Update on Amazon Vine Program Enrollment | Guide by Bizistech

As we all know, getting first reviews on any product is on Amazon is quite a difficult task. Because if you want good sales, you need good reviews.

According to the research, 91% of people read reviews before shopping, and 84% trust those online reviews. To help sellers get reviews on new products, Amazon introduced a program named “Amazon vine program”. 

The Vine program was first launched in 2007 for vendor sellers. Later on, at the end of 2019, Vine is launched in Seller central. Recently Amazon made an update in the vine program. But before we talk about the update, let’s take a short overview on this program.

What is Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon invites its most trusted and best reviewers or buyers to review the new products and post their opinions about them. When those reviewers or buyers post a review, they will become vine reviewers or vine voices.

How it works is that sellers send free products, and they will get a review in return. You already know about the eligibility criteria, So let’s talk about the new update.

Amazon announced that the enrollment created on or after October 12, 2021, will charge an enrollment fee.

What does the Amazon Vine program charge?

Before Update

Before the update, Amazon does not charge any enrollment fee

After Update

After the update, Amazon will charge you $200 as an amazon vine enrollment fee on every parent ASIN after the first vine review is published.

Note: Amazon will only charge you forparent ASINs, not child ASINs.

ASINs Limit

Before Update

Before the update, you can only add 5 ASINs.

After Update

After the update, you can now add up to 60 ASINs. But the cons are still there,

  • There is no guarantee that you will get a positive review.
  • Amazon vine program is only applicable to brand owners.



In the end, I will say that this is a great opportunity for sellers as Amazon restricts most of the outside reviews. With this help, they can add up to 60 ASINs instead of 5. This means that now you can rank their new products much faster than before. If you still need any help with the vine program or suggestions, get in touch with Bizistech for new updates.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you.

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