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Bizistech is defined as “Business and Tech.” A company that started as a one-person show under a small Private label in 2016 intending to excel in e-commerce has become a strong fraternity with 100 + staff.  Bizistech is a one-stop strategic e-commerce consulting and marketing agency that creates business opportunities for its clients worldwide. A place where you will find all your e-commerce solutions under one roof.

Motivating Employees:

Bizistech organizes the annual event 2021 for promoting their culture and getting every department together. It’s the right time to get employees involved and work together to make this special event a big success.

At the annual event, we tend to explain to our employees how far the organization has reached over the past few years and to understand what BIG is coming. We introduce our new objectives and plans that will be executed during the coming year.

At the same time employees had a great time listening to their top management directly. This helps boost their sense of possession and happiness, which results in a significant boost in motivation. Since everyone attends the event, the impact is quite substantial.

Energetic moments :

Bizistech ensures that its employees feel stress-free and relieved in the annual event. We arrange band shows for entertainment and food to keep everyone happy to create a pleasant atmosphere. 

No matter what company you are working in, it can still bring a lot of stress. Competing in a tight market is not easy, significantly amplifying the stress level even more.

An Opportunity To Connect:

Due to the fact that our Management has a lot on their plate, the chance to gather with business leaders and communicate directly doesn’t appear every day. Therefore, Bizistech gives a great opportunity to its entire company to gather at the Tulip Riverside Hotel and strengthen their relationship with each other.


Bizistech beliefs that a key element of making an organization successful requires the appreciation and recognition of its employees. These little things motivate other employees to achieve great things knowing that they will be recognized in this company for their achievements.

Bizistech recognized the extraordinary hard-working employees at the annual event and awarded them shields and cash prizes. 


At the event, the top management share our 2021 achievements with everyone that are

“Bizistech is registered both in the US and UK along with China. Recently we opened another branch in Islamabad. After providing groundbreaking results, we are now partner in Amazon advertising network with amazon.

Business Updates & Goals:

The annual event is a great time for delivering business updates and introducing new business goals to employees. 

Our respected CEO Mr. Faizan Farzand, during his speech, stated that after opening a new branch in Islamabad, He further stated that Bizistech is going to open its physical office in the UK as well. After that, our chief Mr. HR officer Ali Asghar addressed the audience and shared the future goals and targets we have to achieve in 2022.

Virtual Participation Of Chinese Team And BDD:

Our most honorable BBD, Mr. Asad Rehman, and our Chinese team participated attended the Annual event 2021 virtually and sent their good wishes to us.

Later in his speech, he appreciated our CEO Mr. Faizan Farzand and the team’s continuous hard work making this event possible.

Great Leadership:

Our two most great leaders Faizan Farzand and Asad Rehman always possess a clear vision with honesty, and humility. They help people to reach their goals and stand with us in every little thing, unlike other companies’ owners whom you can see once in your during your job time.

We really thank our leaders for giving us the opportunity to work as part of Bizistech.

Guest’s Feedback & Closing Remarks:

No event is complete without the cake cutting, and now it’s become the unspoken tradition. It’s the best way to make your occasions more memorable and unique. Therefore, at the end of the event, the cake was cut and shared among all employers as a thank-you gesture for making this year a massive success for Bizistech.

As an event organizer for the Bizistech annual event, We had access to get feedback from some great individuals. we are glad to announce that we got many good Reviews because their feedback will help us increase confidence and improve in other activities.
We try to approach as many of the guests as possible during the event. They were all delighted to be a part of such an evening. They want to express their gratitude to the entire Bizistech team for making their evening so memorable. “The evening was well organized, and you made it even better by the quality of the preparations, the standard of service, and the quality of the meal,” our guest said. They were looking ahead to more evenings like this.
In the end, our BDD, Mr. Asad Rehman, and CEO Mr. Faizan Farzand Thanked each respectively for coming and taking time from their busy schedule to make this event successful.

Especially Bizistech like to thank all family members, Chairman of City housing and Chamber owner for joining us.

We Thank you all on behalf of Bizistech.

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