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Amazon Expert

  • Amazon Account Management:

    Enjoy full-service Amazon management and its perks,including gearing up for a new business’ launch or reviving current stagnant sales – grow your revenue and brand presence. If your store is already generating profit but you’re looking to launch more products and expand or are looking for a market opportunity to launch profitable products in other marketplaces, hiring a VA should be the first thing on your agenda. Focusing on strategic, growth-centered tasks needs constant attention, VAs therefore optimize profit-generating activities, monitor trends and manage and report analytics, giving your brand a competitive edge,inspiring growth and keeping your Amazon seller central account healthy. 

Virtual Assistant?

The word virtual assistant, itself, is pretty self-explanatory. A virtual assistant, in a nutshell, is a work-from-home assistant. Their expertise, however, don’t lie in fetching you tea, coffee or doing mundane tasks. A virtual assistant is more a chaperone for your online business, let’s explore how.

What to Expect from Virtual Assistants?

Primarily, virtual assistants (more commonly referred to as VAs) discuss sale structure, targeted audience, market outreach with you before product hunting within your targeted keyword. They’re credited responsibility for sourcing the products – nationally and internationally (mostly through Ali Baba), after which your first-lot of inventory has been sorted, organized and managed. They then proceed with Product Listing, producing product-specific content like images and descriptions.

Social media marketing is a vital contributing factor to the success of a business, especially, in this day and age where digital is the way to go. Virtual assistants responsibly manage all the social media platforms of your company by handling ads and monitoring the expenditure you put into advertisements. They organize not only organic sales but giveaways too, boosting your company’s audience statistics. Lately, campaigning and collaborating with social media “influencers” is also something virtual assistants reach out for, after analyzing the influencers out-reach statistics to ensure that the collaboration will be in your company’s best interests. Virtual assistants also sort through reviews and organize feedback charts as to what your company is lacking (if anything), in line with the reviews. For all positives, it’s well and good and for the negatives, it’s their responsibility to reach out the customers and satisfy them with whatever they felt was lacking in your company’s services.

An in-depth view into specific VA tasks:

  • Listing Creation & Optimization
  • Product Research & Sourcing
  • A+ Pages & Store Front Design
  • Shipment And Logistics
  • Branding & Merchandising
  • Marketing & Advertising (PPC)
  • Indexing And Ranking
  • Category Approvals
  • Brand Registry
  • Reimbursements
PPC Management Provided
Social Advertising Projects
Products Added
Successful PPC Remarketings

Our Customers Say

"Early on in my Amazon FBA business, I struggled a lot to find competent Virtual Assistant. I have used fiverr, Upwork and other freelancers sources for finding Trustable & expert Amazon Virtual Assistant. Few days later one of my friend recommended me to Bizistech. I love the Fact that they are well-versed on eCommerce Platforms, Especially on Amazon. They Understood what I need, So I spent less time on Coaching"
Jay Edward
Jay Edward
Took an Amazon Expert
"When I started using Bizistech, my prime product was down in the 1000’s on Amazon’s Best Seller list for that category and my sales were averaging maybe one a day. Now one of that product is number 7 in it’s category and number 3 on a search for that product on amazon.com and averaging 55 sales a day, and climbing. I would highly recommends to hire an Experts & Professional VA at Bizistech. A BIG THANK YOU for an excellent Services"
Laura Max
Laura Max
Took an Amazon Expert
"Talking about Bizistech, they are a real experts on Amazon services. The team is professional with actual core knowledge, they are helping us with the increase in sales year by year. They have great design team that helps us create A+ pages and revamp our Brand store. They even manage Ads for us, which is great. Lately, they helped us to launch our Japan marketplace. Bizistech is our Growth Partner. We recommend them to every seller. Thank you Bizistech!"
Lucy Parkinson
Lucy Parkinson
Took an Amazon Expert
"I've got tremendous support from Bizistech. We assigned project to them and they not only timely completed but also assisted us as and when required to use services. Thanks for your cooperation. Their charges are also very reasonable. Getting good results, and now I am free from all worries about handling my account. Very energetic team"
Summer Zhu
Summer Zhu
Took an Amazon Expert
"Bizistech allowed me to free up time so I could spend more time doing other things like spending time with my family. Mr Asad and his team has been responsive and has helped me increase my profits and lower my spending on Amazon PPC"
Dempsey Koch
Dempsey Koch
Took an Amazon PPC Specialist
"We are new sellers on amazon and started Amazon FBA, We were looking for a good customer and account manager provider that can help us with customer service, email responses, mapping and more. The people at Bizistech are very responsive, well organized and know the amazon system very well. Very happy with the service so far !"
Carmen Selina
Took an Amazon FBA Expert

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