Shopping online takes a little more time and consideration as you cannot physically touch, hold, or check the product. When you are just watching things on the screen, it becomes comparatively harder to select and trust the one best. Suppose you went to the market to buy a gaming chair; you can nearly clear every doubt you have in your mind. However, this is not the case with online shopping.

Among other crucial points, correct product dimensions are highly significant while describing how a product looks. Exact product dimensions ultimately benefit your Amazon product listings and turn a visitor into a regular buyer. Every seller should always display the precise product dimensions as item size is highly substantial for a buyer. Furthermore, it will make you stand above the competitors who usually do not provide correct dimensions.

 Product dimensions play a major in amazon listing. So, the question that arises now is that how should we write the correct dimensions?

How to write product dimensions:

Product dimensions are attributes that help buyers understand the product size accurately and identify the product variants. In some products like mattresses, and cushions dimensions play a notable role. 

The standard format for writing product dimensions is length x width x height as this formula is according to amazon requirements, so every seller must follow it. However, it is not mandatory to follow the exact sequence unless you mention which dimension belongs to which part of the product. 

It helps buyers get an idea about the specific shape and size of the product so that customers will not have to put extra effort into understanding the dimensions. Every one of us likes to go with the uncomplicated and easy things. You can provide more ease to users to use by adding identifiers while listing dimensions. For example, 10.9L x 14W x 75H, or you can also write as 10.9x14x75 (LxWxH).

Customers may not find the dimensions of Amazon FBA packaging important; however, the product’s dimensions within it are a crucial factor. We recommend our users write the dimensions of the product and packaging both separately. While providing information about your product on seller central, there is a section called “Product dimensions” where you need to provide this information. 

The total dimensions of the product are used to charge the shelf-space by the customer. Products are usually grouped based on categories by amazon. Then according to these categories’ sellers need to pay the charges. Like we can say the small standard size products on Amazon almost measures up to 0.75″ on the shortest side, 15″ on the longest side, and 12″ on the medium size. The size increase in an organized step until the product fall into Amazon’s oversize dimensions category having the length over 108″.

Amazon makes use of the exact requirements to charge the monthly storage fee and shipping fee. If you keep a small product at the Amazon warehouse, you’ll be charged $2.41 per unit every month. On the other side, for extra-large products, you’ll have to pay $137.32 per unit every month.

What do Amazon Product dimensions include?

On the product page, you will find the product dimensions listed in technical details. Most people confuse these product dimensions with the packaging dimensions. However, on the product page always product dimensions are mentioned because the user will be interested in the actual size of your product rather than the size of the whole packaging. 

As we have already mentioned, if you want, then you can write package dimensions separately under the section “Package dimensions.” However, that is not important. 

When creating an FBA listing or writing A+ content, dimensions help customers find the product they want when browsing the Amazon store. Amazon estimates the overall size of the product to charge the fee. However, the packaging field will not become visible to the buyer as it is not of high importance. 

How to check the dimensions of the product: 

You can use various tools to check the average size of the product your competitors are using. It is considered a good approach to follow when you cannot touch the product yourself or when you are doing dropshipping. If the dimensions are available on the products page, you will have to utilize these below-mentioned tools below to get it.

  • CamelCamelCamel: is a fantastic tool that provides the history of the product price and the average size of the product you want.
  • Keppa: Like CamelCamelCamel, it also provides price and size charts and other valuable information of any product that you want.

On the other side, some paid tools are also available that provide more critical information about the products and the size and price. It includes product analysis, keywords, sales data, and much more. Some of these tools are Viral Launch, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout. 

  • Helium 10: It is the all-in-one Amazon FBA tool for SEO, refunds, inventory management, product research, and fraud protection.
  • Jungle scout: Like Helium 10, it is also aiding in finding, launching, and selling products on Amazon. It contains an up-to-date feature that will help you in making effective decisions for your Amazon business.
  • Viral Launch: It is a complete package of Amazon seller solutions. Product research, competitive analysis, see what the demand and competition of the product is.
  • AMZ scout: It is a product research tool. You can research by setting the parameters to get the most constructive product ideas. 

How to fill the Amazon Product dimensions: 

You will have to provide the product size when you are uploading the product listing on Amazon. When you click on the “Add product” tab, a new form will open where you’ll be asked to provide complete product details that can be useful for buyers.

Here two separate fields are available to mention the item and package dimensions. These two fields overall calculate the FBA fee. 

If you do not provide the exact dimensions of the product package, your buyer may get disappointed when they receive it and ultimately offer a bad review on your page. Most customers first try to find the dimensions of the products in the bullet points, so we should try to mention sizes here as well. However, if we have mentioned dimensions here, the customer will move to the technical details page. 

Product dimensions VS Package dimension:

The package dimensions indicate the size of the box, parcel, or pouch your item will be shipped in. The three measurements, including length x width x height, shows the shipping company the size of the package so they can charge accordingly.

Item size, on the other hand, is the exact size of the product itself. Item dimensions or product dimensions are both alternatively used. When you list your items on Amazon, dimensions will be displayed in the technical details section.

Although it may seem a small thing, it plays a highly significant role for your buyer. If you don’t want to disappoint your customers and want them to stay with you longer, then precise product dimensions are necessary. Meet the customer requirements by providing the correct dimensions of every product.

Although the format for writing the product dimensions of Amazon is (L X W XH), however, there is no restriction to write length at the first and so on. You can write the dimension and an indication to make clear, like in the example given above.

Item dimensions will not be visible on the page; however, you will have to provide them while filling in your product information. Amazon will utilize this size to calculate the fee or charges. 

Providing the wrong information about your product can disappoint your customer, leading to negative reviews. We highly recommend our users to give dimensions both in bullets and in technical product details as well.

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