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You have listed products on Amazon but

  • Sales numbers remain unimpressive
  • Do not know how to advertise the product properly
  • Overwhelmed by the complexity of bidding strategies
  • The organic traffic is not keeping up with your ambitions
  • Unaware of the importance of limited-time offers and coupons
  • Do not know how to identify suitable audience for the products

If these are the problems you are going through as an Amazon seller, the solution is simple: you need to bring Bizistech on board to oversee your PPC advertisement push.

Boosting ROI with Proven Bidding Strategies for PPC Campaigns

Bizistech is well-groomed for Amazon PPC agency USA machine having run successful pay-per-click campaigns for countless clients. Our PPC specialists understand that there are countless other retailers competing for the same top spots in the search results.

In order to level up the playing field, Amazon has introduced the concept of ‘bidding’ for the top spots is SERPs, wherein Amazon chooses the best bid submitted and features the corresponding listing on top of search results. However, the bidding process is complicated, as it involves choosing one among many available strategies, whichever is best-suited for a particular scenario.

Bizistech is the best Pay Per Click agency in the market, and our experts for Amazon PPC campaign optimization know exactly which strategy to choose, and how to make it work. We will consult our clients throughout the bidding process, and will tailor our best Amazon PPC strategy according to the marketing budget allotted by our clients. We will make sure that every penny of that budget is utilized to perfection, leading to top-notch CPC that any e-commerce consultant might be able to offer in today’s market.

The bidding process is complex, and requires the assistance of PPC experts to execute properly.

Being a top PPC agency, Bizistech has experienced experts who know which bidding strategy to choose and how to optimize the marketing budget for the best CPC.

Bizistech contain experts in the field of public dealing as well as for Amazon PPC campaign strategy, and they know that running product promotions on Amazon is an important part of any successful PPC campaign. Promoting products requires not only the knowledge of PPC ads, but also advanced knowledge of social media, public dealing and the ability to gauge the public mood. Our experts for Amazon PPC ads agency will combine their expertise in promoting your product in the most meaningful ways to reach out to more and more potential customers.

Running product promotions on Amazon is a crucial aspect of a successful PPC campaign.

Bizistech e-commerce experts are well-versed in promoting products effectively through social outreach to reach potential customer.

Coupon Strategies for Customer Acquisition and Retention

Bizistech is well aware of the fact that the success of an online business relies heavily on innovative practices to garner the interests of potential customers. One of the most tried-and-tested methods of doing that is by offering discounts on items through coupons. Coupons have been a staple of many businesses for hundreds of years, and e-commerce is no exception.
Our experts understand the importance of discounted coupons for Amazon PPC campaign strategy success, which are meant to incentivize the purchasing of the product, at the cost of reduced profits, in order to boost customer retention and brand building.
Being a veteran e-commerce Pay Per Click advertising agency, Bizistech is well-aware of the advantages of price discounts through coupons, and the pitfalls of over-aggressive price reductions as well. Our PPC experts will take many factors into consideration before offering a discount coupon on our clients’ products. These factors include the market sentiment, mindset of the targeted audience, and most importantly, the promotion strategies being used by direct competitors.
Due to the fact that offering discounts impacts overall profitability of our clients, our PPC professionals will conduct in-depth research into all of the aforementioned factors before making an educated decision on the matter. We will remain constantly in touch with our clients throughout this process, to make sure that they are fully onboard with this decision before it is carried out.

Offering discounts through coupons is a very useful method to build a loyal customer base.

Bizistech experts for Amazon PPC management services know the advantages and potential pitfalls of offering coupons.

Before offering a discount coupon, our PPC experts will consult the clients, and take into consideration important factors before making a decision.

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Lightning Deals – Proven Strategy for Boosting Sales

We have acute understanding of customer sentiments, and we know that everyone wants to buy something which they think is unique, is in short-supply, and which they might never get if they the chance right then and there: the ideal building-block for Amazon PPC campaign types such as lightning deals.
The Amazon Pay Per Click consultants at here know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to product promotions through Lightning deals. They will choose the best-possible time to introduce the lightning deals, in order to maximize customer interest in the products.
Through top-class business management tools, they will acquire the necessary data to aid them in their decision-making. Being a seasoned Pay Per Click marketing firm, we will make sure that your product receives the enthusiasm and interest that it deserves.

We will provide sales reports with a performance analysis of product’s sales against lightening deals.

We will carefully choose the timing of lightning deals to maximize customer interest and ensure that your products receive the attention they deserve.

We are specialists for Amazon PPC advertising services are experts of creating and managing lightning deals campaigns, and will use their experience and top-class business management tools to maximize customer interest in your products.

7-Day Deals that Deliver Results

Our experts for Amazon PPC optimization service are also equally proficient in yet another way to promote your products: the 7-Day Deal program. Under this promotional offer, we will list your products on Amazon Deals for seven days, where they will receive the ‘Limited Time Deal’ badge from Amazon, resulting in increased exposure for the product listing for the next seven days.
The Pay Per Click account managers at Bizistech know exactly which products to put up for a seven-day limited time offer, and also at what time should such a deal be introduced to the shoppers. They will make sure that increased interest is garnered among the targeted audience for our clients’ product.

We specialize in all aspects of 7-Day Deal promotions.

The 7-Day Deal program will allow us to increase exposure for your products on Amazon Deals for a whole week.

