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Selling on Amazon is not always as simple as listing a product, and watch it start flying off the shelves. Thanks to the expansion of eCommerce market, increasing awareness among prospective buyers and sellers, and increasing digitization of the world economy, there are more and more sellers entering this market every day. This proliferation of new retailers has created fierce competition. Each seller on Amazon (If looking to join Amazon as a seller, do signup here) is looking to try new things, create unique products, and adopt innovative ideas and practices in their business model to lure in more clients, and carve their own piece of the eCommerce pie. This means that the simple and vintage practices on Amazon cannot always be counted upon to produce the results a retailer might be looking for. In order to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition, sellers have to adopt to get creative with how they introduce their products to potential customers, and entice them to buy those products. Luckily, Amazon has not been sitting idle on this, and provides many options to the sellers to present their products in innovative ways. One of the most popular ways of doing that is through Amazon Virtual Bundles. In this article, I’ve covered the detailed answer of the question stated as how to create amazon virtual bundle on Amazon with a proper definition of Amazon Virtual Bundle.

What is Amazon Virtual Bundle?


Virtual Bundle is a tool available to Amazon Seller Central subscribers, which allows them to package anywhere between 2-5 product ASINs into a single one. Virtual Bundle enables sellers to view their product catalog, find any products which complement each other, and bundle them together for the buyer to purchase them in one single package.

Introduced in 2020, Virtual Bundle allows sellers to combine their beloved products, and offer them to customers in a way where they can all be bought in one click, instead of having to navigate through multiple product listings.

Whenever a Virtual Bundle is created, it becomes an SKU. There are a number of changes that can be made to a Virtual Bundle after it has been created, such as the title description, images and price. However, the contents of a virtual bundle, i.e., the products that the bundle is comprised of, cannot be changed after its creation.

How to Create a Virtual Bundle on Amazon?


Creating a Virtual Bundle on Amazon is very easy. Simply head over to Amazon, and login to your Seller Central Account. Hover you mouse over the ‘Brands’ option, and choose the ‘Virtual Bundle’ option from the drop-down menu that appears. Next up, you will be presented with many empty fields demanding information. Fill in those fields accordingly.

A virtual bundle needs to have at least 2 and at maximum 5 products inside it. Provide a keyword-optimized title and short title for your bundle, to ensure it appears in more and more search results for those keywords.

Then choose a suitable price for the bundle. Pricing a Virtual Bundle depends on the seller, and how they want to go about it. Sellers may tally the total price of each individual ASIN, and charge the total sum as the price. However, many sellers use aggressive pricing to push these bundles, and expose their products to a wider audience. Providing discounts on Virtual Bundles containing products which would otherwise cost the consumers more money to buy individually could be a huge motivating factor behind more and more customers choosing to buy a whole bundles instead of singular products.

After that, you need to provide a good description for your virtual bundle. The description should introduce each product to the customers, and their advantages at an individual level. The description should then emphasize the cohesiveness and synergy of all those products, when they are bought and used collectively. Product descriptions are a great way to actually tell consumers why they should be buying a bundle instead of one product at a time, and how they could benefit from having multiple products complementing each other.

Bullet Points should be next. Bullet Points mainly describe the technical specifications of the products, and emphasize their superior quality over the rest of the competition. It is generally considered a good idea to include 5 bullet points for a Virtual Bundle, comprising of one thousand characters in total.

On the left side of the virtual bundle creation screen, you should see the images section. Including detailed and high-definition images of all products contained inside the virtual bundle is hugely important, as it will let the customers know that all products inside the bundle are trustworthy, and top-quality. You should include anywhere around 8-10 images for each bundle.

Next up is the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). SKUs are also product identifiers, which differ from the ASINs in that an ASIN is assigned by Amazon to a product category on a global level, whereas a SKU is a personal identification number a seller assigns to each individual product inside the Virtual Bundle, to make it easier to track the inventory.

After you have filled out all of these fields, you are good to go. Simply click the ‘Save and Publish’ button at bottom, to create you Amazon Virtual Bundle.

Terms & Conditions of Virtual Bundles


Virtual Bundles consist only of ASINs who belong to brands that a seller owns, and has it registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. All the ASINs (Unfamiliar with creation of new ASIN on Amazon? Explore how to create a new ASIN in Amazon guide) included in a virtual bundle must have active FBA inventory in new condition, which is declared to Amazon.

Virtual Bundles cannot contain all kinds of products. Many product categories such as Electronically-delivered items, music, movies, gift cards, video games, and books cannot be included in a virtual bundle.


It is not necessary to sell a product individually on Amazon. If a seller believes that they have multiple products in their catalog which all complement each other, and provide an enhanced experienced to the user when used together, they should offer those products in the form of a Virtual Bundle. These bundles enable the retailers to sell several products under one listing, to not just make it easier for the consumers to buy them all in one click, but also gain more exposure due to customer-friendly policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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