Amazon is the largest E-Commerce platform with billions of users. In such a large community store it’s very important that you choose the right niche. Researching products like what to sell or which niche items to sell on Amazon is a very difficult task. It’s like finding a way through a maze. 

You use different techniques and tools like helium 10, Blackbox to find the high-demand low competitive products but every time do research you came with different results. That’s why 47% of Amazon sellers find challenging to find niches that are on trending. We understand your problem that’s why we are here   to help you. In this article, we will guide you on how to find high-demand low competitive products to sell on Amazon.

What is Amazon niche?

A niche is the smaller part of the broader market that focuses on specific interests or needs of consumers. It’s like a submarket. As a seller, you should be aware of the value of niches.

Selling products in a specific niche market helps you to establish positive recognition of your brand.

For example 

If you search for cancer gifts now it’s a very broad topic so you have to search for a low competition niche in the cancer gifts category like headwear, cancer cards, gift baskets, hair cover, jewelry Now from these niches check the high demand and low competition products.

How to find a good niche market?

Finding a good niche for your business is not an easy task. There are many different ways to find Amazon’s niche ideas. 

Therefore, to find the best Amazon niches here are some of the sources that you can use.

Source #1: Use Google

You can use google as a first source to do some general search and can take an overview of competitors and competing products.

For example:

We will start our research with a broad topic like “Headphones”.

This is a broad topic to cover but under the snippet “people also ask” there are some common questions, which is a great opportunity to take help from.

Digging Deeper

We still have larger categories that have so much competition, so we need to dig a little deeper and find a niche that has less competition

For example, we choose the over-ear headphones.

We see the niche over-ear headphones is so much in competition, this means we have to dig a little deeper more. Finding a niche is like digging deeper and deeper until you find a specific low-competition niche.

So, there are many different types of over-ear headphones in the market today so we will go with the niche which is  “Sleep Headphones” and see some popular products.

Here we see some popular products on different platforms like Amazon, Wyrmwood, Etsy, and related articles. So following this lead we will dig deeper and deeper into Sleep Headphones. Here are also many different options in sleep headphones like sleep headphones with bluetooth, sleep headphones with microphoone and some of sellers sell both.So latest electronics so we will go more specific and go with Over-ear Headphones with Bluetooth and microphone.

While finding a niche it’s important to see the niche popularity, so we are researching about new electronics under the headphones so we will go with the articles.

Here we see estimated results which means that the average store has 100,000 to 300,000 visitors each month. This means this is a low competition niche and a great opportunity to do business. 

Source #2: Online Communities

The next method is online communities which is the best source of niche finder. Online communities are everywhere so it’s a great way to see and measure the niche popularity.


Instagram is a great social media application to see the popularity of niches thanks to the hashtags. We will continue using the same example and search for “Headphones”

Under the headphones, we see many latest different headphones, customized headphones, mini headphones, over-ear headphones these all are the potential niches that you can use. So, we narrow down topic and go for “Over-ear headphones”

As you see the competition is getting less tough as we are digging deeper and deeper. So now we go for a sleep headphone and see how many people have posted about this.

When it comes to seeing the niche popularity on Instagram we see the top post and hashtags related to images. With the help of this method you can find a popular niche with low competition.  These sleeping headphones with a Bluetooth and microphone is the latest technology so it is a great chance to strike the iron when it is hot.


The second-best online community to see niches that are trending by hashtags, groups, pages is Facebook.

Once again, we will go with the same example and search for Over-ear Headphones on Facebook. On the left side, you can filter by posts, people, pages, images, groups, etc.

Filtering by the group is a great way to see how much the audience is interested in your niche.

As you scroll down you can see many groups that you can join. Now for finding niche ideas spend time on popular groups and see the what majority of people are talking about. You can also participate in different group chats to see what specific point is discussed and you can solve it.


The third great way to find the best niche to sell on Amazon online is through Reddit. It’s a home of thousands of communities where people talk about their different interests, hobbies, and passions. It means the platform is already is subdivided into different subreddits and organizing its data for you in different subsets or niches.

We continue searching for the same example Headphones on Reddit. The website website will show you the popularity by follower count and growth.

The over-ear headphone is a broad topic so the subreddits will show you the top related keywords for Headphones. This is a great opportunity to see the popular niche ideas related to headphones. But if you are still interested in sleep over-ear headphones then you can also search for a specific subreddit.


The last and the most important online community to find to see the niche popularity is Quora. 

Quora is basically a question and answer website where users submit their questions about certain topics and the others submit their best answer.

You can find profitable niches on Quora in two ways:

Like Reddit, Quora organizes all its questions into different topics and subtopics. It provides information on different topics that help you to find new and popular niches that people may be interested in.

The second way is to ask questions within the community, before launching a product or service to know their reviews on it.

Here you can see what majority of people prefer and plan your product or service according to that.

Source #3: Product Opportunity Explorer

Another best source to find high-demand low competition products is Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer. It’s a tool that helps you find the best niches on Amazon and therefore is called Niche Product Opportunity Explorer.

 It works exactly like jungle scout, helium 10, Blackbox, merchant word, etc. but the data provided by Opportunity explorer came straight from the Amazon database.

It helps you to understand customer demands and can explore up-to-date accurate data. With Opportunity explorer, you can sort and filter required data. 

How to use Product Opportunity Explorer?

  • Using Product Opportunity Explorer, you can search data for any category like Arts, Crafts, & Sewing; Baby; Beauty & Personal Care; Health & Household; Home & Kitchen; Kitchen & Dining; Lawn, Patio, & Garden; Office Products; Pet Supplies; Sports & Outdoors; and Toys & Games.
  • Select any category from the Browse and filter option.
  • For Example, here we will go in the beauty category  Beauty> Oral Care > Dencure care and filter out the data for this specific niche.
  • Here we will get the list of matching niches in the denture care category. The opportunity explorer will show you the possible product opportunities
  • Here you can see the customer needs, top search terms, search volume for the past 360 and 90 days, Search volume growth for the past 360 and 90 days, Unit sold, and average price. There are also some advanced features like you can see the top three clicked products and see which products are popular. 
  • With the Product Opportunity explorer, you can better analyze the high-demand low supply products on amazon.

How to monetize profitable Amazon product niches?

After discovering a profitable niche, you might be thinking now how can you take advantage of that niche and make money?

Well, there are many ways in which you can monetize and grow your niche for example:

  1. You can sell a product related to that niche on any marketplace.
  2. You can sell other affiliate products related to your niche.
  3. You can write an eBook relevant to your niche.
  4. You can sell courses related to your niche.
  5. You can become a consultant in your niche.
  6. You can create a niche blog and can sell Pay Per Click ads.
  7. You can also sell sponsored posts on your niche blog.



In this article, we explained all the effective ways how to find high-demand low competitive products on amazon. Now it’s up to you how well you do your Amazon niche research.

Always remember many profitable niches are waiting, you just have to dig deeper. If you still need any help contact Bizistech,  we have a team of experts that will help you to find profitable niches that will help you to drive Amazon sales in every season so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Connect with the team to know about the latest Amazon news and trend.

If you have any concerns or questions, leave a comment below we will be happy to help you.

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