Every brand is different from the other and has a different story. But how will you differentiate your brand from others on Amazon, especially in these millions and billions of brands? 

Today, there are nearly more than 8.7 million sellers on Amazon. In this huge population, how will you create your own brand identity? Which is No.1 Amazon Brand Management Agency? Making a brand identity is not a choice anymore. It’s a need of every seller. And Amazon cares about every seller’s need and thus launched a new tool called Amazon brand Story.

The feature allows you to write a story about your brand to differentiate your brand and products from others.

In this article, we will guide amazon brand story examples that inspire you, how we can create one, and the benefits of creating a brand story with brand story examples.

What is the Amazon Brand Story?

How you present your story on Amazon is called Amazon brand story. It causes a great impact on customers that 74% of people make their purchasing decision after seeing your brand story.

It’s a quick and direct way of increasing sales from 3% to 10%. The Amazon Brand story is extremely important in educating the customer about your product because the better you educate less doubt they will have for your product which means more sales. 

It’s a new feature in the A+ content manager, where sellers can create their stories.

How do I create an Amazon Brand Story?

You can create an Amazon brand story using the A+ content management tool that allows you to add high-quality graphic images, comprehensive content, a logo, and a brief description of your brand that you can use for multiple products.

Now here are some of the steps through which you can create an Amazon Brand story.

Step 1

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central and navigate to the A+ content manager under the advertising tab.

Amazon Brand Story Step 1

Step 2

Now click on the right side of the button “Start creating A+ Content.”

Amazon Brand Story Step 2

Step 3

Now the brand story feature will be available only for those sellers who are already eligible to create a brand story. This means if you are a registered brand on Amazon. Then it will present two choices. Choose “Create a brand story.”

Amazon Brand Story Step 3

Step 4 

After clicking “Create a brand story.” There will be some questions asked from your regarding your brand like

  • How did we get our start?
  • What makes our product unique?
  • Why do we love what we do?

  After answering these questions, you will be asked to add two images in a set and a slogan text for each image.

Note: The pictures should be of high resolution, and a piece of good advice is that you should add your logo to a picture so that a customer can recognize your brand.

Step 5

Add your ASINs. You can add multiple ASINs at once by “Bulk upload” or one by one simply by copying and pasting the ASIN in the box. 

Step 6

Click “Review and Submit.” After submitting your brand story, you must wait for Amazon’s approval. After approval, you can find your brand story on the product page below the product title.

Amazon store examples

Examples of Amazon Brand Story

What is the value of using Amazon Brand Story?

The Amazon brand story can turn visitors into customers within 8 seconds. But the magic question is how? When customers land on your product page, the content they see will decide whether they will buy or move to the competitor’s product. Now it’s up to you how you will utilize this feature because either it will make or break your sale. 

It’s a feature that not every seller has, which means if you have, you are already one step ahead of those sellers. It helps sellers to differentiate their brand from others. The usefulness of your brand to others makes you unique and will help drive sales.

Some other major benefits of the brand story on Amazon are

1. Uniqueness

The Amazon brand story feature is a great way to represent your brand’s uniqueness over other brands. This means why a customer should buy your products over your competitor. You can highlight your product’s unique features via the Amazon brand story that why your product is more useful than others. The research shows that 76% of buyers prefer customer-oriented brands over product-oriented ones. So, while highlighting your brand features, always focus on your customer needs. 

2. Display Product Catalog 

Using the brand story section, you can display multiple products of your brand on one product page known as “Product Catalog.” The advantage of displaying a product catalog is that when a customer scrolls your product page for some specific product, he might also get interested in your other products. 

3. Increases Brand Awareness

Amazon’s brand story is a great source to increase your brand awareness. No doubt that the well-known brands have significant sales. Therefore, to make your brand recognizable, display your brand logo on product images. 

The greater the brand awareness, the more the audience will remember your business name, logo, and products. The more people remember, the more your brand grows.

What do You Need to Make an Amazon Brand Story?

The Amazon brand story feature is not available to every seller. There are some eligibility criteria for using an Amazon brand story,

  • The sellers should have a registered brand on Amazon. Otherwise, you cannot have this feature.

More than 350,000 registered brands on Amazon are using this feature.

Best Practices for Creating an Amazon Brand Story

These are the best practices that you should follow while creating the brand story 

  • Always create your content in the first person.
  • Always write precise content.
  • Be authentic. Never use any misleading or false information.
  • Use your brand logo on images.
  • Always highlight your brand and product uniqueness.
  • Always use attractive high-resolution pictures.
  • Add people to your product images so people can relate to your product.



In this competitive market, making your brand identity is very important. Today people only recognize the well-known and trust them.

But with the Amazon Brand story, you can create your brand uniqueness from others. Like how you started your brand and how it is different from others. It’s the best way to communicate with customers directly. Your brand story can create an intangible bond with your customers. To use this feature, you should have a registered brand on Amazon.

We, as the best Amazon brand story creators have worked for thousands of brands. Inquire for this service Now! 

For those, who do not have this feature, Bizistech can help qualify for the Amazon Brand registry. If you have any concerns or questions, leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you.

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