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On July 15, Amazon launched a program under the name Amazon Brand Referral Program. The purpose of this program is to utilize the other marketing platforms as well your own brand website to drive more traffic and sales.-

Sellers were using their brand websites and blogs as a source to generate traffic, but now they can use the Amazon Brand Referral program. This program helps us to start monetizing traffic on our Amazon listings by using other marketing efforts.

In this article, you will learn what is Amazon Brand Referral bonus is and how it can help you to grow your business?

What is Amazon Brand Referral Bonus?

The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Program allows US brand owners or brand holders to earn a bonus from non-amazon marketing efforts. This program helps you generate more traffic by using PPC on different channels like Facebook, Google Advertising platform, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

In short, the new Brand Referral Bonus Program is a method where Amazon brand owners put their knowledge in different advertising platforms as well use their own website to drive traffic. Amazon is giving you more ways to level up your external traffic where you can earn up to a 10% bonus from your qualifying sales.

How to get Enroll in Amazon Brand Referral Program?

  • Signup for the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus program as it’s not an automatic program.
  • Enroll in Amazon attribution to see how other non-marketing channels on Amazon perform.
  • Create tags using Amazon attribution to qualify for the bonus.
  • Launch your advertising effort.

How Can Amazon Brand Referral Program Helps You Grow Your Business?

Accelerate Growth:

All of your outside advertising efforts will assist increase product income. If you’ve in no way attempted outside advertising earlier than or haven’t invested lots of time and money, now could be the time. The Brand Referral Bonus makes it well worth your effort and time to spend advertising bucks because Amazon now encourages it. Try the use of social media advert campaigns to attract site visitors to your listings.

Save Money:

With a mean referral bonus of 10%, now no longer simplest do your outside advertising efforts assist make income; additionally, they assist in preventing money. It continually makes experience to keep promoting costs anyplace you can. The financial savings are taken off your Amazon income costs, while you won’t see the cash, you may right away see the financial savings from each sale.

Advertise Efficiently:

 Here’s something interesting. Suppose if one of your outside advertising hyperlinks facilitates to ship a consumer for your Amazon store, via the Brand Referral Bonus, you’ll preserve to get hold of the identical bonus for added merchandise bought with the aid of using the consumer for up to fourteen days. That means: after a consumer clicks on your advert, in the event that they make buy inside weeks, you’ll nevertheless get the 10% bonus. It would be helpful if you didn’t spend greater advertising bucks to retarget identical clients.

Boost Ranking:

By directing outside hyperlinks for your Amazon store, you affect the rating of your listings. Many dealers like to percentage the expertise that outside hyperlinks surrender to a few instances the rating strength to income from clients. Essentially, you’re using extra site visitors, and that site visitors can bring about income, all of which contributes to Amazon’s algorithms boosting your listings higher.

Convert New Sales:

All your outside advertising efforts now no longer simplest provide you with a 10% benefit; additionally, they create new leads. External site visitors from social media platforms, Google advertisements, and websites and blogs bring new clients for your store – folks that may also in no way have acknowledged approximately your merchandise earlier. These new leads can convert into income – who wouldn’t need that?

The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus application is a win-win for both Amazon and brand holders. Brands can keep growing their income and feature every other incentive to stay with Amazon because it turns into extra aggressive inside the e-trade marketplace. With a risk to grow list rating and convert new ends in income, it’s a unique time to begin outside advertising campaigns and attempt something new, particularly on social media systems consisting of Instagram and Tiktok. Saving a mean of 10% in income prices sooner or later stacks up, so don’t leave out this possibility to develop your commercial enterprise for so long as this application lasts.

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