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Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, with more than 9.7 million sellers worldwide, generating more than $386.06 billion in revenue per annum.

Amazon provides great opportunities to its sellers to grow their business and sales through different shopping events like  Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day. Out of these all-events, Prime Day is the most popular upcoming event and is a great chance to increase your brand visibility on Amazon.

Amazon Prime Day is one of the greatest shopping occasions in the retail record that expands every year. Buyers will get exclusive deals across thousands of items from the top categories like electronics, homewares, fashion, food, furniture, etc.

Why do we feel that Amazon Prime Day will be the bigger sale in 2022? 

If we see last year’s prime day sale, the total online retail sales in the US exceeded $11 billion when held in June, as per information gathered by Adobe Analytics.

That is more than whatever was spent on the Cyber Monday deal from the past two years ($10.9 billion) – that was the greatest shopping day of 2020. Furthermore, it’s more than the latest Cyber Monday ($10.7 billion). 

Prime Day Date History

First: July 15, 2015

Second: July 12, 2016

Third: July 11-12, 2017

Fourth: July 16-17, 2018

Fifth: July 15-16, 2019

Sixth: Oct 13-14, 2020

Seventh: June 21-22, 2021

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Sadly, the date for Amazon Prime Day 2022 is still not confirmed. Amazon normally shares the accurate Prime Day dates 14 days before the occasion. From the past data, we can predict that this year Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be from Monday, July 18 – to Tuesday, July 19.

How long does Amazon prime day deal last?

Amazon prime day is a 48-hour event which means that all the sales are for 2 days.

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Let’s discuss some tips and tricks on how you should prepare as a seller for the Amazon prime day 2022

Make a Plan

If you are an experienced seller selling for a while, you must have a sales record. Use this information and plan this year’s prime day. Compare what worked and what didn’t in the past year. 

Replicate your successful strategies, identify the loopholes in your previous practices, and avoid them.

You’ll need to start from scratch if you’re new to the market. You need to understand that people start adding products to their want list and planning to shop for them on Prime Day. Therefore, your listings should be optimized 3 weeks beforehand of Prime Day.

Choose the Products You Want to Promote 

If you have a large catalog, focus on those products that can compete with others in terms of price, rankings, and reviews. Brands should look at ASINs with sturdy ratings, proven sales records, and relatively high conversion charges to extract the maximum traffic gain on Prime Day. These products will offer you an amazing return on investment (ROI) and a big sales ratio.

If you want to launch any new product on Prime Day, ensure that your marketing campaign is strategically planned. Push your high-performing products alongside your average products that customers will probably shop for.

Maintain your inventory 

Poor stock control may be the largest stumbling stone to your Prime Day achievement. Amazon has already introduced the FBA cut-off date for Prime Day 2022. Sellers have to plan their shipment to arrive at FBA centers before June 20.

Because of global supply chain disruptions, Amazon has already started to resolve FBA storage through automatic stock removal. Starting April 15, 2022, Amazon will dispose of inventory that has been in the center for twelve months.

Check the “Retail Readiness” of Your Listings

Now, what is retail readiness? 

Ensuring that your product listing has all the necessary information that is important for the customer to understand your product. That includes informative and keyword-rich 

  • Product title
  • Bullet points
  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Product stock availability
  • Customer reviews & ratings 
  • Buy box
  • EBC (Enhanced brand content) or A+ content  

Make sure that your listings are optimized and up-to-date so that when any buyer visits your listing, they get all the information that helps them make a purchasing decision.

 Here is an example of a good listing:

Retail Readiness Amazon Prime Day

Plan Your PPC Campaigns

Ensure strategic planning before running Prime Day campaigns to avoid strolling out of budget. It can be feasible that consumers can see your advert and go back without making a buy.

Prepare to spend at least three instances the quantity of your daily advertising and marketing budget on this mega event. For budget control, sellers need to put money into campaigns for Prime Day-targeted keywords. 

You need to spend more to earn more. To make your ad visible, you have to bid aggressively on top-performing keywords.

Deals and Discounts

The competition among sellers on Prime Day is aggressive as they all Want to grab customers and sales. Providing offers and discounts is a great way to grab customers’ interest and attention. There will be a flood of deals on Prime Day; therefore, it is advised that you should select the promoted products that have strong sales history and high product ratings

Do I Need a Prime Membership to Get Amazon Prime Day discounts?

Yes — Amazon Prime Day is exclusively for Prime members. So, if you are not a prime member, you won’t get any prime deal or discount. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial. But keep in mind that Amazon raised the rate of a Prime membership this year for brand new and current members.

With the charge increase, an Amazon Prime membership expenses $15 a month (up from $13 a month), or you may pay $139 annually (previously $119). The retailer also offers a Prime Student club for $69 every 12 months, up from $59 a year.

What to Shop for During Amazon Prime Day?

