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Boost Your Sales on New Year

 As we all know that 2021 was a tough year. But due to the pandemic situation 50% percent of the new audience start online shopping and from that 55% of products, researches are done on Amazon. In this year the e-commerce industry has flourished a lot as 49% of online sales increased as compared to 2019.

 As 2022 is about to start and it’s a great time to strike the iron when it’s hot, means if you are selling on Amazon then it’s a perfect time to make a new year sales strategy. As the majority of people are filling their cart with holiday gifts so, we recommend Amazon sellers get prepared as soon as possible.

Here are some strategies that you can follow for new year’s sales 2022.

  • Analyze your Last year Q4 data

Every year is different from the others so does the sales. The first and the most important Amazon sales strategy is to view your last year Q4 performance so that you can analyze which was the most selling product, which campaigns performed best at that time, and what feedback you received. After analyzing your previous performance, you can better map your inventory level and identify the areas that require improvement to enhance the performance and derive more sales.

  • Product Launching

Product launching is a great Amazon sale strategy. It’s a perfect way when shoppers can make huge profits by launching a unique or premium new product in the market. Simply just run a “Soft Launch” before the holiday, identify some keywords to target a small amount of audience and gather customer feedback before the official launch to see audience response about your item. This will help you to analyze the inventory level like how much inventory you should have at the time of holiday time.

  • Built your Store within Amazon

 Another great Amazon sales strategy is to build your own store within the Amazon store. In this over-saturated marketplace, it is very difficult to showcase your items but if you are a registered brand on amazon then this is not so difficult. Amazon gives you a special tool “Store Builder” in which you can build your own storefront just like a mini-website. No coding or design expertise is required to create a store. Your store will showcase your entire product catalog with rich media test images and your brand story. Using Amazon stores you can attract more customers and increase sales up to 30%.

  • Use Amazon Vine Program

Another useful Amazon sales strategy is the use of the Amazon vine program. This program helps you to grow reviews for your new program. For example, if you have launched a new product before the holiday on Amazon and you want the maximum sale of that item then you can increase its reviews through the amazon vine program. The program will help you increase sales by an average of 20% in $200 for each product.

  • Prepare for Supply Chain issues and FBA stock limits

 Nowadays Supply chain and FBA stock limit is the common problem that many sellers are facing. To overcome this problem, Amazon makes some sale strategies like removing your old inventory from the warehouse to free up space for new holiday stock. Run ads and discounts on only those products that are sufficient in stock. If you have any top-selling products then keep an eye on the inventory level to minimize the risk of stocking out of that product. In order to avoid supply chain issues, start running discounts on products earlier in the season.

As 2021 is about to end therefore it’s a great time when you can follow this Amazon new year sale strategy for 2022. At Bizistech, there are listing optimization experts that will help you to drive Amazon sales in every season so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Connect with the team to know about the latest Amazon news and trend. If you have any concerns or questions, leave a comment below we will be happy to help you.

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