Why Amazon Cancelled My Order without Explanation? - Explained

Being an Amazon buyer, you might have received an unexpected order cancellation email from Amazon, and that’s why you are here. We have so many questions regarding this issue such as the mostly asked question is why Amazon cancelled my order without explanation? and therefore decided to come up with a detailed guide that could help the buyers understand the possible reasons and what to do when they receive these types of notices from Amazon. 

people review about the cancellation of amazon order without  explanation

Here are some of the people’s queries regarding the Amazon order cancellation. The point of adding these reviews to the blog is to show you that sometimes the small issue is very disturbing. And these are still the few comments.

As you know, Amazon is the world’s largest and most reputed marketplace, and if your order has been cancelled without any explanation, then there might be a reason for that. So, in this blog post, we will discuss every possible scenario in which Amazon can cancel your order. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the guide: 

Amazon Cancelled My Order

The first thing I want to clarify here is that “Amazon cancelled my order” is a myth!

Amazon does not cancel your order. Else Amazon sellers cancel your order. Amazon only sends you notifying email regarding your cancelled order. And, it’s the job of Amazon to keep updated the buyers about their orders.

Amazon Order Cancellation Policy

Regarding order cancellation, Amazon policy is that the buyer can only cancel those orders that haven’t shipped or entered the shipping process. There is one important thing that the buyer can only cancel within 30 minutes after placing the order. After that time, the buyers cannot cancel the order directly; instead, they must submit the cancellation request or contact a seller.

Amazon Refund Policy

As I have mentioned earlier, the buyer can only cancel that orders that have not been shipped. Regarding the Amazon refund policy, buyers usually get their refund within 30 days. But this is a standard time. Amazon typically process returns within 3 to 5 business days, and a refund will be issued after processing the return. No fees will be charged on order cancellation.

The biggest reason why Amazon is so popular is due to its refund and return policy. Here are some of the conditions under which a buyer can claim for return and refund:

  • The buyer should cancel the order before it is shipped.
  • The buyers can only return the item if they receive a defective product.
  • If the item received is not what is offered in the listing description.
  • If the product will no longer be available.

Order Cancelled Refund

Follow the steps to get a refund for a cancelled order:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to “Your orders”.
  3. Select the order to wish to get a refund.
  4. Click on the problem of your order.
  5. Explain the reason why you are not satisfied with the product.
  6. Click on submit.

Justification of Amazon Order Cancellation

Now, here are some of the possible reasons why Amazon cancelled the order without explanation:

Stock Unavailability 

This isis the most common reason why sellers cancel your orders. Here are stocks unavailability also comes under limited stock. Sometimes, the sellers don’t have the stock they offer on their order page. 

For example, the seller has only 5 items in stock, whereas, on the order page, you have a limit that you can order 10 items. Due to the limited stock, the seller can cancel your order. In that situation, the best thing to do is to contact a seller and negotiate with them.

Although the sellers try to ship their inventory from manufacturers quickly, they are still unable to replenish their inventory on time. 

If the Order Is Not Processed Timely 

What this heading mean?

On Amazon, a buyer can place an order for an unavailable item. In return, Amazon will send you an email that contains an estimated delivery. Now, if the sellers see that the estimated delivery time has exceeded and there are no chances that the product will get in stock, the seller has a right to cancel that order.

Usually, the sellers that do drop shipping cancel orders that way. 

Easy Ship Shipping Issues

The easy ship is a specialized shipping and fulfilment platform that helps sellers streamline their shipping process. With an easy ship, you can easily ship your item anywhere without getting worried about the shipping documentation. But for using an easy ship service, there is a whole process that you need to follow. The seller has to register first; in return, they will get a valid pin that they can use on Amazon.

Now, what happened is that Amazon does recognize those pin codes when sellers request Amazon to pick up that item. In that case, instead of choosing a shipping service, the seller cancels the order.

When the Address Is Incomplete

Another common reason for cancelling an order is when the buyer gives an imprecise or ambiguous address. In that case, the seller usually contacts a buyer by email to change or update their address. The buyer then will get 3 days to update their address. If the buyer does not respond to the email or update the address, then the seller will cancel the order. 

Payment Method Does Not Recognize

The last reason your order might get cancelled is if your payment gets pending for a long period. If you are using a payment method that is not accepted by the seller or does not allow it, like Sezzle and Apple Pay, the seller will cancel your order. 

Amazon Refund Status

To see the status of your refund, go to your order and then select “view return/refund status.” In this tab, you can see the progress of your refund, whether the amount is disbursed to your account or not. Your refund status is usually at the bottom of the “Order Summary” page.



So, that was all! Now that you know the possible reasons Amazon can cancel your order, you will try to avoid those things. And I hope that after reading the blog, you get a possible understanding of what you should do if your order gets cancelled by Amazon.

If you still need help, feel free to ask; Bizistech will be happy to help you. Thank you.

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