove their brand’s success and longevity.

Brand owners who meet Amazon’s sales and trademark criteria may be invited to join Amazon’s Premium EBC program. Only brand owners who have proven themselves successful on Amazon in terms of sales, market share, and compliance with Amazon’s guidelines and policies will receive an invitation. Premium EBC’s sophisticated features and limited availability make it clear that membership is by invitation only.

By completing the eligibility criteria and employing the improved features and customization choices, brand owners can develop highly engaging and visually attractive product detail pages that capture the attention of buyers and help differentiate their brand from competitors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Premium EBC

Advantages of Premium EBC

i. High Level of Customization and Immersive Content:
The great degree of personalization offered by Premium Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is one of its main benefits. Product description pages can be made more unique and visually appealing by utilizing a variety of design options, themes, and modules available to brand owners. By modifying the material in this way, they may make the shopping experience more in line with their brand’s values and values of their target audience. Brand owners may attract more customers and set themselves apart from rivals by providing a more exciting and immersive product presentation.

ii. Advanced Multimedia Integration and Increased Customer Engagement:
Brand owners can add high-quality multimedia features to their product listings with the help of Premium EBC. This involves the addition of visually appealing media like image carousels and interactive charts. Brand owners can more effectively sell their wares by using these interactive features to highlight the goods’ many advantages to potential buyers. Multimedia not only draws in viewers, but also keeps them interested and involved, which ultimately results in more sales and better conversion rates.

iii. Elevating Brand Image and Fostering Loyalty:
Brand owners can improve their product’s reputation in the Amazon marketplace by using Premium EBC. Product detail pages may now have a unified and engaging brand experience thanks to the customization choices and advanced capabilities. This aids in developing brand credibility and fostering client loyalty. Products that are presented in a way that is both visually appealing and consistent with the rest of the brand’s marketing efforts have a greater chance of being purchased again and again.

Disadvantages of Premium EBC

i. Exclusivity and Eligibility Requirements:
The limited availability and strict requirements of Premium EBC are significant drawbacks. Unfortunately, Premium EBC isn’t available to all business owners. Brand owners must achieve criteria such as trademark registration and minimum annual sales volume before being considered. This exclusivity implies that some brand owners may not have the ability to exploit the sophisticated capabilities and customization choices provided in Premium EBC.

ii. Additional Resources and Investment Required:
Premium EBC is not free, and definitely not cheap either. The price of premium EBC is negotiated between Amazon and the interested sellers, but usually hovers around $250K to $500K per year. Also, professional content creators or agencies may need to be brought in to help with the time-consuming process of generating and integrating cutting-edge multimedia features and customization possibilities.
Brand owners must commit resources to the production of engaging images, videos, and other forms of media. Premium EBC content may require additional expenditures for regular upkeep and patches. Before electing to use Premium EBC, business owners should calculate the financial commitment.

Difference Between A+ Content and Premium Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

There are notable differences between A+ Content and Premium EBC, which enable sellers to create powerful listings. Here is a rundown of the main differences between the two:

FeaturesA+ ContentPremium EBC
AvailabilityAll SellersInvite Only
Modules12 Basic Modules16 Modules
Minimum Modules in a Listing77
Maximum Content Width970 pixels1464 pixels
Mobile CapabilityYesYes


Amazon provides brand owners and sellers with potent tools for improving product listings, such as the EBC Enhanced Brand Content (A++ Content).

EBC allows sellers to extend their product descriptions with additional multimedia components and modules, enabling them to display the unique selling features and benefits of their items.

However, Enhanced Brand Content goes above and beyond in terms of personalization and aesthetic appeal. Brand owners now have access to even more sophisticated tools and personalization possibilities for making engaging, one-of-a-kind content. To ensure that only legitimate brand owners have access to EBC, Amazon restricts it to those who have registered their brands with the company’s Brand Registry.

If you’re a business owner or seller on Amazon, you should think about using EBC to boost the visibility of your product listings and open up new avenues for growth.

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