As professionals previously advised us, many brands promote their products with great discounts during Prime day. For instance, McGrath stated you could assume there might be large discounts on items like Echo smart home gadgets and Ring video doorbells that you could get up to 50 percent off.

McGrath additionally stated that Prime Day usually gets great attention because of its tech deals. But you should also keep your eye on health and care products as last year, Amazon Basic health care products were 20 percent off, as were pet products. Overall, “Prime Day may be a great chance to take a home and pantry inventory.

Even though there are many physical products on sale, don’t forget digital products during Prime day. Avail subscriptions like Kindle Unlimited, Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Audible, McGrath stated

What Not to Shop During Amazon Prime Day?

McGrath said consumers could count on a much wider variety of TV offers at some stage in Black Friday and main as much as the huge game in February. She stated that gaming isn’t always the nice Prime Day category, either —it could be smart to shop for console bundles and video games on Black Friday or the duration of the Steam Summer Sale instead.

Finally, McGrath stated that for big-price tag home objects like furnishings, three-day weekend sales like Memorial Day and Labor Day offer steeper deals and greater alternatives than Prime Day.

What Discounts Does Amazon Offer to Sellers on This Day?

Amazon offers Prime-exclusive discounts to sellers on this day

Prime-Exclusive Discount

Prime Exclusive Discounts is an advertising option only available to FBA sellers. Your discount can be set as percentage-off or amount-off, and you can set a minimum discounted price floor for each product. The product offer will be discounted with the regular price crossed out. Prime Exclusive Discounts will only be available to Amazon Prime members.

How to Run This Discount and How Does it Work?

Prime Exclusive Discounts can be accessed from the

  • “Advertising” drop-down menu for your Amazon Seller Central page.
  • Once you click on “Create Discount,” you may be introduced to a page where you can upload these discounts either one after the other or in bulk.
  • Enter the name of the discount, and choose the start and end date of the discount.
  • Click Save and Add Products.
  • Upload the completed Discount Upload spreadsheet.
  • Please refer to the “Data Definition” worksheet in the template for proper format. Please note that the system might generate errors if you don’t follow the format. You can find some of the common reasons for upload errors.
  • Once you upload your file, click Validate Products.
  • Click Submit to schedule the discount.

Prime Day Guidelines/Eligibility

Your product should meet all the following criteria to be eligible for Prime Exclusive Discounts on Prime Day:

  • Any product you offer a discount on must be Prime shipping eligible in all regions within the country.
  • Any product on which you offer a discount must be in new condition.
  • The product should have at least a 3-star rating or no rating.
  • The discount must be at least 10% off the non-prime member’s non-promotional price (Your Price or Sale Price, whichever is lower).
  • The discount should not be set on any restricted, offensive, embarrassing, or inappropriate product.

Alexa and Prime Day Alerts

Amazon has launched a new feature, “Alexa,” that will notify the prime customers about any specific discounts and deals in advance. This smart voice alert assistant will alert the prime customers when the eligible product in their wish list or shopping cart is on sale. This will save their time and money.

To turn this feature on 

  • Go to the Alexa app
  • Click “More” and go to “Settings notifications.”
  • Look for shopping recommendations and enable “deal recommendation.” 

Where to Find Alternative Prime Day Deals?

Over the last few years, there are hundreds of sites that offer great deals as alternatives to Amazon Prime deals.

Retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target started anti-Prime deals. In many categories, these retailers are undercutting Amazon with their deals.

Amazon Prime Day vs Black Friday

Both are the biggest sales events for Amazon. However, the differences between the two events are 

  • Amazon Prime Day sale is only for Prime members, whereas the Black Friday sale is for everyone.
  • The prime day runs in July, whereas Black Friday occurs in November.
  • Prime day is considered best for technology, whereas Black Friday is best for all items.
  • Black Friday has lower prices than a prime day.

How to Find the Best Prime Day Deal?

Many websites help you find the best prime day deals like


CamelCamelCamel is the best tracker that tracks every product sold on Amazon and helps you find the right price product. It only works for Amazon. It also offers an extension called Camelizer that allows you to see pricing trends on a product-by-product basis.

Simply just set a price for a specific product once that product reaches that price you will be notified by email.


A honey browser extension is similar to CamelCamelCamel it helps you track the prices of items and alert you when you find the right one. The only difference is it works for all sites, including Amazon.


Slickdeals help you find the best deals around the internet. This allows you to create custom deal alerts by adding keywords.

This site works differently. You need to add a product name or retailer name to your list, and it will notify you when it meets your criteria. The slickdeals will alert you to all the deals related to your keyword.

Look outside of Amazon

Sometimes you can find better deals at other retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart during Prime Day.


Although Amazon prime day 2022 is just a few months away as a seller, you need to start planning now because you can never be prepared for an event like Prime day. The competition will be tough, so you need to play the right cards as a brand because these 48-hour can be the most profitable hours for your business.

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