Creation of Outlet Deals by Retail Experts

Having extensive experience for Amazon PPC advertising agency, Bizistech has seen successful products, and also some of the failed ones. We know that not every product listing is going to be a rollicking success among the customers, and that such products can sit idle in an Amazon warehouse, accruing hefty Amazon storage fees. What’s worse, those storage fees are increased after 365 successive days for each product.
For that reason, Amazon offers to sell those products at discounts of 10%-60% from the original selling price. Top Pay Per Click management firms train their experts specifically for such occasions, in order to get the best deal out of such difficult circumstances.
Our experts for Amazon PPC marketing services are also trained to analyze the scenarios for painful decision-making such as unsold inventory. Whenever such a scenario occurs with a product collecting rust in an FBA warehouse, it might be a better idea to sell the products at discounted rates through outlet deals, rather than accrue further losses due to storage fees.
Our Pay Per Click Consultants will make sure to consult our clients all the way if such a scenario were to occur, and will only give the go-ahead for an outlet deal to Amazon when our clients are fully onboard with the decision.

Bizistech PPC specialists are experienced in analyzing scenarios of unsold inventory. 

We will consult with clients before making the decision on selling unsold inventory at
discounted rates through outlet deals.

We will ensure that only those products are put up for outlet deals who are no longer relevant in the market, in order to avoid losses.

Boosting Sales with Prime Exclusive Discounts

Bizistech provides top-quality Amazon Pay Per Click management services, and our marketing professionals are well-versed in offering the best-timed discounts to Prime members. Amazon Prime is a premium subscription service offered for users, having a vast subscriber base. Also, Amazon is very fond of this program, and looks very positively at every seller who offers particular discounts for Prime subscribers.
These discounts can be any among the aforementioned offers, including 7-day deals, lighting deals, coupons etc. However, a seller may go beyond that to offer any unique offer to Prime members.
We will analyze the market sentiment very carefully, and will provide well-timed discounts to Prime members at the best possible times, such as holidays and special events, leading to more traffic and exposure for our clients’ product. 

We recommend services thet are designed to provide well-timed discounts to Prime members based on careful market analysis.

We are well aware that Amazon Prime is a highly regarded subscription service by Amazon, and will use Prime discounts to cultivate a good reputation with Amazon.

Take Your Sales to the Next Level

We provide the best Pay Per Click services in the field of e-commerce, who have run countless Amazon FBA PPC campaigns throughout their illustrious careers. When we feel that product optimization is not enough to feature a product listing to the top of the search results, we will go for PPC advertisement to provide limited time exposure to our clients’ products.

Our experts for Amazon PPC advertisement management know the importance of various types of promotional campaigns, and will utilize them efficiently to make sure our clients’ products always decorate the top of the search results whenever they need to. Being one of the top Pay Per Click management company in the market, our PPC experts are well-aware of all the tricks that are needed to stand your product out from the rest of the competition, and they will make sure that our clients’ product succeeds at all costs. 

With our Pay Per Click services, clients can be assured that their products will always be prominently featured in search results.

Our Pay Per Click expert team has extensive experience in running successful campaigns, and can utilize various promotional strategies to ensure success of product listings.

We’ll Ensure that Your PPC Budget Generates Leads and Sales Successfully

Our expertise lies in expertly managing PPC campaigns for your e-commerce business to drive targeted traffic and maximize your ROI. We will develop customized strategies to perfectly align with your business goals, ensuring that your ads are visible to your target audience. Our team of skilled professionals will help you manage Amazon PPC campaigns from start to finish, providing you with comprehensive reports on performance and analytics to help you make informed decisions. With our proven track record in PPC management, we guarantee that your campaigns will be successful and generate high ROI.

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Services We Provide

Successfully pulling off PPC Management involves a number of processes, and here is how our experts will go about them:


Competitive Analysis

We provide comprehensive Competitive Analysis to help our clients stay ahead of the pack. Our team of experts conduct in-depth research on your competitors’ PPC strategies, identifying key insights and opportunities to optimize PPC campaigns Amazon. With our Competitive Analysis for PPC Management, you’ll be able to leverage the strengths of your competitors and identify areas where you can gain a competitive edge in the market.


Ad Copy Optimization

We will analyze your current ad copy and develop compelling, customized copy that aligns with your business goals. Our experts conduct A/B testing to determine the most effective ad variations and continuously monitor and adjust your ad copy for optimal performance. With our Ad Copy Optimization for PPC Management, you’ll see improved click-through rates and conversion rates, resulting in increased ROI for your business.

Cost and performance analysis

Bizistech provides an exhaustive Cost and Performance Analysis help you optimize your advertising spend and improve campaign performance. We provide comprehensive reports on performance metrics, including cost per click, click-through rate, and conversion rate, identifying areas of opportunity to reduce costs and increase ROI, which allows you to make data-driven decisions to improve your campaigns.

Bidding Strategy

Our firm specializes in Bidding Strategy to ensure your campaigns are effectively reaching your target audience while maximizing your budget. We will develop customized bidding strategies that align with your business goals, utilizing data-driven insights to optimize your ad placements and bids. We continuously monitor and adjust your bids to ensure your campaigns remain competitive and cost-effective.

Run Deals

We specialize in creating effective deals that drive targeted traffic and increase conversions. Our ad gurus develop customized run deals campaigns. We specialize in all kinds of deals such as 7-day deals, lightning deals and outlet deals. We identify the most effective keywords, timeframes, and targeting strategies, and continuously tweak your run deals campaigns to ensure optimal performance.

Discounts & Coupons Management

We have considerable expertise in discounts and coupons management for our clients. We’ll closely coordinate with our clients to create and implement effective discount and coupon strategies, track their performance, and optimize them for maximum results. With our services, you can increase conversions, customer retention, and revenue while keeping your customers constantly engaged and satisfied.

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