Amazon Demand Side Platform DSP better optimization on and off amazon

Thousands of buyers around the globe visit Amazon daily, Looking for millions of products. All these visitors are an opportunity window to sellers. Sellers compete with each other to score the sale.

Most scoring sellers take the lion share by using the advanced strategic approach, Which starts from perfect product development until the best marketing strategies.

Amazon understands the needs of the market. To match the most relevant buyers and sellers, Amazon has offered paid advertisements.

Targeting the most relevant and profitable audience is one of the biggest hurdles faced by the Sellers.

Taking paid advertisements to the whole new level, Amazon has launched a new Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

With DSP, brands can target highly intended shoppers on and off the amazon. The most relevant targeting enables the brands to build campaigns that will scale up advertising and marketing strategies.

As per the marketers, DSP will help brands build brand awareness and reach the most qualified customers.

 What is Amazon (DSP)?

Amazon DSP formally is known as an amazon advertising platform, or AAP is demand side platform. It provides a single interface, which includes multiple ads and data exchange accounts.

The single interface will empower the advertisers to be flexible with the self-managed programmatic digital marketing campaigns,

programmatic digital marketing campaigns

will enable advertisers to have opportunities optimization by driving awareness, consideration, and sales on and off platforms.

The best thing about the DSP is that advertisers can scale the ads to the qualified shoppers not only to amazon owned and operated sites but also to the major publishers, websites, and the app through the largest third-party exchanges.

Amazon DSP Targeting the Strategic approach.

 Contextual: Buyers or consumers that are actively looking for products relevant to your brand.

 Lifestyle: Buyers or consumers that shows search and purchase history or habits highly relevant to lifestyle groups such as vegans, fitness or hunting, etc 

 In-Market: Buyers or consumers that have shown intent in the past 30 days buy a product within one of amazon’s subcategories.

 Lookalike Audience: Buyers or consumers who have similar buying behavior and demographics to your current customer base.

 Remarketing: Buyers or consumers who have previously engaged in such search, viewing the landing page, or buying it. 

Advertising Audience: A list of buyers or provided by the advertiser.

 In April 2020, Amazon announced that advertisers would gain more in-market & behavioral audiences globally. Amazon wrote In a recent blog post, “this release doubles the in-market audience catalog, expanding the in-market audiences available across all locales.”

Ads Type for Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP has two advertising options:

  • Display ads
  • Video ads

DSP ads appear on amazon’s own set of network streams and amazon owned web properties (such as IMDB, Goodreads, and more), other popular websites, and well-known mobile apps. 

Reporting Metrics 

Amazon DSP provides full-funnel reporting metrics, including domain-level reporting and date of audience insights, which helps advertisers better understand the path to purchase from when the ads first were served to specific actions the customer takes after.

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