Appeal on Amazon

You once had an active Amazon Seller Central Account but…

  • Not anymore
  • Amazon suspended/banned it
  • You either have no idea what to do, or..
  • You think writing an emotional plea to Amazon will get your account reinstated.
  • You have no understanding of how Amazon thinks, or expects from you in this situation
  • You fear that an appeal might make matters worse, leading to a blanket ban of your account 

If you are experiencing these sentiments after Amazon tossed away your seller account, you are not alone. And the answer to all your fears is ‘Yes’, unless you let Bizistech handle the situation for you.

But Why let Bizistech Handle the Situation?

Because, Bizistech knows how hard it is for sellers to cope with a suspension (let alone an outright ban) by Amazon, and also knows how Amazon expects sellers to behave during a suspension.

Amazon is a notoriously buyer-centric platform, which aims to safeguard the interests of its shoppers at all costs. Unfortunately, that mostly (if not always) comes at the cost of sellers, who are subjected to stringent, and ever-tightening, Amazon policies. Any seller found to be in violation of those policies can have their seller central accounts suspended by Amazon.

Often times, sellers complain that their accounts have been banned for no good reason at all. Whether right or wrong, Amazon maintains that its decision to suspend an account was always on merit, and insists that the sellers must have violated one or more of its policies to have been subjected to an account suspension. Also, sometimes the grounds for suspension are murky at best, and Amazon takes the liberty to provide only as much detail as it wants, leaving the disaffected seller to figure out the rest for themselves.

Our account management specialists will coordinate extensively with our clients and launch a thorough internal self-review into their Amazon business operations. This will help us pinpoint the real cause of the problem which led Amazon to suspend the seller central account. Our experts will then formulate a comprehensive plan of action that will address Amazon’s gripe with the seller, and how our client will ensure that no such policy violation will take place again in the future. We will then proceed to lodge and official appeal to Amazon with the aforementioned points in the focus.

Suspended sellers are expected to review their business practices, admit to their wrongdoing, provide a solid plan of action to Amazon as to how they will be rectifying their mistake, all the while being perfectly logical, rational and unemotional about the suspension of their seller central account, which is the bread and butter for many sellers.

Thanks to our experience working with many clients and with Amazon, we will use that knowledge to make sure that all the right moves are made in order to lift the suspension, and get out clients’ business up-and-running once again.

Bizistech understands the challenges faced by suspended sellers on Amazon

Suspended sellers face an uphill battle, expected to prove their innocence and rectify their mistakes by Amazon

We use our expertise to navigate the complex process of lifting suspensions and having seller accounts restored

Account Health Monitoring

Bizistech have spent years offering services for Amazon account management, and are well-versed in all the different modules of the Account Health Dashboard. We will coordinate our efforts improve the product quality, customer service and overall experience to such a level where users will not be returning the products complaining of defects, or provide negative feedback due to bad experience. This will help keep the product returns and customer feedback at levels which will never run afoul of Amazon’s policies.

The best way to deal with an Amazon account suspension is to avoid it altogether. Amazon provides a tool to all of the seller central account holders known as Account Health Dashboard. This dashboard lays out all the necessary markers that Amazon expects each seller to keep in the positive, in order to stay on the right side of Amazon.

Shipping performance is another area where Amazon keeps strict tabs, and sellers with a record of delayed shipping and tracking-related problems also risk the ire of Amazon.

Bizistech has cultivated useful relationships with top-quality fulfillment and shipment services, and will provide all the assistance to its clients to ensure speedy and reliable completion of shipping process to keep Amazon happy.

Bizistech ensures top-notch product quality and customer service to prevent defects and negative feedback Our experts help to maintain a healthy Seller Central account by always carefully monitoring the Account Health Dashboard We will take all measures necessary for staying on the right side of Amazon’s expectations
Amazon Account Management Form

Avoid Tricky Suspensions

Bizistech’s account specialists will constantly keep our clients in the loop about the best course of action with regards to their account management, in order to keep them on the right side of the world’s biggest marketplace. Avoiding amazon’s suspensions might be the best strategy, but it is not easy for every Amazon seller to achieve.

Amazon is very strict about only being presented with correct documentation, and submitted falsified paperwork is sure to get the eCommerce giant angry. Bizistech will provide a dedicated team to manage all the account-related affairs of our client, which will review and ensure the veracity of all documents which are to be submitted for the trademark and brand registry process, in order to make sure that they are original and not forged.

