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Every commercial activity depends upon a product, whether it be an object or a service. E-Commerce is no different. The whole model of E-Commerce activity revolves around finding in-demand products, and selling them to prospective customers online to generate revenue. Bizistech has experts who can spot a winner product from a distance, and we utilize the best Amazon product hunting tools to figure out which products are past their prime and might not be as hot as they once were. This expertise helps us in pin-pointing highly in-demand products for our clients that are also low in competition.

While hunting products for our clients to sell on Amazon FBA, Bizistech will use its professional acumen and the latest FBA research tools to ensure that we only suggest the most relevant and sought-after products to our clients, so that they already have a winner on their hands right from the word go. We will ensure that:

Product Research eCommerce

If you are an eCommerce startup with the question: what is product research? Then Bizistech has the answer you need to know. Product research is basically an evaluation to check if a particular product is a winner or a loser. Our veteran eCommerce professionals are well-versed in how to do product research, and will use all of their finely-honed abilities to conduct exhaustive research to find winner products for our clients, and ways to expose that product to more and more people. 

Product Hunting

Every business revolves around its products and services, and eCommerce is no exception to that rule. Human mind works in strange ways, and there is no telling when people will start fancying (and buying) a particular product. However, Bizistech has spent enough time in the market to know when the wind starts blowing in favor of a particular niche. We combine our eCommerce expertise in Amazon product hunting with the best-in-the-business professional business management tools for finding a winning product for our clients. We make sure that the chosen product has an established customer-base eagerly looking for a seller they can trust. A dedicated user-base for the product will guarantee maximum profit margins with high ROI for our clients.

High Demand / Low Competition

Everyone knows the cliché, sell a product that is highly sought after by the customers, but does not have too many established brands already selling it. This is however, easier said than done. There are thousands of potential sellers watching the market with a hawkish gaze, ready to pounce on any trending amazon products with high demand low competition, and get the first-movers advantage with the customers. They also mostly utilize the same business management tools and software that are available to every product seller for a fee. In other words, you need to distinguish yourself from the rest to be successful, but the rest are not that much different from you.

This is where the market experience and know-how come into play. We at Bizistech combine the analytical skills of AI and some of the best software for Amazon product research with the human brilliance of our eCommerce professionals, to achieve results that no one alone on their own can achieve. We only choose the best new products that have solid demand in the market, but currently lack interest from the big brands. We also closely monitor all of the competition in the market, and coordinate with our clients to develop strategies that help us in getting ahead of the pack.

No Brand Dominance

With advanced and professional business tools easily available to every entrepreneur who can pay for them, it isn’t rocket science to locate and selling a product on Amazon FBA that might hit it big in the market in the coming days. Finding winning products that are NOT already being dominated by a big brand (least of all, Amazon itself), however, is pretty much close to rocket science. Bizistech has worked in the industry for many years, and our experts are always keenly aware of potential big brands looming around worthwhile products. Through years of experience, our specialists have become experts at where to find products for Amazon FBA, and by utilizing our market experience, our experts will be able to ensure that the chosen product does not have the chronic problems of Amazon dominance or brand dominance, or develop strategies to find our own piece of the pie if that happens to be the case after all.

Not Oversaturated

Finding products to sell on Amazon is not as simple as it sounds. User choices keep evolving with the passage of time. A product hot in demand today might get replaced by an entirely different niche tomorrow. There could be several reasons for product saturation such as excessive competition resulting in over-production and over-exposure, technological advancement which renders some products obsolete, lack of innovation, or just pure consumer exhaustion with a particular item.

We at Bizistech always keep a sharp eye on the market and current dropshipping trends and buyer/seller data with the latest tools at our disposal, and have the ability to determine whenever a product might be losing the love of the customer-base it once claimed. We make sure that our clients are always suggested the best E Commerce products, and that they are properly informed about product saturation issues if they ever arise. This helps our clients to stick with only the hottest products, and avoid losses that might otherwise have occurred due to persisting with oversaturated ones.

Handsome profit and revenue

At the end of the day, a business can summed up by just one simple objective: to make money. A business’ success is measured by the amount of revenue and profit it generates and Amazon product research is incomplete without an educated estimate surrounding the possible cost and ROI of the project. Luckily, Bizistech has all the necessary knowledge to formulate profitable strategies for our clients.

We are blessed with a seasoned eCommerce team which will conduct all the necessary budget calculations related to this process, so that you don’t have to. We will generate a detailed report related to all possible costs and expenses required by the venture, complete with justification for each expense, in order to ensure that our clients only have to spend the necessary sum and there are no cost-overruns. Our experts will also choose low competition products on Amazon that are guaranteed to return 30%-40% profit with highest-possible Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients.

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Good products are a prey, and Bizistech is the hawk

Every eCommerce startup yearns for product that could act as its killer app. Like everything else in the world of commerce, product hunting does not happen by chance or fluke. One needs enough experience in the market to predict future trends, and combine that knowledge with Amazon product analysis and professional product research tools for Amazon to pin-point that special product which can change a startup’s fortunes around. Bizistech possesses all the necessary know-how and tools to do just that, and we are eager to share our expertise with clients who are ambitious about carving their territory in the eCommerce jungle.