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If you want to start a private label business, Amazon is the best marketplace for product launching. But launching is not as simple as you think. It requires a lot of time, knowledge, and effort for a successful product launch.

Product launching success does not only depend upon listing a product. It’s a planned and organized effort to develop an effective strategy that helps your product to stand out in millions of products in the first place. Therefore, you need to set your target goals first and then develop a strategy to achieve those goals. 

Today, in this, we will guide you on how to launch a new product that will define your product’s long-term success on Amazon. We divided our product launch strategy into three parts 

Moving to our topic:

Amazon New Product Launch Checklist

Pre-Launch Plan

1- Understand How The Amazon A9 and A10 Algorithm Works

Whether you are a new or experienced seller at Amazon, understanding the Amazon algorithms (A9 and A10) is very important for product launching, especially for a new product launch.

Amazon algorithms are a system Amazon uses to decide which products will rank higher in its search results. So, understanding the algorithm means you can rank higher in Amazon searches which will ultimately drive sales. But don’t compare the Google algorithm with Amazon’s algorithm because both work differently.

Google works on relevancy, whereas Amazon is all about sales. Amazon will rank those listings with a strong sales history and other factors like optimized listings. However, the dominating factor will still be the sales.

2- Right Product Research

A successful product launch always starts with the right product research. Today many product research tools in the market can help you find high-demand, low competition products like SellerApp, Jungle scout, Blackbox, etc. 

Even now, you can use the Product Opportunity Explorer the first Amazon tool that helps you find a low competition niche. But while choosing a product, there are a few other important things you need to work on:

Target Audience

While conducting product research think about your target audience first like

  • Which age group of people will buy your product?
  • Why will they purchase your product?
  • How often they will purchase your product?

Just remember one thing don’t rush this process because it takes a lot more time and effort as it’s the most important factor in your product launching.

Your Passion

Launching a new product is quite challenging and requires a lot of patience. Therefore, it is suggested that you should always sell that product that you are passionate about it or have at least some interest in it. This is long-term profitability advice.

Your Competition

You should always know about your competition. As it is said, you should know the depth of the sea before you drown in it. Always choose a low-competition niche at the start and then expand slowly.

3- Build your Brand

The most asked question is “How to launch a brand?”

Why? Because branding is not optional on Amazon now, it’s a need for how your product will stand in this giant massive marketplace where thousands of brands exist. The best way to build your brand is to use Amazon A+ content.

Define your brand story to customers and explain your strengths, like how your product is different from your competitors. Branding includes product packaging, brand colors, images, and design.

4- Define Your Sales Target

The last pre-launch strategy is defining your sales target. You need to be as specific as you can while determining your sales target; why?

Because as a seller, you should calculate all the costs and fees and estimate your profit. For better understanding, we suggest you use jungle scout, Helium 10, and SellerApp.

Launch plan

1- Optimize Your Listings

Listing optimization depends on

Keyword Research

Do competitive keyword research for your product and list them. The most popular keyword research tool for Amazon are Helium 10 and jungle scout. You can read our blog if you wonder which is more accurate, Helium 10 Vs. Jungle scout.

Another way of keyword research is to check competitors’ listings and see what the high-ranking keywords are.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization utilizes high-ranking keywords in your product listing title, bullet points, and description.

It would be best if you optimized your listing according to Amazon SEO and the buyer’s intent. This will help your listing to rank faster.

Keyword Tracking

Once you optimize your listing with high-ranking keywords, track them to ensure whether they are working well with your listing or not. Monitors the CRT (click-through rate) and conversions to see the keyword’s performance. Eliminate the non-converting keywords and improve the ranking of your listing. 

2- Drive External Traffic

You can use this strategy before the product launch and after the product launch. Driving external traffic will help you in brand awareness as well. Some of the ways that help you to drive external traffic are

  • Blog creation
  • Having a website that drives traffic to your listing
  • Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • An email list
  • Hire influencers and ask them to review your product

Higher traffic to your listing means higher visibility which means higher sales.

Post-Launch Plan

1- Get Reviews

Getting the first few reviews is more challenging than getting sales. Reviews play a major role in product ranking because every customer reads reviews before purchasing. Therefore, you can also say that reviews help in driving sales. 

Convincing customers to leave reviews is a very difficult process. Still, there is also another way to collect reviews on Amazon: the use of the Amazon Vine program. Amazon invites its most trusted reviewers to review your product by sending free products to these reviewers in this program.

2- Run PPC Campaigns

After launching a product, the best to make your product visible is through PPC Campaigns for Amazon. There are many different types of PPC campaigns available on Amazon that will target the keywords that will help you improve your ranking. PPC campaigns help you target the right audience and help you in driving more sales.

But remember one thing you need to set a specific budget, so you don’t run out of money. Organize and manage your campaigns so don’t lose money.



These are a few steps of launching a new product. There is always so much to do in product launching. Now, this is up to you how you do it.

 If you still need any help while selling on Amazon, you can contact us at We have a team of Amazon experts that will help you and guide you on how to launch a product on Amazon.

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