Sellers might not even be aware, but Amazon can suspend their account for simply using specific keywords as well. This comes as a surprise to many sellers, who do not know that Amazon bans some specific keywords from being used on product listings, and also goes hard against product listings which contain keyword stuffing. Bizistech’s account experts are well-versed in all the keywords considered sensitive by Amazon, and will make sure to avoid them in order to keep the listing relevant without overselling on keywords.

Bizistech ensures original and accurate documentation for trademark and brand registry process, minimizing the risk of policy violations

Our account experts ensure there are no keyword stuffing and irrelevant product listings in order to avoid unexpected suspensions

Writing an Appeal Letter and Plan of Action

When all precautions fail and sellers get slapped with an account suspension by Amazon anyway, Bizistech uses its expertise in constructing appeal letters with credible plans of action to Amazon, in order to have those accounts reinstated.

Having a seller central account suspended could be a devastating experience for the sellers, some of whom might be totally dependent on this business for their sustenance, and all of whom have surely worked very hard to finance their business venture. In these situations, most sellers lose their cool and immediately appeal the decision to Amazon, which is usually an emotional appeal complaining about Amazon’s ‘bad’ behavior to Amazon itself, devoid of any careful thought and review process into the whole situation, and predictably ends up being unsuccessful.

Bizistech specializes in crafting persuasive appeal letters backed by solid action plans We take a methodical approach, conducting self-reviews to address possible policy violations Our experts analyze the root cause, and launch a strategic appeal to have Amazon reinstate seller accounts

Reinstate Accounts With Best Possible Solutions

When all precautions fail and sellers get slapped with an account suspension by Amazon anyway, Bizistech uses its expertise in constructing appeal letters with credible plans of action to Amazon, in order to have those accounts reinstated. Bizistech has been providing top-quality eCommerce consultancy services to help them avoid accounts suspensions, and helping them have those accounts reinstated if it comes to pass anyway. In our experience in this field, we have seen it all, done it all. Having a seller central account suspended by Amazon creates many complications for a seller, who might not be prepared to address the issue appropriately for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, Amazon demands perfection from its sellers when they launch an appeal against its own harsh decisions, and adopts a very hostile demeanor once it deems a seller appeal to be unsatisfactory and out of line. In short, a badly planned and poorly worded appeal does more harm than good.
Bizistech helps you to regain control of your business if Amazon takes it away Trust our skilled eCommerce experts to win your suspension cases from Amazon

Bizistech Helps You Regain Control of Your Suspended Amazon Account and Experience Seamless Reinstatements

Bizistech excels in resolving Amazon account suspension and reinstatement issues, keeping your company online and running smoothly. We know how to efficiently and effectively work through the processes involved in reactivating your seller account. You can trust Bizistech to have your back when your Amazon business is facing a crisis.

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Services We Provide

Knowing what to say and what not to say is a critical part of creating an Amazon appeal, and we have seen it all, done it all. Our services include

Ensuring Good Account Health

Bizistech will keep a close eye on your Amazon account’s health dashboard, looking for signs of trouble and taking necessary precautionary measures to keep things running smoothly so that Amazon finds your business to in compliance with its policies.


Filing Accurate Documentation

We take care of providing only the original, accurate and complete documentation on your behalf during the trademarking process, which greatly reduces the chance that Amazon will find anything fishy in your documentation, and ban your account as a result.

Understanding Amazon's Expectations

Bizistech helps you navigate the complex Amazon ecosystem through our in-depth knowledge of Amazon’s policies, guidelines, and expectations. This helps to ensure that your business strategies align with Amazon’s requirements, greatly diminishing the risk of account suspension.


Crafting Cool-Headed Appeals

Our appealing experts can craft compelling and reasonable arguments to present your case to Amazon. We focus on the data, address your concerns, and provide concrete next steps to Amazon to show them that you’re serious about compliance.


Providing Comprehensive Plan of Action

We will create a comprehensive and detailed POA that takes into account the possible reason behind suspension. We will provide details on what steps will be taken to fix the problem, and bring your seller central account completely in line with Amazon’s policies and guidelines.  

Having Accounts Reinstated

Bizistech has the necessary know-how to successfully advocate for the reinstatement of your Amazon account through the company’s appeals process. We will work tireless to resolve the underlying issues, and get your seller account reinstated as soon as possible.

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